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  1. Cruise Critic family good afternoon. I keep receiving these last minute deals that are pretty descent. The issue is the best cabin prices are associated with Inside IS Guarantee Cabins. I am sort of apprehensive to book this type of offer. Would you guys mind sharing your experiences with Guarantee Bookings? These cruises are based here in Florida and are actually leaving in about two weeks. Thanks
  2. Good morning Cruise Critic family. Does anyone have updates regarding the Carnival Ecstasy which departed Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday August 30, 2019? They are in the path of the Hurrican.
  3. Thanks to all for your replies. We really appreciate it.
  4. Good afternoon and Happy Cruising to all. We keep hearing about certain discounts provided if you reside in certain areas? Do these discounts exist and where are they found? Thanks
  5. Fellow cruisers I have a question? I read and hear about cruisers finding these last minute, great cruise deals. Where are you guys finding those?
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