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  1. Yes. I am blond and in a wheelchair. A couple of years ago, I was on a cruise with my mother and nephew on one of RCCL's megaships, and my mother went up to a another woman in a wheelchair with long blond hair, thinking she was me. It turned out, there was another woman on the ship who used a wheelchair, we were about the same age, had similar coloring, dressed similarly (she, too, was rather stylish 🥰) , and , like me, she had long, blond hair that hung down the back of her wheelchair. We ran into each other in the restaurants (she with her family, I with mine), in the hair salon (of course), out at the ports. I wish we had taken a picture together.
  2. You make a good point. Already in the age of the mega-ship, cruises were being structured so that more time was spent on board the ship, less time at the ports (with time being spent at ports specifically designed for the mega-ships, which often felt like an extension of the ships themselves).
  3. I find this really interesting. I have, for the most part, gone on cruises with my mother (who is in her 70s). It was our yearly "Girls' Getaway," a little cruise to the Caribbean. She used to go on cruises with my father several times a year, before he passed away. They loved it. Well, as to my mother, I spoke to her recently about future travel, and she said to me, bluntly, and with some finality, "You can take me to Europe. I will get on a plane, but never again will I get on a cruise ship. They are filthy." That her perception of cruise ships has deteriorated so much so quickly says quite a bit. I suspect that there are many in her generation who feel the same way. My husband and I were planning on going on a quick cruise this month. It was cancelled (we had already cancelled, when the CDC put out its initial statement, back in March). We had gone on our first Atlantic crossing last year, which we loved, and had booked another this year (that one is up in the air, as it is in October, but it is doubtful we will go, even if the voyage occurs, which does not look likely at the moment). We had even been looking into the Queen Mary for a crossing next fall/winter. Now, of course, there is no way we will be going. The bottom line, I think, is that we don't feel comfortable going on a cruise ship (or on an ocean liner) any more than my mother does. Perhaps our perception will change as time goes on, but, for now, I just don't see it.
  4. ysolde


    We had already paid our final balance (we were to cruise on 5/31) and had checked into our cruise. With the new DoS/CDC guidelines, we contacted our travel agency and had them cancel today. It just did not seem worth it.
  5. I'm sorry the QV did not work out for. you. As to the dress code, in the future, given that it's a British ship, would your husband consider wearing a kilt?
  6. I am curious about this as well. The main reason we purchased The Key was to avoid The Windjammer on embarkation day. However, we had already purchased the UDP. We are sailing on the Oasis out of Cape Liberty in late May. If we can already access Chops or Giovanni's for lunch on embarkation day, I am really not seeing all that much value to The Key for us, tbh. Does anyone know whether we will be able to eat at one of the specialty dining venues on embarkation day, or whether, without The Key, we will have to eat at the Windjammer? Yes, the first day at the Windjammer is that bad . . .
  7. Back on topic for a moment. On our last cruise, a TATL voyage on the NCL Encore, many hallways were a bit narrow. It would have been fine (the wheelchair I use for travel is, in fact, a child/teen size transport wheelchair, lightweight and compact), except for the inevitable service trolleys left outside the cabins (can't be helped) and the sometimes prodigious number of mobility scooters left in the selfsame hallways. My husband (who was pushing my transport chair) found himself weaving and bobbing along the hall, avoiding obstacles left and right, as we made our way to breakfast in the morning (this was particularly "interesting" early in our voyage, when we had some rough seas). It should not have been that difficult.
  8. The Hassler in Rome is accessible. It's also wonderful -- personal service, warm, friendly staff. The location, at the top of the Spanish Steps, is, on one hand, privileged in terms of views and easy access everywhere. OTOH, it can make for steep walking/rolling, so taxis may be required to get to and from the hotel.
  9. My husband and I love the IC, but it is undergoing renovations soon. Not sure when it reopens. Always a solid choice. Love the beach there. Great service. If you want something boutique-y, try the Serafina in the Condado neghborhood. It is a lovely independent hotel (so no points on stay, unfortunately). Great staff. The on-site restaurant is a gem, right on the beach.
  10. I was almost out of my foundation (Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation). I have (two) backups, but I have a cruise and another trip coming up, and I noticed something on the Sephora website: the same foundation comes in a stick formulation. I can get the same color (which blends perfectly into my pale, cool-toned, difficult to match skin), in a stick formulation. So I ordered it, figuring I can try it for a week or so prior to the cruise. If it doesn't work out, meh, I can just pack a liquid foundation. So, has anyone ever taken a stick foundation on a cruise (or another trip) with them? If you have any experience with the Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation, I am particularly curious, since I like the lighter coverage, but I am curious about stick foundations in general. Obviously, I like the portability, the fact that it is solid (so no taking up valuable space in the 311 bag), and that it seems to just give coverage wherever you need it (I really like minimal coverage, especially on vacation). Any thoughts and experience would be appreciated!
  11. I use Supergoop Unseen sunscreen (SPF 40) under my makeup every day. It's a really good sunscreen -- no sunburn. It's also great under makeup -- no pilling, no smudging. I use a separate sunscreen for my eyes (Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream SPF 34) because everything else causes stinging and burning. This works beautifully. I also use an SPF lip balm (mostly, I just finish up my makeup with Perricone's no lipstick lipstick -- I love the perfect shade of neutral pink, and it has an SPF of 15). I have one in my vanity and one in my purse. I carry the Colorscience mineral powder in my purse and touch up my sunscreen throughout the day. On body, I love Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Dry Touch (SPF 100). It's not perfect, but (especially if you allow it to set before you get dressed), it does not feel like you are wearing sunscreen. I carry a Supergoop hand lotion (SPF 40, I think) in my purse. So, after I wash my hands, I re-apply some SPF. It's so much better than skin cancer.
  12. I use the Supergoop Unseen sunscreen every day, and I use it on beach and cruise vacations. I find it works beautifully under make-up, or just alone. On the rest of me, I use Neutrogena Dry Touch (SPF 100). It causes a little less staining on my clothes (but it still stains, let's be honest. I wear less make-up day-to-day on cruise/beach vacations: a bit of Bobbi Brown's skin foundation (which really blends into my skin), then some undereye concealer (my dark circles are BAD), followed by just a touch of Perricone's No-Blush Blush (this stuff is fantastic when used sparingly, and I do mean sparingly), and a hint of Perricone's No Highlighter Highlighter (or skip that step). I use a little bit of powder to set under my eyes and my nose. Then I may use a little bit of a light matte eyeshadow (or skip that step), a bit of liner very close to the upper lash line (or skip that step). Mascara. Finally, moisturizing lip balm containing an SPF. I get my hair professionally blown out once or twice a week (it's a frizzy mess that needs professional styling). I keep that up on vacation, because I look much better and waste much less time messing with my hair that way. I wear a hat when I go outside anywhere sunny, because I am extremely fair and have already had skin cancer once.
  13. We're staying at the one in the airport. I am traveling really light (carry-on suitcase and personal item). I need to (gently) tell my mom that the lighter she travels on the way over, the easier it will be. We both have Le Pliage bags (indeed, I have two), that we can pack inside our suitcases and fill with anything that we purchase along the way if the need arises. Checking a carry-on on the way home if necessary is not a big deal.
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