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  1. I finally moved my two December cruises last week because final payment was coming up and I no longer feel it will happen.
  2. Empress did not stay long. She is now sailing out of the harbor.
  3. It is extra sad to see that the bow has been removed from the Sovereign.
  4. Now she has done a U turn and is headed west towards Spain. Must not be in a hurry to get anywhere.
  5. Each way would stop in Victoria Canada. You have to sail past Victoria to get to Seattle.
  6. I agree. They could do it if they offered 7 days from Southern California to Seattle and then a 7 day return cruise from Seattle to Southern California.
  7. A 7 night coastal out of California would hit Ensenada, not Victoria.
  8. Common sense does not apply to all the eBay Sellers. $225 for current ships that should be sailing for many years does not make any sense. Even now you can see where blocks for the same ship have different prices. You can also look at past sales and see what some sold for in the past few years. I know a Monarch sold for $49 last year.
  9. Some of us enjoy Pacific Coast cruises. A quick stop in Ensenada, and then San Diego, Santa Barbara, Monterey and San Francisco. It is also nice to cruise and fly in the same time zone that I live in.
  10. Horizon is currently docked in Greece at the same dock area that Sovereign and Monarch spent many days at before sailing for Turkey. Horizon must be unloading things of value before sailing to Turkey.
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