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  1. Many thanks for all the replies and worthwhile information everybody. It's very much appreciated. Cruise Critic in my opinion is second to none when it comes to information, feedback etc. The only other thing I would like to know is whether Celebrity has "Beverage Cards" as opposed to "Beverage Packages." We usually get them with Holland America. Thanks Rick
  2. Thanks for all that input everybody, it's greatly appreciated. We may have to forget about the Antarctica part and just stick to the tip of South America. I will probably wait a while until Holland America release their cruises for that particular region and go from there and do a price comparison. Rick
  3. Thanks for the info jelayne. What month did you cruise?
  4. Hi All, We are seriously looking at a South America/Antarctica cruise in Jan/Feb, 2022 and have not sailed on a Celebrity ship before, having sailed mainly with Holland America. There are cruises on the Celebrity Silhouette in that period and was wondering what the demographic was for cruises to those areas? We are both in our 60's. Thanks Cheers Rick
  5. Hi All, I'm considering doing a 14-15 day cruise on the Sun Princess in a balcony cabin and hear from different sources that they are fairly small. Could anybody here possibly give me some feedback? Cheers Rick
  6. Hi All, I'm considering a cruise on the Sun Princess in a balcony cabin for around 14 or 15 days, and it appears they are pretty small. Could anybody here give me some feedback as to whether they are worth it? Cheers' Rick
  7. We have decided to do a Hurtigruten cruise to Antarctica on January 23, 2021 for 20 days. It's pretty expensive but like they say, you can't take it with you. It should be a very memorable trip to say the least. Rick
  8. I contacted HAL yesterday regarding the phasing out of Antarctic cruising after 2021 and they stated they knew nothing about this. We are thinking of doing either a Jan or Feb 2021 cruise. Rick
  9. Thanks for that info guys. Thinking of going right around Australia now for maybe 15 days or so. We've not seen much of the west coast so seems like a plan. Rick
  10. Hi All, Has anybody here done the above 15 night cruise around Australia on the Sun Princess? I would like to know whether it's worth doing. Thanks Rick
  11. Hi All, Just wondering whether anybody here has sailed on the Pacific Dawn recently? We are thinking of doing a short cruise up the Queensland Coast soon.
  12. Thanks clo for that info. Is there a particular month which would be better to take this type of cruise or do you just take your chances and hope the weather is going to be ok? Rick
  13. Many thanks for all the replies so far....they are much appreciated. I guess my main question would be is there a particular month to go on this cruise or is it a case of "Pot Luck"? Thanks Rick
  14. Thanks for all those great replies and I have taken on board what's been offered. I guess my main question would be: Is there a particular month to go on such a cruise or is it just "pot luck"? Thanks Rick
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