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  1. No not at all, we leave next Friday. There will be 5 of us, 65, 53, 40, 40, 10. Sorry but see no reason at this point to cancel. In fact we just upgrade our balcony to a 2 bedroom suite. Laura
  2. I am hoping it will be great. You all are wonderful, I knew I would get the answer here. Laura
  3. Thank you, that is what I needed to hear. Laura
  4. Just upgraded from a balcony to the Grand Suite 2 bedrooms but trying to find what are the benefits from sailing in a suite. Its on Navigator 3 night cruise. Any help at all would be greatly helpful. Was looking at getting the Key but maybe I already get all of these benefits (?) Also bought Chops lunch on embarkment day for us all. Or point me in the right directions for more info. Haven't sail in awhile on Royal we used to have a concierge call us before cruise. Laura
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