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  1. Can you order this peach margarita if you don't have a dining reservation, to go? Same with other specialty dining restaurants, can you use the UBP to get a specialty dining restaurant drink to go, without actually dining?
  2. Checking back in on this thread... do Vibe passes now officially get handed out at Guest Services on bliss, or is it still sometimes The Social?
  3. It also appears Lyft/Uber have forced minimum fares of $32-35 to/from the airport - give or take $5 the same cost as a taxi ride, and may be easier to quick jump in a cab than navigate special uber/lyft pickup locations allowed by some airports. We also find lyft/taxi far preferable in most instances, though in this case it may be a toss up - I'd guess to be allowed to have service in louisianna they were forced to have these airport minimum fairs out of some "fairness" to the taxi companies, or perhaps they are having airport minimums in other cities as well - in any case - unfortunately it won't be 1/2 the price it usually is to take lyft/uber in this case.
  4. Thank you for the tips, indeed the free ship tour seemed unlikely - where i saw it referenced wasn't specific so I thought I'd ask here for more broad input.
  5. Will be first time experiencing the Haven, Thursday 1/17 on the breakaway. I've read these forums and other sites extensively for tips and reviews and have a fair grasp on all of the obvious inclusions of the haven - the dining, butler, included room service, concierge - to tip the butler/concierge separately etc. Would appreciate input on any non-obvious benefits - for example - In other forums I've seen people alluding to free behind the scenes ship tours for haven guests, or items on the haven menu such as coffees listing a price, but haven members never being charged when dining in the haven - or free desserts from specialty restaurants? Can anyone confirm such bonus perks, particularly an included behind the scenes ship tour, or other things you weren't charged for that weren't obvious.
  6. On 1/17 Breakaway 10 day sailing. (Leaving on a Thursday) 10 days early on 1/7 - many in our cruise group received lower category upgrades from inside/ocean-view to balcony rooms. 6 days early on 1/11 - All or most of the haven /suite/spa upgrades happened for our group, with soon to follower other lower category upgrades again. Upgrades happened between 1pm-4pm in both cases. Bids going from pending to processing, with the rest expired. In my case after seeing processing, soon after the bid page went away entirely saying "Not Authorized to bid" But an hour later both credit card were charged and email came through confirming the bid. About 30 minutes later then my NCL Summary page showed my new room number and E-Docs and Luggage tags were also updated. Had been watching the previous 2 sailings of this ship, and the upgrades in those case happened 3 and 4 days out, we got the 6 day out upgrade - may be that our sailing was on a thursday and the others were sat/sun sailings that allowed for a bit earlier announcement for us who knows. Our upgrade was from BB Balcony -> H9 Haven Spa Balcony - bid in lower to mid poor range - very excited to experience first time in Haven 🙂 2nd time on norwegian, first time we had opportunity to bid. Ship is mostly full though not quite sold out.
  7. This ship isn't 100% full (though getting there) and the talk i've seen going back and forth of those that did get upgrades - and others that track upgrades out of a hobby apparently - is that indeed if upgrades are to happen all at once... it happens top down most expensive first, to least. However when there is more ship availability to play with, last minute cruise bookings are more likely to sell cheaper interior/ocean view rooms - so having some of those available before the suites etc are filled first can also be profitable for the cruiseline. But then to make things even more confusing, since the upgrades of inside/ocean view happened a few days ago - for several days on NCL and 3rd party sites - inside/ocean view rooms have not been available for purchase.... showing sold out - given they just upgraded a bunch of these people that seems odd - though what is also likely at play is the people who booked a sail-away rate - NCL upgraded inside rooms that paid a pick-your-room rate, to make room for all the sail-away-rate inside rooms they sold. Again much conjecture and anybody's guess, upgrades as you see described throughout this thread are complicated :)
  8. I too am on the 1/17 Breakaway sailing. TA participation varies, if you go to the Messages tab of your NCL account and don't see a link to the offer - indeed your TA must not participate. I never received an email to participate, but occasionally see a banner on my NCL account regarding the upgrade option, as well as a message in my NCL portal account. A large swath of upgrades have already happened for the 1/17 breakaway sailing, seemingly all inside/ocean view -> various balcony/mini-suites. Suite/Haven upgrades have not yet happened according to a group thread for this sailing.
  9. Did you do the cabana, I've heard it may come with $100 on board food & beverage credit for a 7 day, curious if you received that or more for a 10 day and found it beneficial?
  10. Related to inside haven vs not... On port days, on the Norwegian ships we've been on, the lunch dining options are very limited... generally only O'Sheehan's and The Buffet are open and maybe 1-2 ala carte's like Margaritaville. Noodle Bars/Main dining/Moderno Lunch buffet's are available on sea days, but if you have a port heavy itinerary - none of these options are available on port days. So finally my question is - inside the haven, is the haven restaurant - open for lunch everyday, or is it also limited and only open on sea days for lunch?
  11. If you don't mind, can you share the roatan snorkel excursion / location info?
  12. Been watching the 1/17 Breakaway Sailing... and regarding your observation of all inside cabins no longer available. At least 3x in the last 3 weeks, Intermittently inside, ocean view - have gone from many available to "Guaranteed Room" Only... then in 1-2 days, back to you being able to choose rooms.... after it goes back to allowing you to choose, the same or roughly the same quantity is available. Not sure why specific rooms selection seems to be blocked certain days, but watch for your cruise to show them available again - as others have pointed out upgrades often happen from haven/suites on down - though with a slow cruise week it is always possible if they have an excessive amount of higher category rooms they could do some lower tiers first as well.
  13. Can anyone who has sailed in the last 1-2 months confirm the current cost of VIBE passes? Sailed last year and it was $99pp, per week. I've seen some posts commenting this may have been raised to $129pp, per week - can anyone confirm? Then does anyone have the cost for 10/11 day sailings by comparison?
  14. As others have said the "Upgrade Banner" isn't there everyday... sometimes Dining plan banner will be there instead for example. Sometimes there are left right arrows that will allow you to get to the Upgrade Banner, sometimes those still won't show the upgrade banner. Many people never receive an email about the upgrade being available, but if bidding is available to you - you should always have a link to the upgrade bidding specific to your sailing, by logging into your NCL account, selecting your sailing... and then clicking on the "Messages" icon towards the top right of the page. There are 3 icons...a heart,letter,shopping cart... the letter icon is your "messages" specific to this sailing... offering you welcome instructions, embarkation advice, advertising specialty dining, and also your offer to bid on upgrades for this sailing if applicable. I never received an email, many days i don't see the upgrade banner, but this messages folder always has the link available for upgrades, if you have been offered them.
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