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  1. Call me wasteful, or environmentally unfriendly, but I hate this idea. Much rather stick with water bottles.
  2. I’ve purchased the thermal suite pass multiple times through the cruise planner for multiple ships. The reservation time you choose means NOTHING, you can go whenever and however often you want!! It’s just a means of being able to signup for it on Royal’s end.
  3. I went ahead and booked at $61... hoping it may drop in the next 3 weeks before my cruise!
  4. I know you can place an order and cancel, just curious though what the best realistic prices are for the package now? My cruise planner is currently at $61 for a 7day on Allure.
  5. Drink costs sure do add up quick! With just 4 bottles of water, 4 mixed drinks and a smoothie, it’s at like $68.00 per day without the package!
  6. thanks, interesting I don’t ever remember paying extra for protein powder on harmony or symphony or oasis!
  7. Trying to figure out the cost/benefit of purchasing the drink package vs not for us. We essentially drink 3 things: 1) Bottle Water 2) Captain and Ginger/or Coke 3) Smoothies from Vitality Cafe Does anyone know much each one of these items would be per drink after gratuity without the package?
  8. Any idea on if/how I can hire one of the on-board photographers for an hour or two to capture a special moment?
  9. Thanks for everyone's help, I ended up booking on deck 9 for next month!
  10. Thank you! Planning a last minute cruise next month and that's all that's available!
  11. For those that have been on Allure, do you think it would be better to get a Boardwalk Balcony cabin on deck 9 or deck 11 (or does it not matter)? Also, does it matter which side of the ship is better? Thanks!
  12. Not accurate. You can reserve via the app, but only once as someone else previously mentioned.
  13. Just off a Symphony, I remember them advertising movies but I believe they were in the theater, not the aqua theater. We didn’t attend though.
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