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  1. I’m sorry I searched and I can’t find the review. Could you please link me to it?
  2. Thank you both for the replies. I’m just going to try to get my family at the same table. The time honestly doesn’t matter as much as us being together. Hopefully since I linked our reservations it will work out.
  3. I’ve read through just about every post on here and I’ve seen conflicting answers but I’m going to guess that we have to stick with assigned dining because no one mentioned doing otherwise in their reviews.
  4. I just received my room assignment today so I couldn’t register for the M&M while it was available. Our cruise is in 5 days. Has anyone had this happen and gone to guest services for an invite?
  5. I booked a Bella balcony and was given the free upgrade to an Aurea B3 cabin. I know I don’t get any of the other perks, but do I have access to Anytime Dining? My sister was also assigned and Aurea cabin. Do I need to go speak with the Maitre D to see if we can sit all together? I have already linked our reservation numbers on our paperwork.
  6. Did you have to drag your chairs and umbrellas to their spot on the beach like I’ve heard you have to do at Magen’s Bay?
  7. I’m going through this too. I haven’t had any luck getting it fixed an I leave next week.
  8. I’ll try to condense this. My sister and I cruised on Divina in 2017. We both received our points and everything was fine. We booked a cruise on Seaside for this December through a big box company. When I tried to link our Voyagers Club membership numbers to the reservation it only worked for hers. My number keeps telling me that the card number is linked to another account. I’ve only ever had this one account. I still have my welcome email and everything. I emailed MSC and they added the number to my profile but they did NOT give me access to the VC part of the website therefore I have no idea if my points from my previous cruise are still there. MSC has not responded to my inquiries about this.
  9. This doesn’t make me want to invest much time and anticipation on my August 2020 cruise on the Freedom.
  10. The thing is, I joined the Voyager’s Club 2 years ago. I had 800 points and now for some reason I can’t even see any of that which leads me to believe they probably wiped it out. I guess I’ll have to keep contacting them.
  11. First I couldn’t get my Voyager Number to link to my new reservation despite signing in to the same account I used during my MSC Divina cruise. I emailed MSC and they linked my number to my reservation but I still can’t get into the Voyager’s Club area of the website. It says my Voyager number is linked to a different account. I wouldn’t care about this if it weren’t for the points we get for cruising with MSC. I don’t want the system to think I’m a first time cruiser and mess up my points and eliminate me from the returning cruiser event.
  12. At this point I wonder if it’ll be ready by my December 14th cruise. I’ll only be sad for a full minute if it’s not, but it will be a sad minute. I just had to edit this because I got the date of my own cruise wrong *blush*
  13. I’ve never sailed the Legend so I cannot compare them for you but I have sailed Horizon. I enjoyed it and already have plans to sail on her again. It is the only Carnival ship I’ve cruised on though so my experience on her came with very little expectation.
  14. I’m sailing on the 14th of December and we’re in Nassau from 12-7pm. Part of me thinks it’s a waste of money to go on an actual excursion when we’ll only be able to stay at Blue Lagoon for 3 or so hours but that might be all the time I would want to spend at the beach in December anyway lol.
  15. I tend to miss a lot of these while doing something else but if the schedule was clear I would see Godzilla, Ad Astra, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Yesterday. That is only because I’ve already seen all the Marvel superhero movies more than once and Aladdin and The Lion King.
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