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  1. I was on the Majesty that departed on March 7th and it was to be a B2B. Instead, I am at the airport right now flying home after one cruise. The information about the previous cruise was not revealed during the March 7th cruise.
  2. Currently on the Majesty headed to New Orleans tomorrow. I am also doing a B2B and hope to sail back out of New Orleans tomorrow. Have been looking at flights tomorrow in case, but so far so good.
  3. Just went to the meeting location for a bridge tour on the Majesty, and the LA announced that Miami has cancelled all ship tours for 30 days. Even all access tours are cancelled. He thinks that it may also stop Top Tier events and other special gatherings.
  4. Navigator has 114 Diamond and Diamond + and only 4 Pinnacle. Very uncrowded this cruise.
  5. No. I got off Serenade today and I am now on the Navigator. Sitting in the lounge waiting on rooms to be available. I am wondering what the total count will be for the Navigator this cruise.
  6. Just found out the the March 2nd cruise will have a total of 840 Diamonds, Diamond + and Pinnacle.
  7. I will also not pay since so much is free. What is missing now is the free walking paths in the undeveloped parts of the island. I have been told that there are no plans to add any walking paths. Probably because there may not be any undeveloped parts of the island left.
  8. Yes to the B2B. Just make sure the LA knows you will reach a tier change on the first cruise of a B2B. I had it happen to me on the Freedom and no problem for the second cruise.
  9. The Concierge just told me he expects to have the numbers “day after tomorrow”. Will send them on to you when I get them.
  10. The Room Steward left me a towel birthday cake for my birthday. I had not heard of a towel birthday cake before and wonder if anyone else has had a towel birthday cake. After years of towel animals this was a very nice surprise.
  11. Sometimes I wonder if they are informed. A couple years ago in Seattle I had someone insist that I had to use the regular line when I showed her the my paperwork showed PC. She had no idea that PC was Pinnacle Club. Now, it prints out as Pinnacle and not PC. Makes it easier for them to understand.
  12. You may find the same machines where you live. My local pizza place has it and some fast food locations have it.
  13. Thank you for all the INFO. We will be on next month and this was very helpful.
  14. I have been told it was a space and traffic problem. No room for the trucks to load the luggage and it would add to the traffic problem. Also, the free trolly has a stop at Terminal G, but does not go to Terminal A.
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