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  1. I am glad that our next CS will be on the Reflection BEFORE it is "revolutioned" hopefully they will replace that balcony veranda in the ones already done.
  2. All I know is I had a pretty nasty bout of food poisoning. Spent an entire night throwing up about every 10 minutes.....not a good way to spend a day on a ship. Hopefully Regal has cleaned up it's act at this point because 77 is a really lousy score for one of these inspections.
  3. It's VERY concerning to me. I was on Regal a couple of months and became very ill. NOT noro virus but some kind of food poisoning....it was very telling when the first thing asked when we called sick bay for help was "What dining room did you eat in last night." We've been fairly convinced that the Sea Bass cooked by the Maitre'D that night was the culprit as I was the only one who ate it and the only one who got sick...... PLEASE don't get me wrong we enjoyed our cruise but this inspection just makes me believe we were right....
  4. That veranda furniture looks horribly uncomfortable...… we enjoy spending time on our balcony in the CS. I sure hope they've kept the lounge rattan lounge and cushion. Also can't imagine how quickly that white fabric on the sofa will look gray.....just saying
  5. We never asked for Blu menu but have read the same here. We have asked and received the MDR menu. From what I've read the Blu menu seems to be available on the "M" class ships since all share the same kitchen, not so sure about the "S" class.
  6. One of the people in our group frequently asked for different options and they accommodated him in nearly every case. If you want something special ask the night before and if it's on the ship they will prepare it for you. That has been our experience in Luminae on Eclipse, Silhouette, Reflection and Equinox.
  7. Strange.... We were on Eclipse last year for 2 weeks and while none of us ever asked for the Blu menu one of the 4 of us ordered off the MDR menu nearly every day as did many other tables around us.
  8. Sorry but I disagree, we are not big fans of specialty dining....no consistency of service, no wait staff that knows you and food is hit or miss in Tuscan, the Lawn Club lost it's novelty for us after 2 visits and Murano just not our cup of tea! We look forward to our 1st Aqua room in several years and the attraction is definitely Blu for us.
  9. But when you can dine off the Blu or MDR menu while in Luminae on S & M class why go anywhere else?
  10. Oh the prices do indeed drop, have seen it happen on nearly every cruise we've taken.
  11. I suspect you will have a very long wait.....
  12. Not interested in Edge class either, but will be trying the "revolutionized" Connie this fall...hopeful that we will enjoy the new look.
  13. Ocean LIners, Normandie, The Olympia and The United States …..all the wonderful ORIGINAL specialty restaurants on the M class ships... Murano is an "S" knock off of them....
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