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  1. 100% AGREE WITH YOU! Always amazes me that people can have such an attitude, notwithstanding the fact that others are trying to help them!
  2. Sure you will hear from them.
  3. Try this one: latitudes-europe@NCL.com It worked for me and hope you are successful too!
  4. Why would you want to do that? Think of all the crew who bust their backs for the passengers each and every day of their lives!
  5. Most things go up annually, so not sure why it's such a big problem?
  6. So on your page!! This whole fiasco truly amazes me!
  7. I have just had a brain wave. If I were NCL, I would simply increase ALL cruise fares by $14.50 per person, per day, and this would alleviate the possibility of passengers squabbling over / reversing the payment of $14.50 per day.
  8. I truly battle to understand the logic of some!! People, we are talking about a daily service charge of $14.50 per person per day here and yet it is SUCH a huge problem. Living in South Africa and with our currency the way that it is, each $ that we spend costs us no less than ZAR14.00 currently. So for a cruise of 7 days, where you are devastated at having to pay an additional $101.50 per person, we would currently be paying around ZAR1421 per person! And do you know what? We pay it gladly, as this goes towards and is shared amongst the crew - those crew that you see and those that you don't see. Those you don't give a second thought to: those who spend hours producing the copious amounts of food that we get to eat, those in the galley, those in the bowels of the ship washing and pressing your linen, those cleaning up the ongoing mess left by some at meal times, those cleaning the public toilet facilities on the various decks, some which have been left in a disgusting state by some passengers, who clearly have no respect for themselves or anyone else. And some are wondering if they should only pay half of the DSC, if anything at all? Truly amazing!!!!
  9. The wine list is as I posted above your post, BirdTravels.
  10. I think you are referring to the Viva Vino wine package, where you can purchase 4, 6 or 8 bottles of a selected wine/s at a reduced amount. VivaVinoOrderForm (6).pdf
  11. Our favourite! 20 bottles please!!!
  12. Don't worry about the pool table, just have fun!!
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