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  1. Thanks for the memories. Helps brighten my day and get's me even more ready to get back to Cruising.
  2. Never really mattered to me as long as we were on a Boat. Never had a bad cabin with most of them being inside. We all arrive at the same time on the same bat channel.
  3. Since my Jets finally won a game the next time we cruise, I will eat a double portion of mushrooms to celebrate.
  4. I always ask for grilled mushrooms to be added. Have always added them for all of my cruises.
  5. Wouldn't be worth eating without those great mushrooms.
  6. The scary part of this whole vaccine episode is when/if people do decide to take the vaccine (jury still somewhat out by a big portion of US citizens) that we don't let our guards down. There is no instant remedy that is being predicted by anyone; unless we got the prescribed "cocktail" that Trump received (jury still out with some US residents on whether he really had the virus)? Please Keep wearing your mask. We have to be bigger than some of our leaders who believe this was a hoax at the beginning.
  7. My favorite has always been the bagel toasted with smoked salmon, tomatoes, onions, grilled mushrooms!!
  8. Cruise Critic Family please be patient and hopeful. We will cruise again when all things are aligned for our total safety. This industry is way to big and still only represents a small percentage of US residents that have ever sailed. Too much long term revenue waiting to be tapped.
  9. No way. The Cruise Lines will be opening them selves up to additional scrutiny and more bad press. If you have the funds to pay for a cruise then everyone should be allowed on any cruise at any time; regardless of this rushed vaccine.
  10. Shouldn't take a special Holiday or occasion for us to show gratitude to others. It's the humble Christian that we all should have. Great Gesture.
  11. The day that will definitely beat any Black Friday deal is the day when we are all "Told" It's Safe To Cruise Again.
  12. One of my all time favorite via the Carnival Cruise line fleet. Doesn't matter as long as you are sailing. The ship is great from an inside cabin to a presidential suite. Enjoy!!!
  13. Also let's not forgot to mention that we (the American Public) were left out of the early conversation. Maybe I am wrong but that was not a very smart move by our Bureaucrat formerly at the top.
  14. I really feel that people in general are so "desperate" to cruise that the thought of just being on a ship pleases their mind sets. They may regret signing up if they are going to possibly be subjected to future quarantines, sickness and isolation. Too risky for me. No thank you.
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