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  1. A few dining reservation questions - 1) Does dining for Haven guests open at 130 days, instead of 120? 2) How many people can we book for? There are 12 guests in 4 cabins. Can I book all 12 to attend 2 or 3 specialty dinners? 131 days and counting!
  2. Our group of 12 (9 bigs, 3 littles) is on the NCL Bliss at the end of May for DH's 50th b-day. I think we are doing the WP & Y Railway and Yukon (trying for a private tour) in Skagway. I'm planning on taking him on a helicopter tour (just the 2 of us) as it's a bucket list item for him. We did it in Hawaii and it's still one of his favorite things. Is it better to do a helicopter in Juneau or Ketchican (or is there no real difference?) Whatever place we do this will be a day to explore the town DIY (as inexpensive as possible) for at least the families with littles. So I need to consider that as well. The other thing we are considering is a private group whale watch charter, so if Juneau or Ketchican is better for that? Thanks again CC friends!
  3. I think it all depends on what you consider "worth it". Even on port days my DH and I loved the Thermal Spa. We might have only used it an hour - hour and a 1/2 each day, but the relaxation and quiet was amazing! In fact DH thinks its a must have on every cruise!
  4. So many books! So little time before May! With every new title I get more and more excited!
  5. Our first cruise with NCL was in 2017 on the Escape (still my favorite ship ever!). We were originally in a Spa Haven, but upgraded to the OS. The Haven was everything I dreamed it could be. We are doing the Bliss in May for DH's 50th. Enjoy your special "milestone" cruise!
  6. What is the Wave Sale? In the past would there have been better pricing?
  7. Oh so excited to follow your newest review! We cruised on the Escape in 2017 and loved everything about the experience. Also glad to read that things are getting a bit better for you Kim!
  8. If you book private transportation, do we need to bring car seats for the kids? There's not much room to store them on the cruise ship, so I'm wondering how to get 3 little ones from the airport to the hotel, hotel to cruise port and back. (In Miami, if you are on a shuttle bus it was not required). Thanks! And any recommendations for reliable companies would be appreciated!
  9. Fantastic review of the Joy! Thanks for sharing your cruise with us! We almost booked the Joy for Alaska 2020, but went with the Bliss because of the thermal suite. BTW, my 3 year old grandson watches your train videos every day! You've got fans old and young!
  10. I keep reading about people who have taken the Shareholder benefit for OBC. How much of NCL stock is needed to be able to receive this? Wondering if it's a good value, as we are looking to expand our slightly growing portfolio. How does it work? How long do you need the stock in your account for before you can apply receive the OBC? (We are cruising the Bliss in May and possibly Encore in August). TIA-
  11. Thank you Sid - for sharing your time and the Encore, for keeping us entertained all week! Now I'm in cruise mode again and only have the Bliss booked for May. Time for me to pull out the credit card and get an Encore booked pronto! Safe travels Sid. Happy Holidays!
  12. Sid I owe you (or my company will blame you!) for all the Don Julio posts. My mouth has been watering since you boarded... and I had to have 2 at the Christmas party tonight! No toasts for me - just toasted! And ready to get on a ship and day drink in the sun!! New favorite thing to do, live vicariously through Sid's great adventure on the Encore!
  13. On the Sky in 2018 my husband wasn't feeling well. Sunday afternoon, left to my own devices I played Blackjack for 2 1/2 hrs and turned my $500 into almost $10,000. The win paid for our aft penthouse, as well as the 3 other aft cabins for our family! Now if I could do that every time I walked into a casino!
  14. I'm mad for your margarita! Thirsty gal here in the north!
  15. Thank you @BirdTravels for such a detailed review! I think this was just what we needed to pull the plug on a 2nd cruise in 2020! Wishing you safe travels as you journey home!
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