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  1. Thanks, this makes more sense, I must have copied it down wrong:)
  2. Thanks, so when they list ISP and Tracy Arm in the same date, same time frame how does that work when they are not the same place? Thank you greatly!
  3. Yes, thanks I knew that, with covid was just hoping to "lose" less if indeed we had to cancel, but it seems we would have until 120 days prior in order to get a full refund on our deposit, giving what I hope will be ample time for next summer:)
  4. Hi all, this will be our first time cruising to Alaska, and I think I have decided on our ship/itinerary. Just trying to figure out what to do where, as some things are offered in more than one port, so would like to optimize:) We will be a family of 7, oldest in 40s and youngest 15. We dont want to do heli/plane. We do want at least one whale watching experience. We enjoy a tram/hike idea. I have tried to gather some info from the boards and started to jot ideas down but dont want to be duplicating things or not picking the best port to do something. Do any of these ports have a train excursion I have read about, we may enjoy that? I havent found much on Sitka at all? And ISP confuses me, is Tracy Arm and ISP the same/do you stay on the ship here and just watch from aboard? BC is just a few hours, so do people not even get off? We also like to enjoy time on the ship (but that may differ as it likely wont be lay out by the pool weather). Any help is appreciated! Sitka 11-6pm Juneau 7-130pm Mendenhall glacier/tramway hike/whales? Tracy Arm/Endicott arm & ISP 7-3pm Ketchikan 630-115pm atv? BC 7pm-1159pm
  5. Thanks, would be Alaska for next summer, 7 day. Is the deposit refundable with NCL up to 90 days prior?
  6. Is its 50% off deposits right now, if not does that happen at a specific time of year, or is it random? Also, if not, for a family oceanview with 5 people, how much would the deposit be, still per person? Thx
  7. Correct, as of now for fully vaxxed with a negative PCR you dont have to quarantine..it does say somewhere on the Canadian gov site (I believe) that you may be subject to random selection testing upon return, but we had no mention of that to us. But yes, the concern now is the "what if" you test positive before returning home..
  8. We didnt have insurance, so said no and we were not charged/asked for any payment.
  9. Hi, we just got off the Magic a few days ago and did our PCR at MCO morning of... we did end up getting our results but make sure you have an appointment and leave ample time to get them if you plan to get the test and depart same day, as it was pretty chaotic at MCO testing centre, with some not getting their results in time for their flight.
  10. Oh I thought there were more differences, thanks all! To clarify, the comedy shows are all adults only? Thats too bad, we really enjoy these..
  11. We have sailed Carnival, Disney, NCL and MSC and would like to try RC and have narrowed it down to the Oasis and Harmony for December. We will have 3 "kids" 14/16/22 with us and we enjoy activities like comedy shows/escape rooms etc (things to do as a family), is there a list of comparisons of all the activities for the 2 ships as I feel like when looking on the RC site it shows me the activities fleet wide. We arent hard to please food or cabin wise and they both port at coco cay which we'd like to try, any votes for either or tips for RC vs other lines are appreciated!
  12. It was an iphone..I had never even heard of it until she suggested to download the exact app and walked me through the whole process of setting up an account (email etc), once downloaded I was given a burner number, valid for 24 hours for free I believe, to which I gave her. She then faxed the results to that number, which also sent to my email. It was pretty cool. Im unsure what the capacity was but you could tell it was not a full ship for sure. Got front row loungers by the pool around 10 on sea day..
  13. Hi cruise friends, just off the Carnival Magic! It was so nice to be back at sea! We did antigen tests at Shoppers to leave for the US (went to Disney for a few days pre cruise). We are vaxxed so we booked our pre cruise antigen at a CVS near Disney for last Monday, we were not charged and the adult results were delivered my email with a link to create a my chart account to view/dl results. we were not told that the under 18yo's would not be getting the same email, I figured they would just be posted under my account and that was why they didnt get a separate email, but that is not the case. It was a Monday evening when I realized/ did some research and found a note that minors results will not be sent..so I panicked and called the location that night, there was a message saying they were closed Tuesdays. The next morning I called a help line and the lady was very helpful and said she could indeed email them to me but it would take 24-48 hrs, and that they just dont automatically send minors' results?? So bizarre, anyhow I explained that wouldnt work as we needed them sooner, so she said she would gladly fax them right away, I explained I was at a hotel and that was not possible...she then walked me through the process of downloading a fax app onto my phone, to which she sent the results. She was very helpful and it all worked out but I cant imagine that makes any sense compared to just emailing the results the same way they do with adults results?? Upon checking in at the port they quickly checked vax records (we printed out the forms from Ontario site), negative tests and ID. We were on the ship in no time! Food and drinks were the same and good as always. Shows were ok, we did a bit more of the comedy and game/marriage shows and enjoyed those vs the stage shows. It had been so long since we had travelled due to covid we got off the ship for this first time in Nassau, did the blue lagoon beach day and loved it, was a very chill atmosphere, water park inflatables/beautiful scenery/hammocks galore. We then did HMC which we had only done one other time in bad weather..and wow what a beautiful little area, the most turquoise clean water and sand ever! Sea day for our last day and boy was it hot, you could not sit out for longer than 10 mins without a dip in the pool! One thing to mention, the floor on the lido is sooo slippery, my son and I almost wiped out several times and we witnessed 2 grown men wipe out pretty hard..not sure how they can fix this, but the floor was just too hot to walk on without flip flops but so slippery with them. Masks were to be worn in elevators and walking thru the dining room to your table. They were kind of worn in the shows, but you were allowed to drink, so people were 50/50 in wearing them in those areas. Ropes course was fun, water slides also fun but hurt the back as you passed each "connecting" piece. We knew Carnival did not offer PCR for purchase, but if we cruise during covid again we will likely choose a line that offers testing. It was just too much anxiety knowing we had to test same day before our flight. We booked at Advent in MCO. We ended up getting our results, but did allow a bit more than 4 hours before our flight and had to be a bit assertive while there..as in remind people you were there, explain you were told to be in this line that were now being sent to another etc. The poor girl that organizes the line was in tears at one point after having to tell many walk ins that they would not be seen today. Apparently they had to close down for 30 mins earlier as someone refused to leave the premises after not being happy with the info on their result. There was mass confusion and I would only recommend as a last result, but happy it ended up working out for ushttp://www.wdwinfo.com/images/smilies/smile.gif While we waited for our results we checked in for our flight and entered our info on the ArriveCan app, pretty straightforward. After we got our printed results we went to WJ counter where they looked at our vax records (they put a yellow sticker on pp to indicate), test results and gave our bag tags, the off thru security we went. When we landed they announced there was a back up at customs so they were letting 50 people off at a time, but only 5 min intervals, so didnt take long at all. They also said the kiosks were down so we have to fill out the old forms which they gave out off the plane, many people stopped thru the hallways to fill them out, we just planned to fill them out in line. Turns out when we got to the area the kiosks we back up and running, so we just used them. Border agent asked for ArriveCan app code, test results and put a green sticker on pp saying we wouldnt need to quarantine or take a test at day 8. We were up in the air about going ahead with this but so glad we did!
  14. How would I go about finding out which terminal the Magic will be at Port Canaveral?
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