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  1. To clarify - We are only booking her a room. But basically her room is half of what ours is because she gambles.
  2. I figured it out. For some unknown reason, my husband has TWO VIFP numbers. One is associated with his actual email address and has NONE of our prior cruises on it. The other one (that lists all of our prior cruises) is somehow associated with my email address. So when I was logging in under his email address, he wasn't getting any of the discounts for having gone on multiple prior cruises. Also, I am going to start playing in the casino because we went to book under his office manager and her cruise rate under her casino offer is about $600 for a spa balcony and ours is $1200
  3. I am in a group with a bunch of experienced Europe cruisers. (I have had 6 Europe cruises cancelled!) They say you can carry on alcohol. They are much more lax over there at the ports. I can not speak to every country, but traveling in the UK is much like the US. Only difference is not everywhere has air conditioning... although, that's true in the north of the US, too. I have been to Italy and it is different but mainly due to language issues. Also, used to be a lot of smoking in Italy but may not be the case anymore as last time I was there was 2007.
  4. My husband and I are planning on taking his office staff on a cruise. I tried to reserve three rooms and all three are showing different rates depending on VIFP number. Even stranger, my husband and I have been on the EXACT same cruises and my rates are showing up about $150 cheaper than him. Why would this be? We don't get casino offers.
  5. My family and I went to Galveston this weekend to do some fishing. Vista and the Breeze were both in dock on Friday and then the Vista sailed by us while we were fishing out in the gulf on Saturday morning. I guess they were going to dump. The Breeze was still in dock when we left about 2 hours ago. Here are some pics:
  6. I would personally love to see a CCL Alaska cruise this year. Hope it happens!
  7. Looking at doing another booking. My choices are a room by the elevators with only other cabins above and below or a cabin that is directly above common areas...specifically the Fun Shops. I tend to lean towards the cabin above the fun shops because they aren't open late at night so shouldn't have any noise. The ones I am looking at are balconies on decks 9 and 10 of MG.
  8. So, I am booked for January 2022 on Mardi Gras. I noticed that I cannot yet book any excursions (even though they are on the website) which is strange because I can book excursions on my Vista and even on my summer 2022 Pride European cruises. When I google 2022 Mardi Gras itinerary, the first cruise that shows up is February 12. This makes me wonder if she is going to be pushed back until then.
  9. For all of you RCL fans, what is your favorite boat? I have only been on their older ships but the giant ones look pretty cool. I can't wait to get on the Mardi Gras.
  10. So right now I have booked CCL Vista in August out of Galveston, Mardi Gras in January 2022, B2B cruises to Europe on Pride in July/August, and an Alaska cruise in June 2023. My husband is scared of numbers going up in Greece and them changing the entrance requirements so he wants to wait to book anything and he doesn't want to do the Galapagos because they go out of Ecuador as he says if for some reason we got stuck there due to a positive Covid test or something, he doesn't want to be stuck in Ecuador. So still waiting to see on the rest of the summer. I really, really, really hope that
  11. Are these all casino offers? I don't think I have gotten any of them.
  12. This is correct. I live in Houston and after I posted my comment they later aired a report showing the crew members being vaccinated.
  13. Which ships have the ocean view cabins with the floor-to-ceiling windows? Also, which ones have the captain's suites?
  14. We have already rescheduled our CCL cruises to next summer and are going on B2B cruises through Spain, Portugal, Brussels, etc. I am planning a trip for this summer. We have done what we were supposed to do and followed all guidelines for a year including basically being home bound for over a year. I even home schooled for awhile. Now that we are vaccinated and low risk (and children were low risk to begin with), I want a vacation and I don't want to wait until 2022. I had my 2019 cruise canceled. It was rescheduled to a 2020 TA. That was canceled and was reschedule to a Norwegian Fjords. T
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