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  1. Thanks all, wasnt sure how strict they are about it and didnt want to wait in line for 2.5 hours just to wait! This is our first experience with the boarding new people every day so wasnt sure. Also, how does that work with muster drill if many people have already done it?
  2. Is this allowed? Also, when on the drink pkg, I was wondering where you get bottled water/vitamin water/ bottled drinks etc that are included? I have been on many cruises and cant picture where to get these drinks..thanks.
  3. If the Seaview leaves BCN at 6pm, but they said my boarding time is 330pm, is that a hard rule? Just wondering, as we land around 1230, so were maybe thinking to do something before we got to the ship, must you oblige by the time they say? If not, what is the latest we could get on, and what about earliest?
  4. Or maybe we might have time to go on the way to the cruise?? We arrive in BCN about 1230pm, says our embark time is 330pm, ship leaves at 6pm. Would we have time this way? As youre right, Id prefer to be at the airport on return closer to 3 hours prior. Do you have experience with Bags and Go company? Im not sure if Im pushing it at this point..but would really like to check it out even for an hour/two.
  5. Has anyone used Bags and Go service for luggage transfer/holding for the day in Barcelona?
  6. Fellow Torontonian? We just booked flights and wont be able to make it there on way down but are now hoping to after debarkation, as flights are at 2pm. But still have the luggage issue. When you say leave luggage at Sans station, is that a train station with lockers of some sort?
  7. omg..20 cents lol..too bad they dont let us pay the difference;)
  8. I assume the Irish and Baileys are not included?
  9. Thanks! Plus any virgin pina coladas and coffeee etc correct? Also, does anyone know which of those wines if any is a sparkling?
  10. Thank you! When you say its worth looking at drink lists, is it clearly marked which are included at each restaurant/bar? And do the lists differ as well?
  11. I understand the list is limited, but will there be at least something from easy package at all bars/buffet/MDR? Will be on Seaview..
  12. Does anyone have experience visiting Camp Nou after flight arrival before they board their ship? We had hoped to spend a couple hours there, but unsure of what to do with our luggage.
  13. Thanks! I think we'll mix it up and explore a bit by train and hike where available:)
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