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  1. Farmersfight- Thank you for the pier runners video. Much appreciated on this cold January day in the northeast!
  2. Anyone know why the ship will tender instead of dock at Cozumel in 2022? We will miss seeing pier runners that way. One of our favorite things to do in port.
  3. Escape! We still talk about the Mushroom soup in Le Bistro 3 years later! We thought the bars were great. Fun people on the ship. We will go back on this ship in a heartbeat. Good entertainment. Flow of ship was good even as a sold out ship. We are trying the Encore in December and will compare both ships.
  4. I am looking at a Carnival Horizon cruise for 8 days in September 2022. Will there still be a huge amount of kids on this cruise at that time? We are an older couple 65 and 75 years old. This itinerary is a "bucket list" cruise for me. How formal is formal night? Are dark pants and button down shirt ok for DH? I am hoping I can get him to wear that for the cruise as he lives in sweat pants all the time. Forget about a tie and jacket! This will be our first Carnival cruise. Any tips ?
  5. Is this cruise too soon with the vaccine not out for Covid yet? Would you book it? We plan on getting the vaccine when it comes out so we can get cruising ASAP!
  6. Does it really take an hour to get to the Orlando cruise port from the airport? Has anyone taken the NCL transfer to the cruise port from this airport? How was it? Easy or tedious? Wanting to take an Escape cruise but are wondering about the transfers/time.
  7. Our 5 day cruise was cancelled on the Encore just now. Disappointed and I knew it was coming yesterday. I am relieved I wont be a guinea pig for the Encore.
  8. We are in a Club Balcony Suite. Maybe that had something to do with getting EDOCS early? We paid by FCC from a cancelled cruise last year. We got an email from NCL. SO excited!
  9. Anyone else on this cruise get their EDOCS and luggage tags for this cruise today?? Encore 5 day cruise to Belize and Costa Maya from Miami on February 24, 2021-March 1, 2021?
  10. NCL is offering a new deal today. 30% off all cruises/ all destinations and get 5* offers free. Good deal or not? Two days only.
  11. I am going to watch this for sure. We have been trying to see Choir of Man on the Escape and missed it and now we are set to go on the Encore just to see this show. I cant wait to see it on line in case our cruise is cancelled!
  12. Looks like this show is NOT going to be on the Escape according to the NCL website. Anyone know if this is true? I am still trying to see this show!! I know its on the Encore.
  13. Thank you. Just what I was looking for.
  14. I have $216.26 FCC leftover from a cancelled cruise. What can I use this for? We are sailing on the Encore Feb. 24, 2021-March 1, 2021, I hope! Can it be used for dining? Specialty dinners? Shore Excursions? Tips? Any thing I left out?
  15. Hoping we all get to go on the cruises we booked!
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