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  1. Good point. That was my concern as well because on 3 of the 8 nights, we are in port until 7:30 or later so they will probably just not schedule it one of those days as it will be a cruise-wide issue for everyone.
  2. I am guessing the 37 percent applies to the ten percent plus being able to apply cash back for good driving (if you have Allstate insurance) to the purchase price. Otherwise, I don't know what it applies to.
  3. I was on the Vista at Christmas and I definitely think they take a "hands off" approach unless it is a safety issue. And, in my experience, this even extends to ignoring rule breaking. Not sure if it is Carnival or just this particular set of staff. Perhaps it is my personality, but when I encounter a fellow passenger doing something bothersome or inappropriate, I address it directly with them. Usually, if done in a polite manner, it goes over better than involving staff. Granted, I once had that no go so well during muster as I had a man (who was definitely old enough to know better) call me a fat ass and get in my face because I said something to him about shoving my 80 year old mother (who uses a walker) out of the way so he could get on the elevator in front of her even though the CD (Schwartz) was quite literally simultaneously announcing the elevators were to be used only for the disabled. I think part of the problem is the more people you get in a confined space, the more chances there will be someone who is an entitled jerk. The problem is, this isn't specific to "class" of people or cruise line. People with this sort of attitude can be found anywhere and it is just luck of the draw whether you end up in their path.
  4. Not sure on the Steakhouse, but I think the Chef's Table is a full refund so long as you cancel more than 24 hours in advance. If you cancel within 24 hours, I think it is $25. I can't imagine the Steakhouse would be more stringent than the Chef's Table, though.
  5. Which dining room is for "set" early (6 pm) dining in? Scarlet (aft decks 3 and 4) or Crimson (mid-ship, decks 3 and 4)? I have been on some ships where they do the early/late scheduled dining in the back and some where they do it mid-ship and vice versa. Also, where is the sit down brunch on sea days? Where is tea time? I tried googling and all it said was on Deck 3, but both places have deck 3 as an option. Finally, is there an Italian Restaurant on this ship? The Carnival website doesn't seem to indicate there is one (nor does the ship plan!), but a review talks about it. Although, maybe it is incorrect. Reason I am asking is we are leaving on an office cruise in a week and I am making packets of information for my husband's office crew that is going on the ship with us. Most have never been on a cruise before.
  6. Yes, that is the one. It is a Thursday through Monday.
  7. I think they generally only recommend it if you are 65 and up or have certain chronic conditions like COPD, etc. We are ages 5 to 45 and all healthy.
  8. Let me clarify, I am not asking with respect to the threat of the virus as my understanding is things are relatively normal in Mexico (only place we are going) and my dr husband and his sister who is a Family NP don't seemed too concerned. I have not heard much about it here in Houston. I have heard more about the flu, frankly. I think I heard something akin to 1600 or so flu deaths in Texas. Fortunately, all going on the cruise have had our shots since everyone but me works in a dr's office and I got them with my children. I would hope flu season would be winding down soon...probably in time for concern to start about the mosquito born illnesses that are always a threat (like West Nile) due to our hot and humid weather conditions. I hope Zika stays away. What a world we live in, huh? My question is with respect to whether there has been any problems with embarkation/debarkation on ships out of Galveston or with respect to Carnival ships. I have not seen anything of any concern on here, but wanted to check.
  9. So, I will admit that I know very little about this. We are sailing on the Dream with my husband's office in under two weeks...I think Feb 28th or 29th. Is there anything I need to be worried about? They have not quarantined any of the US ships, have they?
  10. I cruised on the Vista in October of 2018 and December 2019 at Christmas. There was 4,984 guests on the ship. It felt overcrowded at times if I am honest. I did NOT feel that way when we cruised in 2018.
  11. I hope you got your money back. We had a Carnival operator try to take us out in a storm once on a boat. I am talking pouring down rain, lightening, strong winds, etc. We decided not to board and went to Carnival customer service and immediately got our money back. We were not the only customers asking for a refund for that excursion. It should have be cancelled. Unfortunately, I think the tour operators often don't want to cancel them because then they lose much-needed money and they know if someone is injured on one, you are going after carnival and not them.
  12. Is Breeze a good ship? Seems like Carnival definitely has a good chunk of the market in Galveston which is where we usually sail from. Disney only sails a couple months of the year and I think the RCCL ships are older...albeit, I have not personally sailed them so don't know for sure. I just wish they would go somewhere other than the same ports--almost always some combo of somewhere in Mexico (often Cozumel), Belize, Roatan, Cayman and Jamaica. Only thing I can think of is that maybe it isn't doable on a 7 day cruise to go anywhere else from Galveston, but seems like there would at least be SOME other option.
  13. So, I noticed this on my main page of Allstate DriveWise. Do you think they are going to stop selling the carnival cards in 3 days? I know sometimes they run out....
  14. Congrats! In other news, I still have not gotten the "sailabration" email which annoys me considering that all of us canceled Mardis Gras passengers were supposed to get the first chance to book those cruises per the "cancellation" letter.
  15. In the past, I have always gotten an email form the maître'd after booking the Chef's table within a day or two of the booking confirming the booking. This time, I have not gotten that email from the maître 'd. However, Carnival now requires us to pre-pay so I wonder if that is our "receipt" and why I have not gotten the confirmation email. Just wanted to know if anyone who has recently booked a Chef's Table on one of their sailings and still got the maître d email? Part of the reason for my confusion is my gift card was charged for 2 people ($177) and my online reservation says for 2 people, but the Carnival website says I only paid for one. I called their 1-800 number and the guy told me it was just a "computer glitch" which seemed just like an excuse to get me off the phone.
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