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  1. They didn't remove an actual restaurant - they just changed the 3 dinners at specialty restaurants that you used to get as one of the perks to only 2 dinners.
  2. Pretty good close-up on periscope: https://www.pscp.tv/WSVN/1vOxwovYoEMxB
  3. Yes, when I call the number provided by my local casino on the certificate, I end up speaking with a CAS representative. But the latest I was told doesn't make much sense if what one poster says is true - that the FCC won't show up until 10 to 14 business days after the date of the cancelled cruise. Mine was supposed to sail March 22, 10 business days will take me past March 31st, so that means I won't have FCC to use to re-book by that date, except that the second rep I spoke with said I couldn't re-book until I actually had the FCC in my account. Looks like I need to call back again.
  4. According to the rep I spoke to yesterday, land based certificates for cancelled by NCL cruises may now be used through March 31st, 2020. The cruise must sail prior to December 31, 2021, and you may only book a cruise leaving from a same port with a same itinerary and a same number of maximum nights as on your original certificate. The ship itself doesn't matter.
  5. I just called to try and see about booking a new cruise. Originally had a land based casino offer cruise on March 22nd. Yesterday when I called to get details, it seemed like I could book, pay a deposit, then apply my FCC toward the balance owed once I received that (minus certain things I was told the FCC won't cover). Today I found the cruises I was interested in, called, and once I got through, was told I absolutely couldn't book any cruise to which I would then want to apply the FCC to until I actually received the credit. Not even if I put down a deposit. She even said this applies to anyone trying to book who has future CC coming.
  6. My question is, I had a land based casino offer comped cruise supposed to sail March 12th. If I took the FCC, could I then apply that to another comped cruise I have already booked sailing on June 12? All the payments associated with the June cruise have been paid, of course, but if I could use the FCC on an upgrade, that would be great. Otherwise, I think I'm just taking the cash, as I can never get back to the cabin type/perks that I would have had on the March cruise by just transferring the certificate and using the FCC for associated taxes and fees.
  7. I just, 5 minutes ago, booked Cagneys for my 3/22 on the Bliss! Go figure!
  8. Same here - no mailings from them, but I do get e-mails! And definitely not Platinum!
  9. Just checked the pricing on my June trip to Bermuda on the Gem, and prices have also gone way up since this morning. Looks like NCL might be thinking that if they raise prices before the cancellation policy goes into effect, people might think twice about cancelling, since the FCC won't cover any way near the cost of a cruise based on the new pricing.
  10. I forgot about the 10th being the first effective day of the new policy. Thanks for reminding me!
  11. Since I'm on the same 3/22 sailing, I have been doing the same, and as well as prices remaining constant, I haven't really seen a lot of new cabins opening up for booking. I, too, wonder what will happen today after the CDC announcement and all of the media coverage of the cruise ship dilemma.
  12. Thanks for the additional info. Now I know we can go be tourists for the day!
  13. Just figured someone here might know. If not, doesn't really matter as I'm still staying there and still getting into Newark a little after 9.
  14. Hi, hoping someone can help me. We are arriving at the Newark airport on Saturday, March 21st a little after 9 AM. Hoping to catch the free hotel shuttle from there, so will be arriving quite a while before check-in time. We would like to explore NYC for a while on Saturday. Does the hotel have secure luggage storage ability for pre-check-in people?
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