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  1. I like Festivale, Tropicale, and Jubilee. I don’t like Carnivale because whether the word Carnival is front of it or not, we are going to have to specify that it is a Carnival ship when speaking about it, therefore making it the Carnival Carnivale even if it’s not written on the ship. When I’m talking to people about wanting to sail Mardi Gras I definitely need to preface the Carnival. Also I am baffled when people make their future cruise a topic of conversation yet they don’t know what cruise line they’re taking, what ship, or even where it’s going. We can’t talk about that. All I can say is “Oh well I’m sure you’ll have fun!”. It’s especially sad when they come back and give the cruise line a bad rep because they booked without researching and had no idea what they were walking into.
  2. My only con is that some rooms need a facelift. The rugs had stains deep in them. Some of the stains were really big and looked terrible. Other than that the ship was amazing.
  3. I’ve done Carnival Horizon and Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas. Allure has not been amplified yet so it doesn’t have quite as many bells and whistles as Symphony does. Glam factor goes to Royal. Allure is big and grand and spectacular. Horizon is a lot simpler and more of a minimal modern decor. Entertainment will depend upon what you like. I personally feel like Royal is more family friendly. If you think you’d find ice skating shows and water acrobatics interesting you’ll like Royal. I did not attend a comedy show on Royal because I don’t love them so I can’t compare. I can tell you that I feel that game shows and things like the Quest are much cleaner and less risqué than on Carnival. There is more to do physically on Oasis class. Depending on which one you pick they have zip lining, simulated surfing, figure skating, wet slides, a dry slide, a merry go round, rock wall, escape room, and laser tag. Vista Class for Carnival has water slides, a ropes course, and a sky ride that’s a pretty cool way to bicycle around the edge of the ship . Vista class (except Panorama) also have an IMAX theater and a thrill theater but you have to pay to see those movies. They both have mini golf and a gaming arcade. Both ships had activities throughout the day. They have dance classes, trivia, some crafts, short parties. I preferred the outdoor gathering spaces on Carnival Horizon. On Allure the outdoor parties used a very small part of the deck due to how it’s made. I preferred the indoor spaces on Allure as the atrium is huge. I found the staff on Royal to be more polite but Carnival’s staff was more fun and more interactive. I thought my balcony room on each ship was similar in size with Carnival’s being a touch bigger. I prefer the glass door showers and neutral colored bathrooms on Royal over the curtain shower and blue sink of Carnival. Both rooms were comfy but as Allure is older it definitely needed new carpet of some sort of deep cleaning to remove stains. Horizon is newer but the door to my closet broke off and had to be repaired on day one lol. I had no problem with the beds on either. As everyone says, food is subjective but I’m going to give you my opinion anyway. Carnival’s food was more flavorful and they had more variety. Unfortunately some of that variety seemed weird and oddly experimental to me (for example the baked ziti in a white sauce with ham and peas OR the pea stuffed cannelloni noodles). My Royal meals were slightly bland and definitely more basic. The menu seemed to have less variety to me but that also meant I didn’t run into anything bad or wierd. I just sprinkled on some salt and pepper and things were good. The common foods made it easy to keep everyone happy. I found both buffets to have less variety than I expected. I don’t love that the main buffet on Allure did not have a made to order omelette station. You had to go to another location to find the omelette station. Also for some reason my whole family thought Allure’s bacon was gross. Weird to mention here but we found the buffet floor on Horizon to be super slippery even when dry. I preferred Carnival’s breakfasts and brunches. I also enjoyed tea time and missed it when I sailed on Allure. I also appreciated the free burgers actually tasting good on Carnival. Royal’s free burger tasted fine but more like cafeteria food than fast food. I liked Royal’s pizza better but it is not 24 hours like Carnival’s. Royal’s 24 cafe was mediocre at best late at night. Buffet desserts were better on Horizon. They had cakes and cookies that felt like they took effort. Royal still offers way more puddings and gelatinous based deserts than breads or cookies. Royal had pretty good free desserts at the cafe and I liked their main dining room desserts better than most of Carnival’s. I preferred the outdoor movies on Carnival because the Seaside Theater on Royal is not that comfortable and the screens are on the sides instead of straight ahead. The nightclub scene was more active and energy filled on Carnival but I’d bet this has more to do with the people on each sailing than ships or cruise lines. The music both in random venues and in the nightclubs was pretty good on both ships. Royal played more music around the ship. I found both ships to do a great job with both embarkation and debarkation. If you are not going to get a drink package I think both the nonalcoholic and alcohol drinks were cheaper on Carnival. Oasis class ships are sometimes considered too closed off. You don’t have as much access to ocean views as you do on Vista class. I had a balcony so it didn’t bother me but I imagine if it had I would have gone to the top deck or the solarium. I enjoyed both ships. I’ve sailed Horizon twice now and I booked Symphony for next year. My Allure cruise wasn’t full because of a hurricane so I can’t say which is more crowded. I can only say Oasis class feels more magical and impressive while Vista class is just a good time. The vibe is different. If the itineraries were similar and the price was super close I’d book Royal but I would not pay significantly more unless you’ve always wished there was more to do on the ship. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by Royal unless you have to have that Carnival vibe. If I left anything out feel free to ask!
