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  1. This should have been the deal breaker on this plan. Very few of us are going to skip sailing on a ship because we don’t like the color so they don’t care about our opinions that much. When repairs start making an expensive extravagant ship starts to look cheap and shoddy the company should care! They’re currently known for the beauty of their ships. How could they be ok with not being able to match the paint color? It’s not going to stop me from sailing them but it does make me question their common sense.
  2. This is my only concern as well. I hope they make sure to have activities available for those of us who choose to stay onboard.
  3. I’ve been jumping from cruise line to cruise line to figure out which one I like the best.I did find Breakaway to be more crowded due to poor layout, and I didn’t love the food. It was absolutely my least favorite ship, but I’m going to tell you I have not been on a single cruise that was worth $4000 more than the others. Nothing has been so perfect that I would blow that much money to do it again. Make sure that your kids will even be allowed into the nightclub. I’m sorry I don’t remember which ones required a certain age and ID other than Carnival. Norwegian definitely had some activities on Breakaway that they attempted to separate by age, for instance they had Adult Karaoke and Family Karaoke and the same went for Comedy shows so they may have age restrictions on the nightclub. On our Royal Caribbean cruise there were different nightclub events for the different age groups and if I remember correctly they did require ID. I don’t want you to end up on a cruise thinking the kids will have great fun at night and find out they can’t. Based mostly on price and perhaps the larger variety of food at the buffet I’d go with Breakaway.
  4. Am I the only weirdo who liked the lobster in the MDR better than the one in the steakhouse? I don’t care about the size difference because I can order multiples in the MDR. My MDR lobster tail was just a better texture and flavor. The steakhouse tail wasn’t bad but it didn’t make me feel like it was worth paying for in comparison to the free formal night lobster. It could have been an off night for the steakhouse or just an on night for the MDR but it did convince me not to bother ordering the pay lobster.
  5. I think a lot of the bad Horizon reviews (not all of them) came from experienced Carnival cruisers who already had a strong since of what they liked in a ship’s layout and design. As someone who had never sailed Carnival before I really liked Horizon. You mentioned you only sailed Sensation which was likely already a bit outdated so you probably won’t notice much of Horizon’s deficits either. The only one I noticed was the imperfect seating in the lounges for the shows but I barely go to the shows so it didn’t really affect me. Congratulations and good luck!
  6. Yes there was a white party when we sailed too. It was just like Lensonlife said.
  7. Has John Heald mentioned what the IMAX movies will be? Facebook hates me otherwise I’d check myself.
  8. I saw people mentioning in reviews last year that since Horizon does not have a Red Frog Rum Bar for Happy Hour they just run a few drink specials in the casino on boarding day. I haven’t seen any recent mention of it. Has anyone seen this recently?
  9. Do you have to sit with strangers at breakfast/brunch or can you wait for a small table? The last time I cruised Carnival there were 5 of us and we had our own table but this time only 3 of us are going.
  10. I know there are no set prices but I need an idea since some drivers will be trying to over charge. There are 3 of us and we’re going from the Carnival Ocho Rios port.
  11. Bring salt packets or go to the buffet and shake some on.
  12. We tried several of the menu items. The crab legs were pretty good. I enjoyed the lobster roll but my family thought it was just ok. It definitely had more mayonnaise in it than the ones around here do but it had plenty of meat and good flavor. I would eat it again. The fried seafood platter was too oily and not very flavorful. In our case the shrimp were almost all puffed breading and nearly identical to the free ones that they serve in the buffet. I’ve seen vlogs/reviews where the breading on the shrimp looked completely different from what we had so I’m not sure what you’d get. The crab cakes had too much dill and maybe even too much of something else. The free one in the main dining room was significantly better. It was our least favorite of everything we tried. The fries were also a little oily but they weren’t terrible. I’m including some pictures for you as well. Enjoy!
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