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  1. How long does it take after getting back from a cruise to receive a link with your photos from an unlimited digital package? We got back on 2/9 and haven’t received anything yet.
  2. We had no issues getting on Allure at 10:30 this morning.
  3. Which group is the Amish group!? They’re everywhere!
  4. On Allure now and hey have tux rentals.
  5. Proposing on Allure in 2 days! Haven't really planned much, was just going to do it during dinner at a specialty restaurant on formal night or something like that. Any other suggestions for better places on Allure? Was hoping I may be able to slide a photographer some $$$ to capture the moment for me! I already bought the photo package.
  6. The 15 minute window is only for booking purposes on RCL’s system. You can go at whatever time you want!
  7. I'm sure this has probably been answered, but I'm terrible with the search function here, so please forgive me. How is the BOGO pricing calculated when it comes to the Deluxe Beverage Package. Right now my cruise planner shows a price of $61.00 with the banner saying "Buy One, Get One 50% Off". It also says "Price Shown Reflects Your Discount". So, does this mean the "BOGO" has already been calculated and the price if $61.00 per person still. Or would the price be $61.00 for the first person and $30.50 for the second?
  8. Yes, I was checking daily and saw that it became available, so called up and switched, paying the difference in price. And yes, they wanted, and I paid a crazy price... which is how they’re able to ask crazy prices... because of people like me, lol, sorry!
  9. Well, I ended up upgrading. I rather not say how much I spent because I don’t feel like being bashed for how much I spent. But I’m content with my decision. Let’s just say it was north of any recommendations made here. Lol
  10. Thanks for the feedback. This actually wasn’t for a Royal Up offer. The cruise had been sold out and I noticed a JS opened up, was debating upgrading!
  11. $2000 originally for the Boardwalk Balcony with gratuities prepaid.... 7 nights
  12. Out of curiosity, what would you (honestly) pay to upgrade to a Junior Suite on Allure from a Boardwalk Balcony cabin?
  13. Call me wasteful, or environmentally unfriendly, but I hate this idea. Much rather stick with water bottles.
  14. I’ve purchased the thermal suite pass multiple times through the cruise planner for multiple ships. The reservation time you choose means NOTHING, you can go whenever and however often you want!! It’s just a means of being able to signup for it on Royal’s end.
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