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  1. We also were on her during Thanksgiving. We heard that the sky sports bar was being turned into a "Hero's" bar for Military appreciation. Classy touch!
  2. We will be on this cruise as well! We have started doing Thanksgiving cruises since the kids have all grown and go to all different places for Thanksgiving. We LOVE the Miracle! It is all about the crew and the service! They are amazing! How old is your granddaughter? I wish we were bringing ours! Can't wait to start cruising with her!
  3. We went on the Glory in April and we thought it was fabulous! We had a great time with the crew, you can't beat them!
  4. I would totally do it! It is the size of a suite! We love the premium balcony's!
  5. My son that is in the Navy used to get into trouble at school for wearing a USA t-shirt (he wore USA flag shirts ALL the time) on Cinco De Mayo. He purposely would enhance GOD bless you when someone sneezed when he was in elementary school. He was a trouble maker but I am glad he is one of America's finest! I feel safe when he is at work (how sad is that!).
  6. Right?!?!?!?!?!?! My husband is the same! Truth be told, nowadays there are so few kids enlisting that I feel like when they say it, they mean it deep down inside. Like my kids, you have to have a deep love for your country to enlist now. SO few kids are doing it! 😞
  7. Having shared my husband and two sons, we are a huge military family. I always get emotional when the response is "it was an honor".
  8. Have always taken the 10 am flight out of Long Beach! Never had a problem. There is always that 1 time but I would still chance it!
  9. I have been on many ships, but fantasy class is still my favorite! Loved your review!
  10. It is $500 off and $50 obc. Yes the other person gets it as well!
  11. I use the idea of letting them think I got them a gift!
  12. I don't have anything to add, just wanted to say I love how organized your post is! Cudos to you for doing your research and asking questions! I am a research kind of person and love how much time you are investing in your trip! You will love cruising!
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