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  1. With the current Elevate add on, with a 7-night Caribbean cruise you can get the upgrade to Premium and $150 pp OBC for $30 pp per night with out any additional gratuities - thus the effective upgrade to Premium is only $8.57 pp per night without any gratuities.
  2. I do all my own research and do not need a TA to do wonders for me - I merely want a significant monitory benefit from them - along with the same price and perks available if booking directly with the cruise line The TA division of my member-warehouse store - just a phone call away - provides about 8% of the cost of my cruise back in the form of a gift card for use in their store - equivalent to cash for me since I would be shopping there anyway (you have such a store in Charlotte.) And they have no additional fees for changes or cancellations and are available 7 days per week. I
  3. If you arrive when Blu opens - was 5:30 when we last booked AQ - it is still light out. And later on you get to see the sunset if it happens to be setting on the port side of the ship.
  4. The effective benefits of their card are 2% on RCIG purchases but only 1% on purchases from all other entities. There are many better choices available - for example: cards that give 1.5% to 2% on all purchases.
  5. Celebrity's new pricing strategy - Always Included - includes the Classic Beverage Package, Gratuities and basic WiFi/internet. Thus Celebrity fares are significantly higher that those lines that do not have a similarly bundled product.
  6. Since it has not yet been revolutionized it still has the Solstice Deck open to all on Deck 16 forward - rather than the Retreat on Equinox for suite guests. There are about 7% more passengers, but no increase in crew or public spaces. So slightly more crowded but not a major problem They added additional cabins on deck 12 by moving the pools from deck 12 up to deck 14 and creating a new jogging track and Mast Grill on deck 15 instead of deck 14 - thereby keeping the public space the same. Other than above, the Reflection is very similar to the Silhouette - with the tw
  7. You will be eligible for all the Elite level benefits - while no free photo, they do include a 40% discount on photo packages.
  8. My big-box warehouse store travel division gives me about 8% off of every cruise I book - and I still receive all of the perks the cruise line is offering. Their large sales volume allows them to take that 8% out of their commissions and it is that 8% savings that creates member interest in using them and maintaining their large sales volume. I could probably shop around for other TAs that might share an additional 2 or 3 percent, but to me it is not worth the time and effort since we only take one cruise per year (at least we used to!) I should also note that their 8% is in the form of a g
  9. My big box warehouse store travel division is still in business.
  10. Flying has not been an enjoyable experience for many years; but if you can put up with it, your best choice would be to fly into Anchorage, do a land tour up to Denali. And then a rail trip from Anchorage to either Seward or Whittier - depending on your choice of cruise line - for your departure on a 7-night Southbound cruise to Vancouver BC. I personally recommend you find a cruise that takes you to see both Hubbard Glacier and Glacier Bay National Park in the warmer months of June or July. Unfortunately Celebrity does not go to Glacier Bay but does take you to Hubbard Glacier.
  11. WHO will have nothing to do with it. Individual countries (and perhaps the EU in its entirety, but I doubt it) will decide when they wish to open their ports to cruise ships. Whether or not their policy decisions will be solely "science-based" or also economics-based remains to be seen. But I am certain that their decisions will not be based on some global definition of total eradication.
  12. Den We feel your pain! The only decent 14 night cruise "somewhat near Europe" in 2022 is the June 11th cruise to Iceland and around the British Isles Perhaps you can consider an Asian 14 night cruise in the future. Larry
  13. Starboard cabins 3112 through 3144 also have the large round window.
  14. Except now there is a mandatory vaccine requirement; the following is from the American Queen Steamboat Company's website: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS American Queen Steamboat Company and Victory Cruise Lines Announce Vaccination Requirement for all Guests and Crew Members Why have you issued mandatory vaccines for guests and overnighting employees? The health and safety of our guests, crew members and partners is our priority. While we are confident in the measures we have taken for itineraries operating from April through June, the implementatio
  15. It is included in the Classic Beverage Package and thus now in the Always Included fares. In the past, if you did not have a beverage package you could purchase the Affogato for around $5 or $6 plus the gratuity.
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