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  1. Following along again! Having both you and Jeff and Patti on the same cruise should be lots of fun! At Logan in Boston, my crotch area set off the detector - no idea why, but I got the full pat-down. On my return flight, at Newark, it was my shoulder/neck area. Huh?
  2. Looking forward to another one of your reviews. My very first cruise was in 2018 on the Summit, and I have two more scheduled for next year. So I'm looking forward to your review of the ship.
  3. Not just Virgin that has a wonky IT department. After I booked a 2023 cruise for myself and my daughter, a few days later I got an e-mail from Celebrity, my e-mail address, my daughter's name, thanking me for booking this cruise, only it wasn't the cruise I had even booked - both the date and the ports were wrong! And for some reason, I continue to get promo e-mails from celebrity at my secondary e-mail address, only addressed to someone not with my name! That has been going on for more than 2 years now!
  4. That Kroger pizza actually doesn't look half bad! But I'm sure it's not on a par with Houston's! Enjoy another night of fine dining!
  5. Sid, glad you made it home safely. And it's still great that home means something that is truly yours (well, except for the little matter of a mortgage!).
  6. I gave up yesterday, but called the Blue Chip Club number this morning at 8:17 AM, got right through, no hold time whatsoever.
  7. Since no one else guessed, I'm thinking the answer is "your birthday suit". Great review, but I don't think Virgin is for everyone. Not for me for sure. There's just some aesthetic about the ship that doesn't appeal to me. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's there. Not to mention the fact it's only 5 nights long. I'm not traveling anywhere for less than 7. But for you, Sid, with your love of what I call exotic foods, totally up your alley.
  8. Thursday afternoon around 4, a two hour wait and was still waiting when I finally hung up to make dinner.
  9. Sid, I see you wore your famous (or is that infamous?) shirt onto the ship! Glad you made it on.
  10. Sid, yesterday was vintage Sid in Miami - great food, drink and building pictures! Let's hope everything works out and today, at noon, begins an epic Sid adventure (in only a good way!).
  11. Pretty sure Sid's let us know that everything Virgin is done through their app, can't use a regular computer.
  12. Glad you made it to Miami, but just no to the grasshoppers and ants! Yuck! (I know it's your kind of thing, so enjoy!)
  13. Sid, have a safe trip to Florida - can't wait for the pictures from your walkabout later!
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