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  1. Your memory is correct. Every time I see the machine, it makes me smile.
  2. Sorry in advance for the slight hijack. Your TA can send you a copy of of Royal's invoice. If you ask, they should do that for you. I like to get the Royal invoices because it gives me a common reference for comparing to other cruises and makes it easy when checking for price drops. (My wife thinks I'm obsessive when I check every few days, but for some reason she doen't com[lain when the price goes down.) For reasons not relevant here, I switched TAs a couple of times and have always asked for and gotten the Royal invoice. I now have a great TA who recognized that I wanted the Royal invoice after asking one for two different cruises and he now sends them as a matter of course. Hijack over. Tom
  3. I'm pretty sure Ken and Molly are on to something here. We booked two 12 day refundable cruises in a Junior Suite while we are on Grandeur in October. Our invoice showed $150 of On Board Credit (OBC) for each. We booked these as placeholders as we wanted to take cruises that went on sale yesterday. Our truly excellent Travel Agent moved the reservations to our desired cruises while finding and reserving an elusive Aft Balcony as the cherry on the ice cream sundae. And yes, the $150 of OBC is still there. As always, YMMV. Tom
  4. Brilliance of the Seas is doing an 11 repositioning from Boston to Tampa that hits all three of the ABCs, so I think Oasis could do Bayonne to Miami in 10. You are probably right about the charter though. Tom
  5. Does anyone know what Oasis is doing from October 24 to November 3 in 2021?
  6. While my wife was taking nap one day when we were on the Grandeur in October, I was using Royal's computer to check for price breaks. We saved ~$700 on three booked cruises. It was like getting paid to use their computer and internet. YMMV. Tom
  7. I have to with the Solarium Bistro. You avoid the Windjammer crowds and after you eat you are in the Solarium. Put on your bathing suit, grab a drink of the day and hit the hot tub with a view of the New York skyline. It never gets old. Tom
  8. Ready 2 Cruise, Since you are onboard, could we impose on you to got to Coastal Kitchen and ask? That would likely clear things up. Thanks in advance. Tom
  9. Not necessarily. My wife and her friends are booked for April 2021. They booked their Coco Cay Cabana several months ago and we're able to take advantage of a significant price drop since then. On the other hand no dining or beverage packages yet. YMMV.
  10. Some of us big kids like them too. I find them very useful when trying to get in our cabin when my hands are full. As long as I can get my wrist near the RFID reader, the door is unlocked like dare I say it . . . magic. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C. Clarke
  11. I'm assuming you mean in the Diamond Lounge. He just got back onboard on October 17, so he will be there in November. Tom
  12. While I'd like to know in advance, but I wouldn't want to limit our chance of an upgrade. As long as Royal allows appropriate cancelation of things bought in Cruise Planner I would take an upgrade even after we got on board.
  13. Ourusualbeach, can you explain what this means in flyer? "net price code" I'm trying to figure out if might have something to do with the big box opt out of the program. Thanks for sharing your professional expertise. Tom
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