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  1. It helps a lot!! We don't care much about shows either. Sounds great and am sure we will be quite happy with the Coral. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  2. HI, thanks for your comments. Were you in a Club Class mini suite? What kind of condition did you find the ship in? Some have mentioned that it was really showing it's age. From others comments it sounds like service is great on the ship, did you find that to be true? Anything else you might want to add is welcome!!!
  3. Anyone else have any stories/info about the Coral Princess?
  4. Very sorry to hear of her passing. I always read her posts with interest, she was so helpful to so many on these boards.
  5. Thank you!! I will definitely be watching for your posts! We have booked with Patrick Watts for Volunteer Point, so that's taken care of for us.
  6. When I look at the picture of the aft rooms it shows the same number of staterooms on each floor so why would the aft suites on Dolphin be any different on the inside as any other one on the Royal/Regal?
  7. Trying to find the form to fill out to transfer my reservation to a TA...can anyone help, I can't seem to track it down. Thanks
  8. I hope you will post a review after your Antarctica trip, we are interested in hearing everything about it!
  9. Indeed we have our excursion booked to Volunteer Point. 😃 Thanks for the suggestion to watch for someone posting "live" I hope someone does that as I really want to hear how this year's trips work out. I'm sure we will like the Coral too!!
  10. Thanks for your thoughts. I had also read that the Medallions were supposed to be implemented on the Coral in October 2020, which cuts it a bit close in case there are snags in other installs, but we'll hope for the best. It's not a deal breaker for us if it doesn't happen. I think we will enjoy a smaller ship for this itinerary.
  11. Thank you for all the info on the Sky, we will be on her in April for a Baltic cruise, can't wait!
  12. as long as there are a couple news channels we'll be fine. The Coral sounds great to us. I love the idea of the promenade, we so infrequently go to the buffet area that it doesn't matter if its smaller with less choices. Anyone else have thoughts about the Coral they can share? All info, good & bad is appreciated.
  13. Thank you both for your comments. I think we will be fine on the Coral!!
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