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  1. In fairness to HAL, we were on the Noordam shortly before they were supposed to do a major refurbishment and the ship was tired. We've never eaten the buffet for dinner, glad you've had a better experience.
  2. Our one time on HAL, the Noordam, the buffet was just plain lousy. The pre packaged sandwiches had very little choice and did not seem fresh at all. There were so few choices through out the buffet area, after the first 2 days we would either get a salad that they made for you or went to the burger place at the other end of the buffet area outside. We don't like buffets in general and have managed to avoid them completely the last 4 cruises so no problem with us if they eliminate them. I know others feel differently and expect they will find a way to make them work.
  3. I think the type of cabin one chooses under these and other guidelines will become very important at least in the near future. We general spend a lot of time in our stateroom and under these guidelines it would be even more so picking a stateroom that we have room to move around in would be important...which means suites and I suspect their already high cost will increase substantially.....
  4. At Grand Cayman on our 2nd cruise onboard the brand new Summit in 2001we were on our balcony enjoying the sailaway when we noticed a small motor boat heading towards the ship at full throttle.....closer and closer it came until it slid up next to us directly below our balcony and 2 people got up from the boat and were forced to jump from the boat to the ship with 2 X employees helping them make the jump...…...thankfully they appeared to be young & healthy so made the jump easily....I can't imagine having to do that.... but I bet the owner of the motor boat wound up with a good pay day that day.
  5. Maybe because it's so far out there is no option for adding it to the cart with the water package, there is for the other beverage packages....will keep checking.
  6. I looked and the cruise planner mentions the Dasani but has no pricing for it.... not much of a fan of that either so may just "bring my own"
  7. Does Royal offer a water package? Princess has a good one, I know Celebrity does not. Planning a trip out of Barcelona so would be nice to have it on board waiting rather than having to bring along. Thanks
  8. Thank you so much for this review. We are considering a 14 day TA on the Harmony in 2021 and this really gives us a great deal of info about the ship. The Coastal Kitchen looks amazingly similar to Luminae on Celebrity, which is wonderful. Hope Coastal is too.
  9. Does anyone know if the 1 bedroom aqua theatre suites on Harmony & Symphony are really as different as the videos I've seen on U-Tube? Harmony has no dining table in side at all, Symphony does with what looks like a very roomy living room area. Just wondering if the suites really are that different or if the videos were mis labeled or something. Thanks
  10. Are there a limited number of Unlimited Dining packages available for each sailing?
  11. I have been trying to book a room for October 2021 on Harmony and there doesn't appear to be any option for a refundable deposit....is that the new way with Royal? or is there a step I'm missing on the Royal website for booking refundable deposits?
  12. But will they move forward with more Edge class ships? As I recall there were plans for 5, I imagine #3 has probably already begun to be built...but will they follow through with 2 more after that? I doubt it unless EVERYTHING cruising gets a lot better in the next couple of years.
  13. Exactly....it's not just those older Carnival ships, all the lines under the Carnival umbrella are involved (well not Seabourn) and I fully expect Royal to do the same with their ships as you mentioned in the post prior to this one. There is just not going to be enough people to fill ships AND that combined with having to pare the number of people on board lends itself to the larger newer ships winning the day, since they can still make money with many staterooms empty, something the smaller ships would find more difficult. Too bad for us as we are not fans of the mega ships...but if they are what's left after this is all over we will find a way to like them because not cruising at all is just not something we want to face at this time.
  14. I think you're right about not removing all the M Class....the obvious choices are Constellation and Infinity since they haven't been really renovated since they first sailed (the "Solstization" back in 2014 really was pretty minimal as far as renovations to existing state rooms is concerned....if at all...)
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