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  1. Im looking at the Symphony and Adventure, we will be a party of 8, and Im wondering if there are cabins that connect to 2 others, 3 cabins which connect? Id like us to be together, but still have some privacy. We would be new to RCI, so trying to figure out accommodations, and I figure suites that fit 8 would be astronomical..or am I wrong and is it comparable to paying for 3 cabins anyways? I know it would depend on category, just trying to get a gauge.
  2. We did the Seaview end of July, out of Barcelona, stopped in Genoa, Civi, La Spezia, Corsica, Mallorca and Cannes. We have cruised Carnival, NCL, Disney and MSC before. We were a family of 6, in 2 connecting Fantastica balcony cabins, also known as super family cabin and had the easy drink package. We found the cabins to be fine, similar to other lines. One thing about one of the cabins for 4, it would have been much more spacious if the second bed was a bunk couch as I have seen pics of, ours was a pull out couch and they had to turn the couch facing the door (if that makes sense) to make it fit. Leaving very minimal room for walking around when it was open. The ship is beautiful and we found most people to be friendly and helpful. The kids enjoyed the waterslides, but note that even adults need "bracelets" to go on them, you just sign a waiver and get the bracelet for the week. We always found loungers, even if it was a few for the 6 of us, as it wasnt often all of us werent going to the pool etc. Our son enjoyed the sports area and played soccer a few nights with boys hanging around wanting to play. We purchased the "fun pass". I believe we paid $100 for $180 worth of "fun". We used it for a few rounds of bowling, the 4d theatre, race car and some arcade games, we found it a good use! We watched 5 of the shows, 3 really good, 2 not so good, in our opinion. The 3 that were good had a great variety of entertainment including acro/magic/dancing, where it could entertain all of our age groups. We usually booked our shows the day before for 1 or 2 days in advance. We only ate dinner in the MDR, no specialty dining. We all found food we enjoyed, though we are not picky eaters. I think this was the first ship we had been on with no free/unlimited ice cream, no big deal, but the kids noticed. We had "2nd dinner" a few nights, where we enjoyed the pizza from the buffet which was delicious! The easy drink package was sufficient for us as we are not big drinkers, but do enjoy the odd drink. I was able to have a sweet sparkling at dinner, the kids enjoyed their non alcoholic menu. We did not get off in Genoa. In Civi we took the train ourselves and explored, thanks to many tips from these boards! In La Spezia we also explored on our own..small tip, I believe its possible to pre purchase your cinque terre card if thats your plan for the day..if so, buy it! We waited a good 45 minutes for the passes, only 2 girls working the counter and a ton of people buying. In Corsica we explored and enjoyed the beach, same as in Cannes, all within walking distance. In Mallorca we took bus #3 to Illetas beach. It was beautiful and HOT, however the kids were squeamish after seeing a few jelly fish;) We had a great time and would continue to cruise with MSC after doing 2 with them. Feel free to ask any questions I may be able to help with!
  3. Thx;) Rather, could each person get 2 drinks on their own card at one time?
  4. We usually leave our passports in the safe and carry other id, such as license with us when we leave the ship, and this has been fine in the Caribbean, is it the same in Europe?
  5. If there are several of us in the family, can 2 of us go and order 4 drinks etc?
  6. Thx! Any guesstimate of how much? And I assume there will be signs for taxi area? Also, would we just say to the cruise port, or is there a particular/different ports?
  7. Is the gratuity 10 euro pp per night for over 14yo, and 5 euro under 14yo for Med cruise? I have read both 12.50 and 10.
  8. What would be the cheapest way to get to the port for 6? Is there Uber in Spain?
  9. We depart Saturday (Med), when is the latest I can prebook the drink pkg and avoid the 15%, as my agent emailed me late today saying today was the last day, yet on my msc account it says up until 2 days prior? I tried to just book it myself as my agent had already left for the day, but Im having an issue as it wont put a check mark/let me purchase for my daughter, but the other 5 of us it allows..the only thing I can think is that she is 20, which is not legal in US but is in Europe? I dont know if I should go ahead and book the 5 of us if today is the last day, or wait till tomorrow and ask?
  10. Are there sailings that go to both Coco Cay and Labadee?
  11. For one day/port visit, aside from excursion/transportation, what would one budget for lunch/sightseeing in Cannes/Corsica?
  12. I know this will vary, but for day trip/ports not including excursion or transportation, as that I can calculate, what would one budget for quick lunch/sightseeing/gelato in Rome/Cinque Terre?
  13. Is there an amount of time you would suggest to be off the ship-on the train? Would 45 minutes typically work to get off/get to the station by walking or shuttle/buy the BIRG/ be at right track?
  14. As you mention we will likely arrive before our 11am Colosseum ticket. Can we use/validate the ticket for Palatine hill before we use it for Colosseum, as I think its included?
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