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  1. Apparently I am an anomaly with dining. I was using the Medallion App to select our time in the Main Dining Room. My husband and I prefer to dine with other fellow cruisers. It's just fun to meet new people and compare our adventures. Unfortunately, the app will only seat us for a table for 2. There were no other options. I called a representative last night and she too logged into the app and discovered the same problem. She said that people have been complaining that they want a table for two and don't want to eat with others.
  2. Has anyone done this excursion in Curacao? Just wanted a review.....
  3. Help! I am logged in but I cannot start a NEW TOPIC. The drop down options are all greyed out?
  4. If I didn't know better, you should be a TA! Ha ha..... I'm now taking a look! Thanks!
  5. I just read a Fantastic Review about the dining experience on the Edge. I was literally salivating at the pictures. However, the ship looks massive to me, so I am opting for a smaller ship experience with great dining. Is the dining experience (presentation, taste and service) consistent on Celebrity Ships? I know, I know, "With Covid, all bets are questionable....." I just want a bit more "bang" for my buck and a special cruising experience.
  6. You are right about the wonderful and port intensive itineraries. Although the small ship we were on was just a 5 night Caribbean and still 10pm turn ins resulting in quiet ship - We may give it another shot with different expectations. Thanks
  7. Thanks to Everyone! I also researched some videos on YouTube about Holland. Great reviews on itinerary and ships but all stated the same about a bit more "traditional" "sedentary" cruise vibe. Recommendations also led to Celebrity. Food, service and entertainment makes me lean towards Celebrity and yes, I LOVE the Martini Bar!! If you look at my cruise history, you will see we primarily cruise Celebrity and Royal.
  8. Well, my husband and I were on a NYE cruise. Yes, aside from NYE, all other nights we had the ship to ourselves after 10pm. Great way to meet the staff and bartenders but no social life.
  9. I have only sailed on Holland America one time - a short New Year's Eve Caribbean cruise. It was a smaller ship and I was disappointed with the lack of activities and everyone turned into their staterooms by 10pm. I would like to give Holland another chance. What ship would you recommend? My husband and I are early 60's, love the night life and martini bars, good entertainment and music.
  10. Sounds to me like the Bahamas is making quite the financial killing!
  11. Thank you to the moderator - Host CJSKIDS I will check it out 🙂
  12. Ya know, I was just asking for help in a very nice way. I hope you are not a representation of a Princess Cruiser b/c that's really disappointing. Yes, I have fingers and a computer so I can use half my brain to figure this out. Just thought a nice person could point out some tips or how to avoid problems. Have a great day!
  13. I am new to Princess. I understand I have to download the Medallion App on my phone. How does this all work? I read I will receive a Medallion? I have no idea...... Any help would be much appreciated - Thanks
  14. Wear Cargo Pants. Light and zip off legs.
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