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  1. Depends on the suite category. Sky suites 1 & 2 and Celebrity Suites are generally in the same price category as a full suite on Princess. S1 & S2's ARE much smaller but the Celebrity Suite is very similar in size to a full suite on Princess (well on the Royal class anyway) Sometimes true, but often the best deals happen if you can book AFTER final pay date. On the Celebrity cruise we are leaving on this Sunday suite prices dropped like a rock about 40 days out from sail date, far below the initial prices offered.
  2. Suite perks are MUCH better on Celebrity, including Michael's Club, where you can have any alcoholic beverage you want for free all day and evening. There is a suite only restaurant, Luminae, that is wonderful, better than the specialty restaurants. Among other perks, but you probably already know that. ON Princess, there is the Concierge Lounge which is very nice, but no alcohol at all, there is also Sabatini's for breakfast ….. which is EXCELLENT. We have sailed in suite on both lines, and while Celebrity certainly has a better suite perk package we loved our suite on Princess and have 2 more booked
  3. May be right on many things but I've been told that the library is NOT staying on any of the ships. Edge does not have one and it's been removed from both Millie & Summit already....Equinox will be the 1st "S" class to have it removed.
  4. Thanks for your help, will still contact the shoreside concierge as while she has been very nice in our phone conversations she has yet to verify anything through email. Like you we'd love to get our luggage early!!!
  5. No she didn't but I'll be calling her Monday about it. Whatever terminal Silhouette is using.
  6. How did that work out for you? We are sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale next weekend and wondering where this "Special Delivery" area is at the pier. We will be dropped off by taxi so want to make sure he drops us at the correct location.
  7. All good, just wasn't sure what was going on....anyway would love a PBP if it only cost $79.95 for the whole cruise!!!! 😀
  8. So why did you change the wording of my post?
  9. Well thank you..I didn't go back and look, just assumed I had erred.... I wonder why he changed it? Weird.
  10. Oh...must have been overly tired last night, I meant Unlimited INTERNET package for $79.99, not a drink package, we did NOT have one of those, sorry for the error. We found the staff on the Regal to be AT LEAST as good as any staff on any Celebrity ship. The only real complaint is that, as so many have said, the balconies are ridiculously narrow. But that is not a deal breaker for us at all.
  11. We've sailed almost exclusively Celebrity for over 15 years and loved it. But we tried the Regal last fall on a 10 day cruise and had a great time! Vines is one of the best lounges on any ship we've ever been on. We thought the MDR food was very good and especially appreciated the service in Club Class Dining. We also had a $79.99 unlimited internet package which was great, Celebrity would have charged more than double for that (we're "Elite Plus" on Celebrity so we get a lot of free minutes, but that's beside the point when making a comparison). We still love Celebrity, our next cruise with them is 12 days away, but the next two after that are with Princess. They are far more alike than different.
  12. As you said "different strokes" when we were on our Alaska cruise at Glacier Bay we both were all over the open decks and loving every minute of it....didn't matter if we were together or not.....but to each his own. I lock my cell phone in the safe when I get on the ship and take it out at the end of the cruise..... for me it's wonderful NOT be connected....
  13. I recognize that some may want/need this, but I'm very happy to be disconnected at sea....the ships aren't that big, wandering around them is fun and after 25 + cruises have never lost my husband!!!
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