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  1. This is why I will not be cruising until Celebrity makes a detailed statement on exactly what level of infection would require termination and what financial remuneration I would receive due to termination.
  2. Unfortunately, the CDC also included the following: There are a few caveats, however. People who have compromised immune systems, for example, should talk to their doctors about continuing with mitigation measures. And even fully vaccinated people may still be asked to wear masks in certain places, such as in hospitals or other health care settings, as well as public transportation Thus, inside a cruise ship may still be included in this caveat.
  3. the balconies with cabins 7247 and 7288 are only about 50% larger than a standard balcony (have only the added triangular area) while the balconies with cabins 7241 and 7245 are about 150% larger than a standard balcony (add both a triangular area and a rectangular area)
  4. However, the CDC apparently also said: Fully vaccinated individuals are still advised to wear masks while in crowded indoor settings such as while on public transportation and in hospitals, prisons and homeless shelters.
  5. You could use one of your 6 meals at lunch in The Porch restaurant. They have a very nice cold seafood meal with: Jumbo Prawns, Chilled Lobster Tail, Scallops, Mussels & Seafood Salad
  6. Don't know anything about their pricing, but have you looked into the E-class single cabins? Perhaps they do not charge double and the net cabin space is about the same as that of a regular double cabin when you take into account the difference in the space taken up by a twin bed rather than a double bed.
  7. Flatbush is referring to Oceania. Also, while Celebrity now has their basic classic beverage package included in the base fare, the upgrade to the premium beverage package can be made by either one or both passengers.
  8. Yeah, any of the specialty coffees priced at $9 or less are included. Suggest you wait and see what the prices are when you sale and make your decision on board.
  9. Fare is Fair - there is no prejudice or favoritism - just market forces at work. 40 years ago I enjoyed flying in coach with knee-room greater than the current premium seating and meals that were as good or better than today's domestic first class (BTW, they currently only consist of snacks - supposedly due to COVID but also probably due to the desire to lower expenses.) Do I consider it unfair? No; it was a business decision that I have adjusted to - as I now fly as little as possible. Same with cruising - adjust to the market realities and enjoy what you find of val
  10. Actually, even though there is nothing to sign if you stay under the ceiling price, you still have to show them your card on Celebrity.
  11. The search engine that I use most frequently (on one of the online TA websites) has an advanced custom search mode that allows you to specify a search with up to four ships at the same time.
  12. Obviously, cruise lines have determined that drink packages yield more profit than discount cards! With Celebrity's package I do drink a little more alcohol - perhaps 4 per day instead of 2 - but I also take advantage of and drink more of non-alcohol - a 2nd latte in the morning, a coke with lunch, a couple of bottles of water for an afternoon shore excursion and an after-dinner cappuccino. So it does not necessarily take an overindulgence of alcohol to justify a package. Of course, justification of Celebrity's drink package, now that it is included in the base fare, i
  13. I takes little time to research the travel department of a member warehouse big box store. Took less than 30 minutes to determine when they are open (16 hours on M-F and 11.5 on S&S) whether or not they had any hidden fees (none) or extra charges for changes or cancellations (none.) Now I use them for all my bookings and get back about 8% of the base fare of my cruises. Yeah, I could probably have spent several hours to find another reliable TA that would give me 10% rather than 8%, but it would not have been worth the effort since we only book one cruise per year.
  14. I sent Celebrity back the following email reply: Celebrity We would be willing to contact our political representatives only if Celebrity would send us a detailed COVID response plan with specific plans on such things as exactly what type of requirements for boarding will be, what sailing conditions would be (e.g. masks or no masks requirements around the pool deck), what will happen to the cruise if a group of passengers comes down with COVID (e.g. would the cruise be terminated and if so would we receive a full reimbursement?), will ship sponsored shore excursions be th
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