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  1. That would be part of it, but not the only thing.
  2. Happy that it doesn't matter to you, obviously it does to others......and, oh, I'm at 30+ cruises, not that THAT matters at all...….
  3. Maybe you should read the posts....this thread is about a lot more than footstools.
  4. Well, yes, the concierge lounge on Deck 14. Nice quiet area, but they do not offer complimentary cocktails as X does in Michael's or the "Retreat" We liked the concierge lounge but it was very quiet....
  5. This may all be true BUT the suite prices have sky rocketed.....2 and 3 times and even more in many cases.....so while that may be their emphasis people who frequently book suites like us ARE looking elsewhere. We cruised on Regal Princess last year in a full suite at half the price the same type of room would have cost on X. No, there wasn't a "suite lounge" and no Luminae but they did have Club Class Dining and enough OBC to cover the free drinks we would have gotten on X. We loved it...we've booked 3 more cruises on Regal and her sister ship the Sky. We still have 2 booked with X but only really committed to one of them....looking at other lines for the other... We have been loyal to X for over 20 years but not enough to blindly spend our dollars for a diminished product...…..
  6. SO does LLP report to anyone other than the stockholders? Is Michael Bayley her boss? Looking for names for a letter I'm writing.....I realize it may well never be read, fall on deaf ears or whatever but it will make me feel better if I let the powers that be know why I'm looking and booking elsewhere.....
  7. Best way to make Celebrity understand is to hit their bottom line....if it's a line you like, then make the switch!!
  8. While a missing foot stool seems like nothing to some people it certainly would irritate me too....but it's not only that ...it's missing foot stools, it's tables the size of a small pizza, or worse yet, no table at all (think Edge Sky Suites). And now there are no slippers, no water in Aqua rooms, it's no privacy with the "balcony" windows and door open on Edge...and on and on and on... So, we the customer, now are bringing things like sheets & curtains to be hung in front of windows on the Edge to provide privacy, blow up foot stools for the balconies, I suppose blow up tables for both the balconies AND for those now nonexistent ones in the Edge Sky Suites..... This from a cruiseline that likes to refer to itself as "luxury"...… luxury does not mean filling your suitcase with items that should already be in your rooms....next thing you knew they will forget to order the mattresses and we'll all be dragging along those blow up mattresses too and I bet they wouldn't even provide a pump to blow it up...…. Something is wrong with this picture, ESPECIALLY, when you add the VERY hefty prices X is trying to get from it's customers.....I looked at booking an Aqua room in January 2020 to meet up with friends and the nearly $5,000 price tag for a 7 night cruise is insane....instead we are meeting them for dinner the night before they sail.... I have2- X cruises booked, I also have 3 Princess cruises booked, those three are definitely going to happen....if X's prices don't come down to something closer to realistic they may not.
  9. We make it easy on ourselves, we have MedJet and an annual medical travel policy through Geo Blue and our credit card covers the trip cancellation stuff. The Geo Blue costs a little more than individual trips but if you do more than 1 trip a year the annual policy is less. AND Geo Blue covers pre existing conditions....so it works for us....
  10. Our cost only went up $80 per person....well worth it for a 10 Day sailing
  11. Thanks for the link!! I know it will be helpful!! Hope the rest of your cruise is wonderful, that sounds like one we would like to do someday!! Jeanne
  12. For those booked in a Celebrity, Royal or Penthouse suite on Equinox the shoreside concierge will contact you a few weeks ahead of the cruise to find out if there is anything you may want in your suite, help you with reservations, set up your beverages if you are in a Royal or Penthouse suite, among other things. You are not contacted if you are in a Sky Suite.
  13. Hi Joe & Pat! Hope your Baltic trip has been good despite this issue. Hope to sail with you again sometime. We are doing the Baltic next year on the Silhouette!! Hope you will be doing a review of this cruise, I'm sure it will be helpful in our planning for next year. Jeanne
  14. They were reclassified because the location proved to be very noisy under the disco and there were apparently many complaints form the first sailings.
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