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  1. My intent is always to be truthful, honest and as transparent as humanly possible. As a result, I am almost certain that some of the individuals that were not initially concerned with the Virus are no longer with us. Not trying to present a morbid point of view just the truth. Maybe Carnival will initiate a "no mask" and/or "mask" only cruise format? I would think that they would only format a "one size fits all mandatory" rule for all cruisers.
  2. Just because everyone tested negative before boarding does not mean that they will not breakout 2 days later. Still have to be safe and cautious.
  3. Majority will probably be room service. look, we enjoy living and I am going to do what I can to maintain my healthy lifestyle. Even if it means passing on a few "sit down restaurant" meals. This thing is very serious and I respect this Virus.
  4. Exactly. I don't plan to be in close proximity with 3000+ passenger and crew without a mask.
  5. All of us are responsible for each of us. Just wear your mask Cruisers.
  6. Each of us are entitled to our opinions. Thanks for yours. I realize what the trends and numbers are saying. I also realize that trends and numbers are not spreading this Virus. Look at College campuses throughout this Nation; many might eventually have to close their physical campuses. You combine College age students, some responsible but more irresponsible partying, Florida's nice Winter/Fall weather, unregulated gatherings and you have a continued recipe for disaster.
  7. The major issue with any type of food nuance is totally satisfying the population's/passengers eating habits. There are far too many eating styles and needs (traditional, diabetic, vegan, non vegan, pescatarian, etc.). The chefs will have a very difficult time just "safely" feeding the masses. Not the time for this type of change.
  8. If we would all just be truthful (Unfortunately this facet of our being has become more difficult these days) the immediacy of this vaccine has nothing to do with curing people. The vaccine is being "rushed" for total political clout. When you try and rush anything it usually doesn't prove effective or complete.
  9. You omitted one option in your passenger poll that will work in all case scenarios; PRAY
  10. Please do not lose Hope, Trust and Faith. We Will Cruise Again and Carnival will again provide us with a spectacular vacation experience.
  11. Since we are on this current and somewhat controversial topic let me throw this out to the Carnival family. I am reading and viewing where many Americans just refuse to wear these protective masks; no matter what the circumstances. It doesn't matter if an establishment has written in bold lettering "Mask Are Mandatory" some individuals just won't comply. Do you think that those same "rebellious and head strong" individuals are running red lights, running stop signs and are parking in no parking zones? I would guess Probably Not. If they are just out-rightly against the legal "rules of engagement" then hopefully the Police Officers will have a heart the day they are caught violating these norms.
  12. Never want to see anyone lose their source of income. Let's continue to pray for the Cruise Line Industry and the effected families as more of these announcements are sure to follow.
  13. The last cruise we took they did have a whole milk option. I did write a note to Carnival HQ suggesting that they carry nut milks via the voyages. Maybe because of the Covid priority I never heard back.
  14. Guys it is a realization of life. Some of us will face it and some of us have already; the sometimes nervous and dreaded "retirement" syndrome. I don't exactly know how to calculate human years into equivalent ship years but I am certain that our wise Cruise family members will understand. If we all live long enough we all will face the old "junkyard" in the beyond. As we are all hoping and praying that "good" things will be said at our retirement parties. As such, we should continue to remember the "special moments" that these vessels provided during their dedicated service. We owe them much more than a "Gold Watch".
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