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  1. I received my "gift card" refunds for purchased excursions on a canceled June cruise about 3-4 weeks ago. They came in together. Nothing on my Chef's Table refund. I waited and finally called today. I am on hold right now. Apparently, it was never processed. Glad I called.
  2. They just need to do it like Luby's with no self-service, with a sneeze guard between people and the food, and have people stand 3 feet apart. 1 meter (3 feet) reduces spread by 82 percent. Have people wear masks in line. Masks reduce spread by 85 percent. (These stats are per metanalysis of 172 study published in recent Lancet medical journal.) People can take masks off when they sit down to eat on the Lido. Space tables further apart. The only time I have ever been on a Carnival cruise where this would not have been possible was on the Vista on a Christmas sailing that was literally sailing at capacity...nearly 5k people. I even sailed another time on Vista and this would not have been an issue, but we weren't sailing at capacity. I feel like if they sailed even 10 percent below capacity it would enable people to socially distance. In the theatre, ask people to leave a seat between them and anyone not in their party. This could even be accomplished by requiring reservations and having reserved seats. I would think that sailing below capacity would have to be better than not sailing at all. Frankly, I think that we will have a vaccine if not by next summer then definitely by 2022. Thankfully, unlike many other vaccines that took decades to develop, they weren't completely starting from scratch because research for vaccines for other viruses has proved helpful.
  3. Totally agree! Plus, I am a huge history buff. None of the Carnival excursions (as of yet) are going there.
  4. Oh wow. Sorry to hear that. I had the Carnival June Norwegian Fjords cruise canceled, but they canceled it before I had to make final payment.
  5. I am not wanting to schedule it now. I was wanting to suggest that they have that particular one as an option for guests. That's why I asked who I could email to make it a suggestion. It seems to me that it is better to email them now before they have their people "plan/book" ALL the excursions for a given port than to wait until after they already have 5+ excursions planned for each port and don't plan to have any more. If the know there is customer interest in a given excursion, perhaps they will look into making it an option.
  6. Thanks for replying That's what I was thinking/hoping for. This is the ONLY place on the ship (the three floors directly above the theatre) where I can get an inside cabin connecting to a balcony cabin. And these two connecting cabins are the only open option for both sailings which is good so I don't have to move. Also, the inside/balcony is MUCH preferable for us because then I can put my kids in the inside cabin and don't have to worry about them sneaking on to the balcony if I am in the next room AND I can also have an adjoining room with them. There are no options for two inside adjoining cabins AT ALL on the ship and, in any event, the second leg is the Norwegian Fjords cruise which, like an Alaskan cruise, is a cruise where there is a lot of "sailing" scenery to view so I would very much like to have a balcony. Typically, we sleep from about 11 pm to 7 am and rarely take naps so I can't imagine the noise would be going on during that time. Plus, out of 19 days, we will be in port all but 4 days.
  7. I think it is too far out, so my thinking was they might still be open to suggestions. I figure they have someone at Carnival arranging these things. The Norway Fjords June 4th cruise for next year has no excursions listed as of right now and the May 25th sailing from Barcelona has somewhere between 0 and 5 listed in the various ports. I wanted to suggest an excursion to The Alhambra out of Malaga. We are in port for 9 hours so even though The Alhambra is 80 miles away, it is a doable trip. I found a "cruise" excursion on Viator that picks up at Malaga port and guarantees you back on time to catch ship so I know it is possible. I just would much prefer if it was through CCL "just in case" something happened with the 1.5 hours drive.
  8. On one of my Europe sailings they have no excursions listed yet. On the other, only a few. I want to go to this specific place. I found an excursion through viator, but would rather take one through the cruise ship. Who would I email? John Heald?
  9. I personally would only consider the drink package on 2 to 5 day sailings. No way can my husband and I drink $110 worth of drinks every day for 7+ days... especially when there are typically ports on 3 or more of those days. Also, the one cruise we did the drink package, we had trouble getting drinks due to the bars being really busy. It may have been that particular sailing, though. Never had that problem on other sailings. I felt like we spent way too much time waiting on drinks. I would have rather have spent that money on bottles for the room.
  10. That's odd. I didn't cancel my cruise by final payment or even before sailing date. I applied FCC yesterday and still got my OBC. In fact, the cruise I cancelled had been purchased with a FCC from the cancelled Mardis Gras sailing and they gave me both the Covid cancelation OBC and the Mardis Gras Cancellation OBC. But if they told you that, obviously the safe thing to do is to call and cancel.
  11. It's an auto email. I have had them confirm in writing before. I have since redeemed my FCC on sailing that I got those emails on so I can confirm that they will not cancel for non-payment.
  12. I am doing B2B European sailings next May/June with my husband and kids. Deposit is $200 per person per sailing. I called in to apply my FCC of $3700. They would only allow me to apply the FCC to one sailing and required me to pay a deposit, but they did change the deposit for that cruise to $25 per person (from $200) by applying a different "rate." I could not find said rate on the internet but they said I still got early saver rate and price match, but with a $100 deposit instead of $800. Anyone familiar with this "rate"? Email is saying I still have to pay the $800 deposit on the other sailing. Obviously, I would rather pay a $100 deposit. Anyone heard of them doing this on not cruise credit sailings? I should have asked yesterday, but had already been on the phone for an hour and ten minutes and had to get off the phone. Given the state of affairs, especially with Europe, I would rather not come out more cash out of pocket in the event we don't sail. I had 3 sailings canceled in 9 months and only one of them was related to Covid-19. (I took the FCC because I had paid for the cruise with gift cards anyway so I figured I might as well get the $600 OBC.)
  13. I am trying to get two connecting rooms for my husband, myself and our two kids. There are no connecting rooms showing up on the website for the Carnival Legend when I am wanting to sail. We are wanting to do B2B Spain to London and then Norwegian Fjords. I called in to the Carnival line and they found an extended balcony connecting to an interior for both cruises. So we don't have to change rooms. This is absolutely perfect...except that it is above the theatre and a few doors down from the Kid's Club. Normally, I try to get a room with a deck of cabins above and below it, but that is not an option if I want connecting rooms.. My husband really wants the kids to have their ow tv and bathroom for obvious reason. My thought process is this is ideal - inside connected to extended balcony, close to the kids club, and we don't have to change rooms. My only concern is noise. Anyone had a cabin over the theatre before? So long as the noise ends by about 11 p.m. and doesn't start before 8 a.m., I am fine.
  14. I tried to do it myself, but can't modify after 5 minutes.
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