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  1. True, but some of the answers should start to come out in the next day or two. After that, if the thread doesn't keep going on its own, I will revive it once people get onboard in June. I promise not to do that everyday between now and then, but I just did it for today, didn't I?😁
  2. Questions for Early Cruisers out of Nassau on the Adventure Good evening. Some of you will start getting official information about cruising out of Nassau very soon. While we all know things and will change as time goes on, it will be helpful for those who will following in your footsteps over the next few months to know the starting point. I'm hoping people will update us as things change. It will also be nice to have some factual basis to our conversations here on Cruise Critic. So, without further ado, here are my first round of questions. Bo
  3. No, if they accept your bid, they immediately charge your credit card. No give-backs, so to speak.
  4. When are you sailing? We are booked for December 26, 2022. The itinerary looks great.
  5. Ok, he found more price drops on the same B2B cruises, $472 this time. August 28, 2021 and September 4, 2021. Adventure out of Nassau. Add the price drops from before my post above and our airfare and pre cruise room at the Atlantis are covered.
  6. Yes, but these will let them know who was exposed and needs to be checked for symptoms.
  7. Personally, I used mine all of the time on the Anthem. I found it to be very convenient when I needed to open our cabin door with things in my hands, for example. On the other hand, my wife used hers maybe twice over a total of 40 days on the ship over the years. Tom
  8. Thanks, that sounds something I would like. But I do have to say that a spirted discussion on the various types BBQ in the context of what is available on different ships would be welcome change from some of our other spirited discussions. And yes, I plead guilty to taking part in some of those. 😇
  9. I get mixed up, what kind of BBQ does Kansas City do?
  10. As I understand it, under the current rules if you got the three 125% FCCs you could: 1) Apply your granddaughters' two FCC's to the replacement cruise for the three of you. Then apply your FCC at a later date. Since there would then be money left, you would get the balance of the FCC back and could use it on another cruise. @Ourusualbeach Ken, do I have that right?
  11. This is not really an issue. By the end of the double points next September, Royal will have given out significantly less points than if COVID hadn't happened. Cruising stopped in March and won't resume in earnest until at least mid-July 2021 so at least 16 months. Double Points ends in September 2022 so it will be for about 14 months. Additionally, if you don't book by June 30, 2021 you won't get double points, so everyone who is waiting until after cruising resumes from the US to book won't get double points.
  12. Yeah, no question it is a risk, but I figure the worst thing that happens is that we spend less than $27 each for a meal at Chops,
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