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  1. But your "donation" towards the bonuses of the highly paid executives is greatly appreciated. They are people with feelings too.
  2. Do any of y'all think you're ahead (received more $ value than $ lost) or are just doing it for fun?
  3. I would accept all legal currency.... well probably not the 100 trillion dollar Zimbabwe note.
  4. When it comes to life boat capacity, they probably limit the number of 3rd and 4th person berths (which are usually less expensive) so that life boat capacity isn't impacted. Just a guess.
  5. Enchantment is available in the app. You can use the Hungry Now option (during lunch hours while on the ship) or Click the Ship icon at the top and select Dining. To get an idea of options, open the app, select Enchantment, and select the current sailing.
  6. The app for iPhone requires iOS 11. Depending on her version of iPhone 5, it may not be upgradeable to iOS 11.
  7. And from my experience (read: torture when passing through) the casino.
  8. I was there in July. Navigator and a smaller ship were docked. Plenty of available chairs and no crowding.
  9. Per http://crew-center.com/perfect-day-coco-cay-bahamas-cruise-ships-schedule-2020 February 5, 2020 - Oasis and Symphony will both be docked at Coco Cay. However, the February 1 sailing for Symphony sailing is not available via the Royal Caribbean website and the RCI app doesn't show the February 1 sailing. November 29, 2020 - Three ships in Coco Cay? I can't find the itinerary for Odyssey that visits Coco Cay on that day. I would love to see pictures of two Oasis class ships at Coco Cay and three ships docked there as well.
  10. Thanks for posting. I'm looking forward to the additional releases.
  11. Per this post by @Neeny12, Super Mario is currently on Oasis.
  12. To date: there is nothing Carnival has that compares with Royal Caribbean's Oasis and Quantum class ships.
  13. And just a bit of additional info: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-dining/coastal-kitchen
  14. Weigh the pros and cons. By waiting until your next cruise, the price of the cruise may increase by more than the amount of the onboard credit you will receive by booking onboard thus negating the "benefit" of booking onboard. Also, if you if prefer a specific stateroom, it may no longer be available if you wait.
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