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  1. P-L-B


    Moments magazine is showing Simon Love as captain 28th Feb - 1st May
  2. Thanks Andy for the explanation. Hopefully we will be selected for the trial for our Oceana cruise in April or our Iona cruise in late June.
  3. In practice how does on line checking work and what advantages does it give? I assume you don’t have to go through the normal arrangements of queuing to have your photo taken, registrating a credit card and being issued with your cruise card. If on line check in means that once through security you can immediately board the ship then there is an obvious advantage. However if you still have to queue or go through any of the above procedures what’s the point, or am I missing something.🤔
  4. Agreed, we will fill in our cruise questionnaire appropriately. Happy Dancing. 😀
  5. Excellent post and totally agree. We are also a couple that dance several times a week and enjoy dancing every night during our cruise. Lets hope P&O are listening.
  6. Thanks Andy for pointing that out. I meant to mention that in my reply to Johns post above. Although, as you probably know unfortunately there are other ships in the fleet that make do with the Atrium for Dancing.
  7. Ok thanks, wasn’t aware of that. I naturally assumed that there would be no opportunity to have the normal full ‘Strictly Themed Dance’ experience, This included free dance lessons with the strictly dancers etc and have the opportunity to Dance in the evenings.
  8. We also enjoy our Dancing and like many others it forms a big part of our P&O cruising experience. We did book an Iona cruise when bookings first became available in the hope that some of the rumours at the time would not happen. Unfortunately it now looks like we will not have the opportunity to Dance in the evenings. Fortunately the remaining P&O fleet are still promoting on board Dancing so let’s hope that continues for those of us that enjoy Dancing and those that enjoy watching. Btw, I presume no ’Strictly Themed Cruises’ for Iona.
  9. Sorry should have done the maths. That’s unusual as a 14 night cruise usually has 4 formal nights.
  10. Yes, the information shows 3 formal + a black and white night. Since the black and white night/evening ball is classed as a formal night that makes 4 in total.
  11. Generally it’s down to the on board dance teachers/dance hosts to determine what dances are danced. Having said that they usually have no problem in taking requests from their fellow dancers. The type of dance is announced by the dance teachers/dance hosts prior to taking to the floor. There are exceptions but generally sequence dancing requires music arranged for sequence dancing as it’s danced for 16 bars of music then repeated. Normally if dancing Sequence the dance teachers/dance hosts will announce the sequence dance and wait for the dancers to take their positions on the floor before starting the music. Alternately, if dancing ballroom/Latin the dance teachers/dance hosts will announce the dance then start the music and the dancers will take to the floor at any time. It’s true that certain sequence dances are more popular in different parts of the country but the dances shown in the videos and many others are popular all over. The following is copied and pasted for reference. What is the Difference between Ballroom dancing and Modern Sequence Dancing (MSD)? In Ballroom and Latin American Dancing couples dance their own routine of steps in the order they wish – with the man leading. In MSD all couples dance the same routine of steps – for 16 bars of music at which point the sequence (hence the name) is repeated until the end of the music. Each sequence of steps or dance has its own name and there are (literally!) thousands of different sequence dances all using basic Ballroom, Latin American & Classical dance steps. So MSD covers a wide range of dance rhythms? All different rhythms and styles of dance are covered – Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quick Step, Rumba, Jive, Samba, Cha Cha, Mambo, Saunter, Gavotte, Two Step, Glide, even Salsa, there are countless different sequence dances for all these dance styles. If the dances are all performed in a set sequence doesn’t this make it rather repetitive and limited? No – quite the reverse. Because there are so many different dances (and new dances emerge virtually every month) there is a tremendous variety of dances. In Sequence dancing the dancers progress the sequence in an anti-clockwise manner around the floor. As everyone is doing the same sequence the requirement for floor craft (and the level of concentration required to avoid collisions!) is reduced. Dancers do not need to choreograph their own sequence and as everyone is doing the same set sequence it is relatively easy to follow.
  12. Hi Andy, Oceana started our cruising bug several years ago and we have been on her several times since so I guess we have a soft spot for her. Just wondering, was that you first experience of Oceana if so it may be worth considering giving her another chance to impress sometime in the future. Paul
  13. Yes, we have been on several cruises where the 20% was added to shop goods but thankfully not to drinks purchased on-board.
  14. For a moment I thought you were implying that there was a ship for tarts. BTW, Thanks for confirming P&O are still offering a shuttle bus service into Lisbon. 👍
  15. When we visited Lisbon a few years ago on board Azura P&O provide a shuttle bus service that dropped us off in the town centre at Restauradores Square which was very convenient. The journey took us around 30 mins. We did our own thing and had a very enjoyable day. It’s a shame if P&O have now stopped that useful shuttle bus service.
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