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  1. Getting a little crowded at the beach. Business is booming.
  2. @Lloyd555 Posted some great pics of an arch in Wonder of the Seas. It would be great if they could add that to Allure during her amplification.
  3. They just need to cancel the rest of 2020. Just do it! (This post sponsored by Nike)
  4. I have no skin in the game but I'm interested in the fate of this ship. My guess is it will be beached.
  5. Brain ticklers... LOL. The Covid test is soooooooo uncomfortable!
  6. I like the arch. Now maybe Allure can have it added since it won't be amplified for a while.
  7. I don't care if the logo was a burnt pork chop. I can't wait until ships are sailing from U.S. ports again.
  8. Someone fairly recently posted an article in these forums regarding Royal's purchase of CocaCay. The article stated they recently purchased the remainder of the island. If I find it, I will post it here. Hopefully, that poster will post a link to the article. Edit: My recollection was somewhat off but fairly close. The poster was @Ourusualbeach Post: Article: https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1992-12-16-9204240285-story.html Maybe someone can find that annual report that references the purchae.
  9. Related but unrelated: Someone on these forums posted an article that stated Royal Caribbean purchased the island that we call CocoCay. Does anyone have a link to that article?
  10. My next cruise is February 2021. Hopefully there is a vaccine by then. I'm torn: If my next cruise is cancelled, should I L&S or get a refund? (Thinking out loud)
  11. Good. So it looks like it will have a Harmony/Symphony sized Solarium and not an Oasis/Allure sized Solarium.
  12. I've moved on from 2020. My remaining 2020 cruises have been moved to 2021. I'm glad I was able to sail at least once this year.
  13. My amazing travel agent was able to L&S this cruise for me to December 24, 2021! Woohoo!
  14. Can we move this thread to the Birka Cruises section? Oh, wait....
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