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  1. I have only cruised NCL, RCCL (a long time ago) and Carnival. Between them, RC was the best, but Carnival was very good, too, on the ships I have been on with the Chefs Table being phenomenal. The food on thr NCL cruise I went on was completely inedible. Truly horrific...so bad we won't do NCL again.
  2. Sorry for the confusion... I am asking when they become available to purchase. There is not even an option for purchasing FTTF on Panorama tight now best I can tell...or is it Panomera? I can't recall... But suffice it to say, it isn't even an option. I don't know if this means that they aren't going to offer it at ALL or if it simply isn't available yet. I booked the TA Mardis Gras and my understanding is that it will not offer FFTF because it sails from Europe, but I thought out of LA, they might offer it...
  3. We have a cruise on the Panorama (sp?) with my two boys booked for next June. If it is just my husband and I, I don't mind standing in a line and we usually aren't at the ship early anyway if we are cruising out of our home port of Galveston. (We live in Houston.) However, with flying to CA and having my boys (they will be 6 and 7 then), I would prefer the fast embarkation. Anyone know when Fast Forward to the Fun typically goes on sale? I noticed for my Christmas cruise, it was sold out at the time we booked, but today FFTF was available for a short cruise we booked out of Galveston in March. Google says 6 to 18 months, but that's a huge variation. Is there any way to know when it is going on sale ahead of time?
  4. If you are paying $599-799 a week, it's a lot cheaper! Assisted living is probably $5k-6k a month. Seems like a good idea to me.
  5. So, just so I understand, you only get points for the cruise days you personally sail and not for the ones you pay for? For example, if I take my extended family of 8 on a 7 day cruise, I get 7 points and not 56, correct? As an aside, I never even realized the sail and sign cards were colored by your level until this conversation. It never even occurred to me...
  6. It is a huge drink the size of a goldfish bowl designed for multiple people, but usually consumed just by me.
  7. You are only restricted to 15 on alcoholic beverages. You can still get non-alcoholic beverages. I would assume Carnival probably doesn't want a cruiser with alcohol poisoning or so wasted they fall overboard or otherwise do something dumb. If you want to drink more, order the wine bottles to your room (or the liquor) from the fun shop ahead of time. Or use your two bottles you can bring on board. Personally, I would be worshipping the porcelain God if I drank that much.
  8. I already asked a month or so ago on the excursion board, but I don't want to book with an outside source...Not in Belize and with two young kids in tow. (I have been before.) Any particular "Carnival" excursion you recommend? It seems like there aren't many options through Carnival with a 5 and 7 year old. And I don't want to do Cave Tubing. Did it before and thought it was not great.
  9. Has anyone done anytime dining before with a group of 8 or more? I am worried about this. We are going at Christmas so suspect it will be a full cruise.
  10. I don't know about a hurricane, but we were on one of the Vista sailings that was cancelled for it to go into dry dock due to mechanical errors. We got a refund and a cruise credit. So, basically our money back and a free cruise. But this was a Carnival problem and not weather.
  11. Their fish bowl thing is a must if you are a drinker. You can even take the drink and bring back the bowl later. On one of our port days when it was raining, we ended up in there with a bunch of other Havana guests (it was raining so went there instead of Havana pool) and we all did their port day happy hour. The drinks were great and cheap!
  12. I personally would go with the wrap around. We are staying in one of the aft view Havana balconies on our next cruise on the Vista only because the corner was booked. (I would not pay extra for the premium side view one, though.)
  13. So I have been booked in a suite before and never noticed this special lounge. Are you talking about where you go sit in an area and someone checks you in? Fwiw, I have never had to wait in any line embarking whether I was in a suite or not. Only when someone had a medical emergency on the gang plank and no one was allowed to board because the paramedics were there. But then we usually are not getting there particularly early.
  14. Good to know it's just people wanting to start their fun early. My husband and I tend to be the types who are more worried about making the ship before it leaves. 😆
  15. This. We arrived ten minutes before our arrival time. Line was ridiculous in the "outside your window" and no line in the other so we chilled for ten minutes and walked on.
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