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  1. I thought the cabins were not available until 1pm.
  2. 1. Get a daiquiri at the Pool Bar 2. Get lunch at the Windjammer 3. Tour the ship 4. Another daiquiri and watch the sale-a-way from the top deck.
  3. Is this process permanent at Bayonne? I will be sailing from this port on August 9 on Adventure of the Seas
  4. Luggage tags are available 45 days before sailing
  5. Is the Royal app different than the Royal IQ?
  6. I am originally from Jamaica and I can tell you it is going to be a long drive. 2 - 2 1/2 is about correct.
  7. My wife and I used them last year while on the Anthem. They worked PERFECT. We didn't experience any of the problems listed. You just cannot use them to off and on the ship. We love them and plan to continue using them
  8. Thank you all very much, you satisfied my curiosity.
  9. I noticed over the past few weeks that no ships are showing up on the Port Bermuda Webcam. Are cruises stop going to Bermuda for the winter?
  10. This is unusual. I have cruised with Royal Caribbean several times and each time we got to a port we were reminded to have your SeaPass card and photo ID when disembarking. That information is in the cruise compass, on he TV in the room even the MDR staff remind us.The only times we never used them were on Labade and Coco Cay.
  11. There is a charge for late night child care service.
  12. Clarification.....she took hers off because she did not want to walk to the bar to get her own drinks and you can only get 1 drink at a time with the DX package so for 2 drinks drinks you need 2 bands or 2 cards.
  13. My wife and I used the WOW bands on the Anthem for the fist time on August 9 2018. We loved them. They replace your sea card for everything onboard. They open cabin doors, get you in reserved shows, check your account at guess services, water proof and get drinks at any bar. The only time my wife need to move hers was when I was getting drinks for her at the bar (we had the DX package). VERY convenient. I am going to miss them on my next cruise on the Adventure. Lanyard only used them at port never on the ship.
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