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  1. CCL dropped briefly to $10.95 this morning but now is back up to $13.17. The lowest I have seen it is $8-9. It has been around $40-50 for 5 years. The only way you are long-term losing money at these prices is if CCL declares bankruptcy.
  2. https://www-cnbc-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/03/31/cruise-ship-company-carnival-to-raise-6-billion-in-stock-and-debt-shares-jump.html?usqp=mq331AQQKAGYAerB0_380aH3erABIA%3D%3D&amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1#referrer=https://www.google.com It is speculation, but I don't think that is inaccurate. I Itrongly suspect they are only canceling one month at a time to hold on to refund money longer. See above. As someone else said, we can't look at China. Italy and other European countries are our guidepost. Italyis 6-8 weeks into this. First death was around Feb 21. They are just now starting to see the numbers not increase. It will probably be 6-8 weeks or more for the US. I suspect it will be mid to late summer before things are back to some version of normal.
  3. Has anyone heard anything? On my sailings Facebook group, no one has heard anything. Wonder if anyone here has the 411. All the European sailings are off the Carnival website but we aren't being told anything. Friends in the UK are hearing there will be restrictions throughout the summer and my ship is supposed to sail out of the UK.
  4. Haven't read this whole thread but my guess is: -Europe cancelled for this summer. I think some of the ports won't even be open by then. -All cruises cancelled through mid-May -MD won't be done on time because of shut down in Europe. I think they will resume warm weather destinations in Carribean and Mexico by some time in summer. Not sure if it will be early, late or mid summer. We seemingly aren't getting hit as bad here in Houston and only reason I can come up with is the heat and humidity because goodness knows we have the people. Haven't heard of anyone getting Corona from the Galveston boats. Hopefully, it does not jump over here from New Orleans.
  5. So looks like my cruise is going to be cancelled by Carnival. I am assuming if they cancel I will get my FCC. Right?
  6. Ugh. I booked Carnival Legend to the Fjords because my Mardis Gras TA was cancelled. Now my Legend. Not sure what I am going to do. Paid for some it with my FCC from Mardis Gras and about half with Carnival gift cards so no point in refund. But I can't book next summer for the Fjords or elsewhere because I am trying to get pregnant and will either be too far along or have a newborn who can't cruise yet as they have to be 6 months to cruise.
  7. NCL is now down to $12 from about $17 in the past few days. Low was $7.77. High was $59. Carnival is still around $14-15. Low was about $9 but I doubt it will go that low again. It was over $50 in December and January. However, I think it will go down below $14 again since they delayed their cancelation announcement to Monday. RCL is at $34.50. Low was $22. High was $135. Wondering if they ended up in the final version of the bail out or not.
  8. I think it would surprise you how many people are still booking. Prior to the cruise line being shut down, my local media station (out of Houston) was interviewing people getting on the Vista and Magic out of Galveston. The port was just as busy as ever. In one of the Carnival Facebook groups with thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of posters, there was a thread about how people were planning to use their stimulus check to book another cruise. I have been checking my June 19th Fjord cruise for a 4 person grand suite (to take my kids) for some time to open up and they are all booked. In fact, surprisingly few people have canceled. Even the June 3rd 16 day TA out of NYC is booked solid for ALL suites. Only think available is balconies, and they are not even good ones. Been looking at bookings for Europe bookings on the Legend for next summer and a couple of months ago I had my pick of what I wanted. Now they are almost all gone...my best guess is people who got canceled for March and April are using their FCC for summer 2021.
  9. For those of you having trouble transferring, I use Wells Fargo for all of my personal and business checking, savings, and investment accounts. I can transfer from checking or savings online to investment anywhere from immediate to next day...usually next day. Super easy. I get charged nothing for trades.
  10. They are included in the bill. You can find it online. Investment sites say that CCL is in the best place financially among the cruise lines fwiw. Wish I had scooped up some stock when it was $9, but it took me a day to transfer money into my investment account. It closed at $15 and some change today. Got up to $16 before news that the bill was delayed another day.
  11. Question: If we paid for a cruise with Allstate GCs and Carnival cancels (or I decide to cancel) will they refund my balance to the cards I already have or will Carnival send me new cards? I kept my used cards. Also, do these cards expire?
  12. I just got an email from MSC CEO that they are cancelling all cruises until April 30th. I expect they will all do this. Worrying more and more about my June 19th Fjords cruise. Was able to get my final payment pushed back to 30 days and I bought insurance so not worried about the cruise, but more my airfare. I only get future credit for my ~$5k worth of international business class airfare if I cancel with United. I already have a $685 credit with United for my canceled airfare for the Master's. Guess I will be flying somewhere....
  13. Why do y'all think Carnival is going to go bankrupt? I was planning on buying some $8 Carnival stock, but they shut the market down. As soon as this passes everyone is going to be wanting to vacation and get out of the house, etc. I suspect there will be a boom to the stock market and the cruise industry after this passes. I didn't buy anymore gift cards as I will already have about $3500 in cards and FCC it they cancel my June European cruise.
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