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  1. Good interview. I feel the CEO handled the questions well and solid. This made me feel better about cruising.
  2. "Offload passengers and fly them out to their respective countries. The balance of the passengers should go in to quarantine somewhere in the U.S." Respectfully I am commenting on this statement - I would prefer that where ever they dock, passengers are immediately quarantined for 14 days at that location facility and not transported to fly out to respective countries or somewhere in the U.S. This is how the virus is spreading and exploding. We need to keep it contained.
  3. New England/Canada in October Panama Canal in February 2021 Holding tight......
  4. I agree. I don't think the bill will pass just on the liability issue for the doctor.
  5. This is just plain rude! When everyone is already anxious about what HAL is going to do, you dangle a carrot with "We just received an email from Holland"? Seriously? Wow!
  6. Take the excursion.....I haven't read everyone else's replies but I went through locks in Egypt on a river boat cruising down the Nile and honestly, I felt like I miss the "Wow" factor. My hubby and I are on Princess in February and I just signed up for the excursion: "As your boat enters the Miraflores Locks, you're immediately struck by its massive size and simplistic operations. Miraflores Locks are the first system encountered by ships when they enter from the Pacific side. They are the tallest of all three locks, due to the extreme fluctuation of the Pacific Ocean tides. The chambers are 1,000 feet in length. When your boat is inside, you will have the awesome experience of being raised 56 feet. Unbelievably, 26 million gallons of water are transferred in approximately 7 minutes. Once the gates open you'll sail into Miraflores Lake and proceed to the Pedro Miguel Locks. This time you are raised 28 feet to enter Gatun Lake, one of the largest man-made lakes in the word. The scenery is magnificent and the flora and fauna are an intricate part of the canal's history and ecosystem." This is a once in a lifetime experience! Have fun!
  7. Then just use common sense.....wash hands ALOT! Don't put your cell phone down on public spaces, avoid self serve dining, eat in the dining room, cough into the inside of your elbow, not your hand.....wear surgical gloves if you are worried about touching handrails, elevator buttons and door handles but most of all.....Remember You Have an Immune System! Most people that fall ill already have a compromised health history. If you do have compromised health, then stay home and don't endanger yourself. Flu season officially runs thru May. My background is b/c my daughter had a double-lung transplant. I have had hundreds of hours of education via medical staff at Duke University Medical Center.
  8. I'm 59 years old and I still felt too young for Holland America! Ha, ha. "Go Royal" - fun, good food, kid and adult friendly!
  9. I'm sailing on the Mariner in December. 🙄 The Deluxe Beverage Package is $69/pp/day
  10. Hey all you experienced B2B Cruisers! My hubby and I have a big 40th in 2022 and I am trying to plan a B2B. Mediterranean w/two different itineraries. Aside from using a travel agent, I have the following questions: What is efficient way to research cruises and calculate the timing to either staying on that cruise or hopping on another ship? Should I check destination port schedules to coordinate two different ship? I feel like I am making this way too complicated!
  11. Thanks. Is there notification about lessons or do I just show up?
  12. Hey Chris! I'll be sailing the Mariner on Dec 7. Will there be any casino lessons? Lovincruisin1321
  13. I have cruised RCCL five times and Hal once. I definitely agree that across the board HAL has a better itinerary but RCCL is more fun. Not knocking HAL but I am 10-15 yrs younger than the cruisers and night life is fairly sedate. Some itineraries will have more seniors based on destination such as Alaska and Canada/New England as opposed to the Caribbean which attracts families and young couples. Dependent on your lifestyle (not age) - ask yourself if you love lots of bars, events, games and all types of music? Do you like to stay up late? - Royal is the cruise line Do you like quiet and reading, symphony type music less social energy? - HAl is the cruise line Now, before someone jumps at me for this response, this was just my experience. Last year sailed on HAL for the first time for New Year's Eve. Other cruise lines usually on New Year's Eve party in the Centrum and pool deck. HAL stuffed all the cruisers in the theater in seats for the strike of midnight. SERIOUSLY??!! It was awful. We just sailed RCCL for New Year's Eve and had a blast in the Centrum, pool deck and several bars.
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