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  1. We've been in Royal Suites on both decks and had no noise issues on either one. On 11 you could occasionally hear chairs scraping above but not so much that it was bothersome.
  2. Absolutely have booked the same ship! Your itinerary is different so it will be a very different cruise and as many have mentioned the production are pretty much the same no matter what ship you are on. We'll be boarding the Regal in 3 weeks which is our 3rd time on her and we are very much looking forward to it and hoping that some of the staff we met last fall will still be around this year!
  3. Thanks, I had read this, and didn't think Princess actually brought clergy on board but, like this year on Celebrity, the priest was already on board and Celebrity allowed him to celebrate Easter Mass in the theater. Don't know if Princess will do the same, sounds like they will work with the Jewish holiday so imagine they would do the same with other religions.
  4. Hi- We will be on the Sky Princes on it's TA next April and Easter falls in the middle of it. Does Princess do anything in the way of a mass or service for this holiday. This year we were on the Celebrity Silhouette and they had a priest on board who said mass on Easter Sunday followed by a non-denominational service for other religions. Just wondering if Princess will do the same. Thanks
  5. This was not my quote, you pulled it out of the quote I had in my thread from "composer" I agree with you I don't need "fun" for breakfast either we love the excellent service, and quiet atmosphere that Sabatini's provides for breakfast.
  6. I also respectfully disagree. Our Regal cruise last year in a full suite was wonderful and one of the best perks was breakfast in Sabatini's. The wait service was outstanding, they knew our names after the first day and were very attentive. It is one of the things we as so looking forward to when we board her again in just 3 1/2 weeks!!!
  7. Yes I have heard of it!!! 😁 Still standing after all these years AND hurricanes!!!
  8. You are making me so excited for our TA/Baltic trip next April!! Wonderful pictures!
  9. The suites on the Regal had the new beds installed at least a year ago. We were on the Regal in November 2018 and the new beds were there.
  10. We paid about $40.00 when we went on the Silhouette and we had a great time! I didn't expect to enjoy it so much, we had the other menu with lobster & filet but would have gone back for the 2nd menu that the OP describes. Service was great and the concept was fun.
  11. It's the Sky TA & Baltic leaves Ft. Lauderdale April 11...25 nights!! Can't wait!!!
  12. I like the idea of "celebrating the end of hurricane season" Actually this cruise leaves on Halloween so I am sure the first night will be great fun. We did this same cruise last year on the Regal and sailing out of Brooklyn with the Statue of Liberty and NY skyline directly in front of us was just wonderful. The weather was perfect that day, hoping for a repeat this year!!!
  13. This is what we have done in the past also. As far as carrying cash my DH uses a "hidden pocket" when we are out so we have no worries about pick pockets. Here's a link to the one we have: https://www.amazon.com/Eagle-Creek-Travel-Undercover-Hidden/dp/B0054IH9IE/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=hidden+pocket&qid=1569460987&s=gateway&sr=8-1
  14. We have at least a half dozen of the nicer tote bags so don't care if they are still giving them out. Would be better if they just gave a tote bag to new Celebrity sailors and them something else to those of us who have cruised repeatedly. I mean how many do you really need?
  15. Oh my!! So glad to see all these pictures of what I believe will always be our favorite Transatlantic cruise!!!! It truly had such a wonderful itinerary!! We loved sharing some of the tours with you and really hope that we will find you both on a cruise with us in the future!!! We really like the Regal too, it's a great ship and Vines is a great "pre-dinner" cocktail spot! We will be on her in just 36 days!!
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