  4. I’d take the CocoCay/St.Thomas/St.Kitts just because it’s the least common itinerary. The other one is always there, and many people dislike Falmouth.
  5. Update! I called last night and was able to lift my Southern Caribbean cruise to an Eastern Caribbean in the 4 week window. It was a VERY long telephone call. The rep was very nice. She put me on hold to verify my problem. I believe she verified what could be done with a supervisor. She asked me if the port stops, embarkation port, or ship were important to me. I explained that my main concern was probably the ship. It’s important to my family that the ship has a lot of activities and entertainment (hence why I had booked amplified Freedom) since port stops get skipped and shuffled often. I preferred to stay in the summer also but I didn’t mention that because I was willing to take Freedom in the fall if need be. She put me on hold again and came back with 5 summer options which were all on Liberty, Allure, or Symphony. There were Eastern and Western options. I chose Eastern because the stops required less spending for a large family and I could very well end up doing Western in the winter like I did this year since it stays pretty warm there. She put me on hold again then came back to verify the rooms she found would work for me. She probably put me on hold 2 more times after that and came back only to tell me they were still working on the switch until they finished it quite a while later. My representative was super nice and although long and worrisome (I kept worrying the call would get dropped or someone would tell her it couldn’t be done after all) it was not overly tedious or painful. I wish every customer service experience could be like this but unfortunately we’re all going to run into some rough calls. I’m going to have to call back soon to see if I can get last years FCC from my shortened hurricane cruise extended. Also, they said it would take up to 48 for the price adjustment to show and that I would receive an email invoice when it’s finalized. I hope that works out. Best of luck to everyone dealing with these cancellations and reschedulings! Thank you for all the help and advice!
  6. I don’t see any Southern Caribbean on Liberty. I only see Western. I’d take it! I’m not looking forward to this battle. I guess I should prepare myself for several phone calls. Thank you for all your help!
  7. I know, I tried to clarify in my post that ALL of the other Southern Caribbean itineraries leaving from other ports during that 4 week window are 8 days. My trip has to be a 7 day to qualify.
  8. My current cruise is a 7 night Southern Caribbean scheduled for August 30th on Freedom of the Seas out of San Juan. Next year Freedom will be in NJ during that time so it will not be doing the Southern Caribbean route. In fact there are NO cruises currently scheduled to leave from San Juan during the 4 week period I would need to qualify for Lift & Shift. I looked at all of the scheduled Southern Caribbean cruises for the time period I need and all of them are 8 days! So basically there is no cruise that meets the requirements for me to shift to. There are no 7 day Southern Caribbean cruises within a 4 week window of August 30, 2020. I know they might add more cruise itineraries later but my final payment date for my current cruise is June 1st and I don’t want to have to pay for it and end up not having a viable cruise to move to. Right now the only money down on the cruise is a $200 Next Cruise Certificate which I’ll lose if I just cancel. Has anyone had this problem? What should I expect Royal to say? Will they let me go beyond the 4 week window to shift or tell me to pick an 8 day or will they tell me I’m s!|\t out of luck?
