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  1. Is there a curtain between the living room and the bedroom in an owner's suite on Anthem?
  2. Teachers, here in Florida anyway, teach to the "tests" and you are correct so much is missed in education that way. Much has been said about Florida's governor here but one thing he has done that is a very good thing is require that every student take and pass a Civics class before graduating high school. It is amazing to me the number of people who don't know how a president is elected, how a law is passed, what the 3 branches of government are...etc etc. This and yes, the inability to critically think about any subject makes it impossible to properly analyze any topic. I do a
  3. I also would recommend the Albergo del Senato.....waking up looking at the Pantheon from our window was so amazing....
  4. Oh it undoubtedly had an impact on that event.... as it does in any true "breaking news" event...problem is the other 364 days of constant blah blah blah news coverage of anything and everything....mostly full of opinion and not straight news. That's not journalism. I studied Journalism at college...gave it up when I realized I just couldn't write a straight news story......lo and behold it didn't matter because pretty much no "journalists" today can either....
  5. Boy is this ever true...although "advances" might not be the word I use....something more along the lines of "invasion" works for me. The 24 hour news cycle begun by CNN has NOT been a good thing for the nation or the world IMHO.
  6. Fine with that...have one on at the moment, have been fully vaccinated since January...happy to wear one on a ship if that's what is mandated..... that would only make the 100% vaccinated ship EVEN safer......
  7. If everyone on a ship is vaccinated........why is there need for anything else....it should be the safest place on earth....
  8. I understand what you are saying but I really am not concerned at this point. I believe the cruiselines will accept the cards and/or vaccination records provided by the state. And if they need more I also believe the Florida will make sure it's 1'000's of citizens that love to cruise have whatever they need to do so. I just read a story that the passport idea in the UK is getting quite a bit of backlash from citizens and with Fauci also saying no mandate for passports, I don't see most states issuing them either. Whether they come out as firmly as Desantis, who knows?
  9. True, but doesn't the card that I have showing my 2 Phizer vaccinations work for the cruiselines? It was issued by the Florida Department of Health with dates and type of vaccine issued. It's also very easy to get a record of all your vaccinations from the Health Department, at least it is in Florida. Fauci also just stated that the Federal government won't mandate vaccine passports.
  10. Florida is not "forbidding a vaccine requirement" the Governor has stated there will be no "vaccine passport" required in the state.
  11. The best thing about this is that NCL also said all crew and passengers must be vaccinated.
  12. I'm glad and hope all the lines do the same.
  13. I personally think it's great and will help get cruising back sooner.....do you think the other major lines will do the same? Norwegian Cruise to mandate COVID-19 vaccination for guests and crew (yahoo.com)
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