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  1. Following along! Can't wait to be on Breakaway in 33 days. 😄
  2. basicprincess24

    Breakaway Thanksgiving Cruise...14 days and Counting

    I'll be eagerly anticipating your live review - we're on Breakaway from NOLA over Christmas! Absolutely loved it on the Pearl last year, so we're super excited for this year.
  3. basicprincess24


    The Rebellious Fish cocktail! Perfectly fruity but not too sweet. I will also put in another vote for the Navigation/map channel - I love having it on in the background while getting ready in the morning.
  4. basicprincess24

    Latitudes Reward Offer

    Thanks for the heads up @JamieLogical! We just booked our May cruise and it looks a little sweeter with some OBC! And you gotta love double points.
  5. basicprincess24

    Think "Free" Airfare will actually end tonight?

    I agree! We want to book for May but have been waiting until this promo ends.
  6. Really enjoying your review so far! We're thinking about booking the Escape to Bermuda for May 2019. Thank you for including the menus as well!
  7. basicprincess24

    Suggested NCL menu hacks

    Similar, but figured I'd add mine anyway! I absolutely LOVE pretzel rolls, so I get the cheeseburger on the pretzel roll. It's great!
  8. basicprincess24

    What I ate on NCL Getaway 10/14 Eastern Caribbean

    Loving all your food photos, and your descriptions!
  9. basicprincess24

    Miami Hotel Recommendation

    We stayed at Hampton Inn Miami Brickell/Downtown. It is a little farther from the port, but still close (10-15 min drive). We liked it because we were walking distance from a lot of shops and restaurants. The included breakfast was also delicious, and they gave us a voucher for a free beer or wine at the bar, which was a nice touch. They did offer a shuttle to the port for $8pp, but we wanted to leave the hotel earlier than the shuttle, so we did our own Uber.
  10. basicprincess24

    Bermuda for a 1st Cruise?

    Thank you all so much!! This has definitely eased my mind about Bermuda for first time cruisers. All the photos and videos look so gorgeous - I cant wait to go! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. basicprincess24

    Bermuda for a 1st Cruise?

    We're planning a cruise in May with some friends who will be first-time cruisers. We really think the whole group would love the Escape, which will be sailing to Bermuda for the dates we're considering. For anyone who has been to Bermuda - would you recommend this itinerary for a first cruise? Phrased another way, would a Bermuda cruise get someone "hooked" on cruising in the same way an island-hopping Caribbean itinerary would? The other option we're considering is an Eastern Caribbean on the Breakaway. Any thoughts appreciated! Thanks!
  12. basicprincess24


    We've also done both these excursions in Roatan, and both times Roatan was the highlight of our cruise. We opted to do the snorkeling at Maya Key even though it was an additional charge (~ $20 pp for all gear). I would highly recommend it. You snorkel from a pier and swim out to the dropoff - such a neat experience and we saw so many fish!!
  13. basicprincess24

    Favorite food onboard?

    I love the chocolate lava cake! We order it multiple times throughout the cruise
  14. basicprincess24

    Compulsive cruise prep

    I've found my people!! My trip planning starts with a massive comparison spreadsheet to calculate total cost of various cruises, including pre-night hotel stay, airfare, cruise base fare, service charges, etc. Then I obsessively research excursion options in an attempt to find the "perfect" activity. If we want to do it and it is possible to make a reservation, I make one. I want everything taken care of - we're the crazy people who make MDR reservations! Two weeks ahead, I'll start my packing list, and decide on outfits for each day and night. I also make a single-page itinerary of our entire trip with our flight #s and times, hotel info, dining/show reservations, and shore excursions, which we print out and hang on our door for the week as a reference. Whew! My family thinks I'm a little nuts but they always appreciate that I know the answers to all their questions once we arrive!
  15. basicprincess24

    Chankanaab - Cost to rent snorkel gear?

    NCL offers a Chankanaab snorkel option for $59pp. Trying to figure out if that is an ok deal, or if we'd be better to go on our own and rent snorkel gear when we arrive. Anyone been to Chankanaab recently and recall the cost to rent snorkel gear?