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  1. Our first cruise on the Eclipse was a "cruise to nowhere" out of Miami, 4 nights out and back, just after she debuted.
  2. That's right, our positivity rate for the last 60 days is around 6%. We had a high count yesterday of 5000 positives, but that was from 98,000 tests or a positivity rate of 5.6%. The day before it was 2100 or so. With 22 Million in the state Florida seems to be holding it's own during this surge...hopefully that will continue.....🤞
  3. The Celebrity Planner that I deal with states that "most likely" the ships to be brought back on line first will be the Edge and the Apex. He did not have a timeline for it, but was "hopeful" that it might happen in January. This was his best guess based on what he has heard from corporate. We are booked on a TA on Reflection in April and feel very doubtful it will sail, although I would imagine Reflection will be the next in line to sail since it is the newest after the Edge & Apex. This video is all "what ifs" and "possibles" all guess work, will wait to see what really happens rather than concentrate on guesses.
  4. TA's almost always have a large gathering but other than acknowledging the person(s) who kept track of the roll call and organized other activities the gathering is just okay. It can be a good place to remind people about times & dates for organized slot pulls, cabin crawls, pub crawls...etc.... We participated in a cabin crawl once, showed our room....never again.....having 20+ people march through your cabin is not appealing at all and even more so now...as others have said I suspect this activity will not be allowed now.
  5. This is true. The other 2 have not.
  6. I agree...we've sailed on X, Princess and HAL and X wins in nearly every category...Princess does have some good entertainment options. But in all other areas X wins for us. We were VERY disappointed in our last Princess cruise. Cabin not properly cleaned, food subpar especially when compared with the same cruise, same ship a year later. Don't think we've given HAL a fair chance as our one cruise was on the old Noordam, which underwent renovation a year later. It was tired and the crew seemed the same.
  7. True but I bet any plans for Revolution on any X ship are on hold indefinitely. We have been on Reflection and lucky enough to be in a suite and really never noticed Luminae to be busier than other S class, Blu however does seem busier from everything I have read. L8ke so many others I would happily sail any X ship right now.
  8. Celebrity wins, but we like Royal too. We're booked in a Crown Loft Suite for a TA next year, which would have cost double the amount on X for the same or even less accommodations. No, there is no butler, but we've rarely asked much of one. It will be our 1st time dining at Coastal Kitchen, we don't expect it to come close to Luminae, but we're sure we'll find food to eat and that the service will be fine. The 3 1/2 hour cocktail hour will be enough for us, even though we've loved Michael's (now the Retreat). We are just as excited about this sailing as we are the one we have a CS booked on the Reflection this coming April...(and we actually think the Royal ship may sail next October, not so sure about the Reflection April sailing) Both do a good job, they're just different and as several have said Royal wins hands down in the entertainment area.
  9. Ok, I stand corrected on that point, but still see no reason for the other posters reference to RCL/X as the "sacred cow" of the industry....
  10. Apparently you are unaware they have already submitted their guidelines to the CDC. As noted above RCL has half ownership in the Mein Schiff ships, so I guess they do have some input in what has been done to make those cruises for 2 months now safe. Which is MORE than can be said for some of the other major lines but I certainly don't fault them for it. I'm certain they are ALL watching those cruises with great interest as they prepare their own companies to sail again under whatever guidelines the CDC deems necessary. Your referencing Royal/X as the sacred cow certainly made no sense to me, as I said why single that line out when Carnival, NCL, Crystal, Viking, etc etc... are all in the same situation? And, yes, I did defend them, so what? I happen to like the cruiseline.
  11. Those are the 2 Happy Cruisers was talking about, and the only lines with ships of any substantial size that are sailing anywhere.
  12. Oh for goodness sake.... what about Carnival, Norwegian, Cunard, Crystal, Viking...etc etc.......
  13. I believe Happy Cruiser was referring to the Mein Schiff and MSC sailings that have had NO issues on ships since they began sailing over the last two months. MSC had some false positives last week that were followed up by 2 sets of negative tests. I, for one, am very happy that these 2 lines are sailing healthy, they help set the tone for what needs to be done by other lines to get them sailing again.
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