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  1. We set off on our second cruise in 70 days...just about 69. This time without our children and no work commitments like other few times we have been away from them.
  2. We have only been on one cruise and we had our 4 children with us. Our oldest is 17 she will be 18 on Nov 22 and I think she would have been a little lost if she didn't have the teen room. I honestly don't see her ever being into drinking but she could get up on any dance floor and have a great time. However, I am more worried due to other issues. She is a bit delayed so number age doesn't match mental age so I can understand how some could feel uncomfortable in that 18 - 20 age especially if going to a club or show is just not something you are into. To OP - Hopefully next time she is a little more out of her shell and ready to have a good time with or without special drinks.
  3. LOL Well that is sure a surprise while it is hard you will have a nice way to get some relaxation after the crazy last min. planning. My DH and I were looking into transatlantic cruises for end of April or early May for 2020 but have since changed out mind on booking one as our 4 children would not be with us. We found some awesome prices and were like almost ready to book but then looked closer at the date. Thank God we looked before as they were for April 2019 and we were in March of 2019.
  4. DH and I have been pricing things out for a Transatlantic Cruise next year and it will be our first time cruising with NCL. Is the Spa Pass price the same for a 15 day cruise? We are still debating regular room or spa.
  5. What started out in August as an almost 7 month count down is down to 2 weeks. First time cruising for us and can't wait to get on the Indy on March 9.
  6. We will be sailing on Indy in March. I have seen very little on the app and on the videos about what the group of 10 yr olds do. I will try to update after our cruise though if my daughter uses it. I have seen things about family trivia and family disco time.
  7. I am so looking forward to our March cruise which will be our first time doing a cruise. Though I read that it is very busy I just remind myself that we have done Disney during March Break so hopefully it isn't that bad.
  8. We are at 201 days until our 1st time cruising. We do 5 nights on Independence of the Seas
  9. OP - You are too funny and what a great fun change of vacation. I think another cruise is a good idea but best not to chance taking the salt bowl.
  10. Okay lesson here is Cruise Ships are not Disney resorts. I too laughed at the whole not being emotionally attached to them. It can be a big downer to lose items like that and feel or know that you will not see them again. On different vacations we have lost a camera and my glasses and never got them back.
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