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  1. The Canadian rules posted above clearly make taking cannabis out of Canada: So the moment your ship crosses into international waters your cannabis is an illegal drug no matter how you cut it and Royal says you can't have it on their ship. If you don't want to call Royal, try your lawyer, they often are willing to research legal questions for a small fee.
  2. Ok, you are probably correct about that. Although doing the big slides in the snow might be fun. I was hoping Summer of '21 and/or '22 or even '23.
  3. I'm surprised that nobody thinks that Oasis is coming back to Cape Liberty after its 2020 summer visit. Royal is spending the money to be able to retract the stacks and cruises out of Cape Liberty tend to be priced at a premium. I don't know, maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part that we will get more than one cruise on her without having to fly.
  4. Thanks for putting this together. It is a idea turned into a great tool! One minor correction. For Gold and Platinum members, since their discount is a percentage, you can't subtract a full day's list price when doing the buy on day two calculation. It can make a difference when the numbers are close. (As a test, I changed the formula in E26 to =E24-($B$4*0.85) to account for the percentage discount and that cell changes to yellow.) Tom
  5. They are what is currently off the beaten path. I suspect this will be an expensive area in the future. BTW, when are your sailings?
  6. They are Bungalows. As I stated above they do not appear on the map Royal Caribbean put out that shows the island after South Beach opens in December.
  7. The Bungalows are still on South Beach for now, but too much longer. The "new" South Beach is supposed to be open in December.
  8. There was no construction in the immediate area of the Bungalows when we were there. We passed some on the tram ride over. Obviously that could change, but I would hope not. Because they are a distance from the nearest food, you get to order lunch a few days ahead of time. The shrimp ceviche was decent. We got visits from some of the natives. You can see them in the pictures. My wife took them from inside the Bungalow so you can't see the full interior.
  9. Donna and I enjoyed the Bungalow we rented on May 22, 2019. It was located on South Beach. The upgrades to the South Beach area of the island are due to open in December 2019 and Bungalows do not appear on the map Royal Caribbean has released. They do not show up on our Cruise Planner for our October 22, 2019 visit to Coco Cay. I assume the area will be under construction in preparation for the December opening.
  10. I agree 100% that the brochure should have been correct from day one and needs to be corrected right away. But, there are very few parents that are qualified to determine if it is safe for their under 48" tall child to ride these slides. The height restriction is not a "suggested guideline". The restriction has been determined by experts to prevent serious injury or death. What you are suggesting is the equivalent of the average motorist deciding that a bridge over a gorge with a posted weight limit of 5 tons looking at the bridge and deciding it would ok for them to drive a 15 ton truck over it.
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