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  1. With my favorite color has always been green. Not money green but Jets Green!!! As a result, I have needed a "shock absorber" for many years. Thanks for the commentary. It's Great!!!
  2. I knew this would be welcomed therapy for us all. I knew we purchased a new sofa for a reason!!!
  3. No NY Jets Football in the Fall? Man what are we going to do? This would call for "Double Shock Therapy"!!
  4. Host Carolyn thank you for the vote of confidence with this subject matter. Let's vow to keep this one clean and fun. It really hurt me and my family this weekend that we were not totally enjoying our annual Family Vacation Cruise. We have been cruising the July 4th Holiday for a number of years. Just wanted to gauge everyone's coping tactics during this time. Great commentary and let's have some fun!!!
  5. Cruise Critic fans I hope you enjoyed a wonderful and festive Holiday Celebration. It's always good to relax with special friends and family. We are all Carnival Cruise fans and some of us are just plain ole Cruise obsessed. We were bitten by the Carnival Cruise "bug" years ago and have remained faithful to this magnificent line of ships. As we await our Cruising Passion to be re-engaged, I was wondering what are some of you doing to stave off the "Exhausting Shock" of not being able to cruise? Our family is especially "distraught" because we traditionally cruise during the July 4th time-frame. This must be a very stressful time to many? I personally am taking this time to read a lot of new books, cook a bunch of new found recipes (healthy of course) and talk more with long distance family members. What are you doing to "Absorb This Shock" ????
  6. Let me throw in another point. There is certainly much ongoing discussion world wide regarding the efficacy of certain masks. If we (that readily choose to) are to wear the "best and highest" quality masks (those that retard the majority of the viral contaminants), then should our powers to be provide that option to all for purchase (of course at a reasonable purchase price)? Sounds Like a viable solution to me.
  7. Totally agree. I learned a long time ago and in my professional life that your chosen rhetoric will get you noticed (both positively and negatively). I always chose the "positive" route.
  8. Initially I would not think that Carnival would raise them. This action would appear to be "holding the passengers" accountable for their financial and Covid woes. Maybe later on that action.
  9. Let's hope they allow us to speak! You can continue to shut the opinions and rhetoric down but eventually we have to mention the "good" and "not so good". You can't suppress a knowledge base that is trying to understand all sides of these situations!! My $.02
  10. Congratulations to all of those that were mentioned for your insightful commentary. I am just happy to know that our transparent dialogue is being reviewed for the usable content and not just to "scrutinize".
  11. Very interesting reading and opinion. We just recently lost a close neighbor who refused to wear her mask. I don't know the underlying conditions and/or the cause of her untimely passing, but I will say that she was "vocally against" wearing a mask in public. I also read quite a bit and listen to all the published experts. They all agree that "common sense" should also continue to prevail. I will not speak for everyone on this forum; however, my family will continue to protect ourselves by wearing mask wherever we travel outside. I will probably be easy to spot on my next Carnival Cruise as I will probably be wearing "two" mask!!
  12. As long as we (Americans) continue to disobey the recommended rules then we will remain unsafe. I don't know of any Cruise Line that is willing to take on the potential "law suits" that may originate from potential outbreaks on the ships? We can't even agree to wear mask even if it means a bit of discomfort. Mask wearing is not a statement of acceptance; It's an attempt to influence life safety!
  13. My advice is certainly not to travel to Florida any time soon (cruising and/or to check on personal real estate). It is one of the States where things are changing so rapidly and every TV network is publishing something different. I am an avid cruiser and have been family cruising for years. We actually stopped all land vacations many years ago. As a result, I too am very disappointed in the Virus effects. We can't change and/or influence what the powers to be will implement. I just try and relax and watch old Audie Murphy Westerns.
  14. This is a good topic for discussion. I certainly like the originators title "Hope and Pray". The latter being what I always do. We are all over the place with this Virus attack. I have seen blame being placed where it should not be. That is totally unfair as none of us know the true and real origin. We continue to only speculate with this feared enemy. In the interim, I will post a quote below that seems appropriate until a cure and/or remedy is discovered: " Across all Asian countries children are taught to wear a mask if they are sick to protect those around them - family, friends and teachers alike. Donning a mask is not done from a place of fear, but instead from a consciousness in the collective and a desire not to infect others. I think this is an important lesson for us to learn in these times".
  15. "The middle East and southeast Asia Cruises are available after mid October 2020. The virus is under control in these places". Just read the above quote. What did they do that the US did not? They followed the Rules!!!
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