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  1. Thanks for the logical responses. I hear people all of the time talking about traveling between competing cruise lines. I certainly have no issue with strong and affordable competition. My issue is that I have never found a more affordable and "friendly" Cruse line other than Carnival. Over the years I have compared many Lines and my family has actually been tempted to try others. In the end we were always able to basically Cruise Carnival "twice" as compared to "once" on the others. Since being on the same Oceans, Bays and Gulfs is no different, I will continue to Cruise the Line
  2. We can't forget that this all started with those infamous words "It's Only A Hoax".
  3. Sounds good and appreciate the commentary. I have always compared "Apples to Apples" when booking my cruise vacations. Somehow the Carnival "Apples" are always "sweeter".
  4. You know the oddity regarding your statement is intriguing. I have maybe played the casino slots totaling about $200 in my entire cruise history at Carnival. Yet we have always received "perks" from the casino rewards. Go figure. So status, loyalty, luck of the draw and/or longevity may have something to do with.
  5. They will be ready for Holiday shopping lists.
  6. At this time in my life I am not concerned at all with status and/or classification. All I wish for now is the ability to Thank God, my family's health, my inside cabins and my ability to Cruise at will. We have attained a status with Carnival that certainly allows me to upgrade and/or cruise in those luxury cabins at any time. I still remain humble, frugal and loyal at all times while Cruising in my claustrophobic digs.
  7. I remain just humbled and hopefully we will begin cruising soon. See when you are a legacy inside cruiser my days are not spent on a bunch of research, wishing for the unknown and/or relying on Google commentary. I already know that I will be buffered by the sometime larger and outward facing cabins; those in general with the much higher price tags. Maybe that's the Cruise Nut DNA that I was born with. Congratulations to all that have won, paid or lucked up on a Carnival Suite. Let's just Get The Sea Days Started Already!!!
  8. I actually have no issue with cruisers addressing Carnival as "Walmart of The Seas". They are totally entitled to their opinion and their personal opinion generally matters more to them than others. Although I don't frequent Walmart as much as maybe others (strictly a logistical issue as there is no Walmart near me) I still get a joy out of saving money. My point is as negative as the Walmart connotations may appear, there are others that are/were much less meaningful but Iconic (Does Kmart Ring A Bell)? Bargains Are Us!!!
  9. What's Happening my Favorite Carnival Cruise Nuts. From the time I can remember, American families have been fascinated with Family Night Board Games. Those times represented "the good old days" at their best. The nightly "Monopoly or maybe even "Twister" gave us all a firm reason to love and enjoy family. In the Spirit of "Game Night Past" Carnival has once again shown us their Marketing Creative Genius with the Introduction of: I don't know about you Nuts but this is a very clever way to introduce us to the new Mardi Gras game format, keep us young at heart and keep
  10. That's unfortunate because that takes the fun out of friendly competition. I have never bashed any other Cruise line and never will. I said on another post "That my only RCL cruise was a family reunion back in the late 90's. The individuals (staff and passengers) that I encountered were not that friendly and were rather "Uppity". As a result, we have never chosen to sail them again.
  11. We are all very excited to eventually cruise on the Mardi Gras. However, my frugal nature tells me that if you can get an extra day at Sea for the same price go for it. Trust me there will be plenty of buzz that we can all take in following that maiden voyage of the Mardi Gras!!
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