  9. Good to hear! I might give them a call today. I just have to figure out which cruise to shift to.
  10. When you say it has to be the same itinerary do you mean it has to have all of the exact same stops or if it was Southern Caribbean it has to be Southern again? I’m asking because St. Martin was not on my itinerary when I booked it but Royal added it a few months ago. It doesn’t look like they added it to the itineraries later in the year. That might be a problem as my exact itinerary might not be available to book later.
  11. Thank you so much! I also have some FCC from a shortened cruise last year. It expires in August. Are they willing to extend those or do I need to find a cruise to apply them to?
  12. I purchased a Next Cruise Certificate on my last RC cruise. I used it to book a cruise for this August but now I don’t want to risk going. Do they refund or even extend the date of use for these? I’m hoping I’m not completely out of the money and want to know what to expect when I call. Do I perhaps need to have a cruise is mind to transfer the certificate over to? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also in case it matters I haven’t put any cash down on the trip. Final payment date is June 1st which is why I want get this over with now.
  13. This should have been the deal breaker on this plan. Very few of us are going to skip sailing on a ship because we don’t like the color so they don’t care about our opinions that much. When repairs start making an expensive extravagant ship starts to look cheap and shoddy the company should care! They’re currently known for the beauty of their ships. How could they be ok with not being able to match the paint color? It’s not going to stop me from sailing them but it does make me question their common sense.
  14. This is my only concern as well. I hope they make sure to have activities available for those of us who choose to stay onboard.
  15. I’ve been jumping from cruise line to cruise line to figure out which one I like the best.I did find Breakaway to be more crowded due to poor layout, and I didn’t love the food. It was absolutely my least favorite ship, but I’m going to tell you I have not been on a single cruise that was worth $4000 more than the others. Nothing has been so perfect that I would blow that much money to do it again. Make sure that your kids will even be allowed into the nightclub. I’m sorry I don’t remember which ones required a certain age and ID other than Carnival. Norwegian definitely had some activities on Breakaway that they attempted to separate by age, for instance they had Adult Karaoke and Family Karaoke and the same went for Comedy shows so they may have age restrictions on the nightclub. On our Royal Caribbean cruise there were different nightclub events for the different age groups and if I remember correctly they did require ID. I don’t want you to end up on a cruise thinking the kids will have great fun at night and find out they can’t. Based mostly on price and perhaps the larger variety of food at the buffet I’d go with Breakaway.
  16. Am I the only weirdo who liked the lobster in the MDR better than the one in the steakhouse? I don’t care about the size difference because I can order multiples in the MDR. My MDR lobster tail was just a better texture and flavor. The steakhouse tail wasn’t bad but it didn’t make me feel like it was worth paying for in comparison to the free formal night lobster. It could have been an off night for the steakhouse or just an on night for the MDR but it did convince me not to bother ordering the pay lobster.
  17. I think a lot of the bad Horizon reviews (not all of them) came from experienced Carnival cruisers who already had a strong since of what they liked in a ship’s layout and design. As someone who had never sailed Carnival before I really liked Horizon. You mentioned you only sailed Sensation which was likely already a bit outdated so you probably won’t notice much of Horizon’s deficits either. The only one I noticed was the imperfect seating in the lounges for the shows but I barely go to the shows so it didn’t really affect me. Congratulations and good luck!
  18. Yes there was a white party when we sailed too. It was just like Lensonlife said.
  19. Has John Heald mentioned what the IMAX movies will be? Facebook hates me otherwise I’d check myself.
  20. I saw people mentioning in reviews last year that since Horizon does not have a Red Frog Rum Bar for Happy Hour they just run a few drink specials in the casino on boarding day. I haven’t seen any recent mention of it. Has anyone seen this recently?
  21. Do you have to sit with strangers at breakfast/brunch or can you wait for a small table? The last time I cruised Carnival there were 5 of us and we had our own table but this time only 3 of us are going.
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