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  1. The important thing is that they WILL get off the ship and end at least this part of the nightmare.
  2. It's not the "Florida Coast Guard" there is no such thing, it is US Coast Guard.
  3. I agree, also a Floridian. These people have to get off these two ships. Arrangements have to be made to let them dock.
  4. Yes it has had Luminae & Michael's since 2015 just like all the X ships.
  5. Thanks to everyone who has posted links & pictures. Grateful that both ships are through the canal. I hope they have no further issues and that they are able to dock in FLL without issue.
  6. Yes, that's the only important thing at this time. The Zaandam, Rotterdam coming into Florida and also an Azamara ship heading this way. Not to mention the Celebrity Eclipse also heading to San Diego. All having been refused by many ports. Just need to get all these people home safely.
  7. Amen to that, truly all that is important right now.
  8. I'm going to ask the rep at Celebrity I speak with when making reservations. Will let everyone know what he says.
  9. No idea about who will do the work. All I know is Royal has ACTUALLY announced that two of their ships will NOT be renovated...just waiting to see if the same holds true for Celebrity.
  10. All I know is the last time we were on Connie, it needed to be refurbished and I like VERY much what I've seen of the Summit redo. I DO agree with you on the "S" class ships...not needed at all.
  11. I don't know, I suspect they will postpone at the very least, but it may be that they have already paid for the ones coming up in May. Just would like Celebrity to let us know as Royal has let people know about the ones they had planned.
  12. Royal has postponed (cancelled) the refurb of Allure and Explorer. Wondering if Celebrity will move forward with the "Revolution" for Constellation in May. Does anyone know?
  13. Well it certainly is any other time. It's about money not anything else.
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