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  1. That's not a reason to get out. Ask @ipeeinthepool
  2. @sandebeach, is there any relation to @Ourusualbeach?
  3. "Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Mouth"............ or the CDC says no.
  4. I'm gonna miss the crowded hot muster drills. Seriously. I wish I was participating in one right now. It would mean two things, I would be starting a cruise and there is no Covid.
  5. What else is there to do in Nassau before your cruise?
  6. I'm looking for someone who is flying down a day or two before their cruise and would be willing to visit the Registrar General Department while in Nassau. The purpose is to research (and photocopy) documents related to Admiral Cruises' (since puchased by Royal Caribbean) lease to own rights of Little Stirrup Cay (part of the Berry Island chain), now known as CocoCay. Some years/names to search: early 1970's - Little Stirrup Cay "purchased" by Neil Ruzic 1985 - Lease to own acquired by Admiral Cruises? 1990s/2000s - Purchase completed? At some point,
  7. Maybe an announcement on Monday? I'm actually hoping my July 9 cruise is cancelled. Will just L&S to next year.
  8. Wow. Hopefully there's an announcement soon.
  9. Sometimes it works out. I once booked an inside guarantee and received a balcony on Anthem. On Navigator, an inside guarantee netted me an inside handicap accessible room. Lots of space!
  10. NCL has removed all US July cruises. Carnival only has three ships listed for US July cruises. My assumption is that there may be very limited cruising from the US in July.
  11. It is not yet available for Explorer of the Seas. However, with e-muster, I believe this ship will be added to the app prior to the first sailing. Please visit us at the following thread to continue the discussion:
  12. Hmmm. Did some recent sales come in and now there is less/no availability?
  13. For optics, I would have taken a paycut...... with the agreement that the unpaid amount be paid at a future date....... But no one has to know about that part.
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