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  1. Glad you and your parents had a great experience despite the diversion.
  2. Have never had the opportunity to use two FCCs, so do not know if or when there was a change in policy. However, for anyone considering purchasing a FCC as you did, I recommend instead simply booking a placeholder cruise. When new cruises are released, you can simply transfer your placeholder reservation to an actual cruise of interest without losing any on-board booking bonus OBC. Then if you happen to receive a FCC as compensation for a problem on a previous cruise you can apply that FCC to the new reservation without any FCC stacking.
  3. Doubt very much that Future Cruises would have any pre-release info. Just book a place-holder cruise to get the on-board-booking bonus OBC and then at home have the reservation transferred to your actual cruise of interest on the 26th.
  4. Similarly, if your group does go to the theater, only one person should go up on the stage - just need to take all of the group's tickets with you to get everyone stickers for the same bus.
  5. You can also get a burger, hotdog and/or fries at the Mast Grill or some light fare at the Spa Cafe - all included in your cruise fare.
  6. Couldn't you have gotten both the $150 on-board booking bonus OBC and your TA's 2 bottles and $200 OBC by first booking on board and second transferring the reservation to your TA?
  7. Having dinner at the Tuscan Grille on the Reflection last month we had a beautiful view of a pod of dolphins jumping in the wake as we left Cadiz.
  8. When and which ship? They were all $9 or less on the September 6th sailing of the Reflection. Was it possibly a UK cruise with gratuities included? Thanks in advance.
  9. Cannot pick a cruise purely for the best food since I cannot afford it!
  10. Celebrity's S-class and E-class ships DO have both mid-ship and forward elevators. And their M-class ships have forward, mid-ship and aft elevators.
  11. Note that even though you have space in your cabin, when the other cabins fill up it is possible that the lifeboat you are assigned to can also fill up - thereby restricting you from adding another person to your cabin. So add her as soon as you know that she will be going with you.
  12. Perhaps you could try expanding your horizons. Give karaoke a try - perhaps after a few drinks! Or maybe a trivia game or pool volleyball - anything new to keep you busy.
  13. When the dominos start falling you have to go with the flow. They gave you a valid reason (no fault of their own) why they were sitting there and yet you asked them to move anyway - seems like there was plenty of rudeness to go around and you were part of it.
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