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  1. I was going to say the same re formal nights. Although, being in the Caribbean the tropical night may be well supported. They handed out Garlands on our Caribbean cruise some years ago. Enjoy.
  2. Thanks for your informative and interesting post and enlightening us all on the attractions re IJmuiden.
  3. According to moments Wesley Dunlop was the Captain on board Britannia 30th Sept - 18th Jan. I think he has been the captain on board one of our previous cruises but cant remember which one. Q. What is your experience with P&O Cruises and what are you doing now? A. Following my appointment within the company I was assigned command of Aurora, a beautiful ship and firm favourite within the fleet. For two years I sailed Norway, the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands, the Baltic, America and Canada. I was also captain for her 2017 World Cruise, which was one of my career highlights. At the end of 2017 I was delighted to discover I had been chosen to command Britannia, and what an absolute honour it has been.
  4. Having said that P&O have just confirmed that Wesley Dunlop will be the Captain on board Iona during her summer season in the Norwegian Fjords.
  5. Thanks for posting the link. I like the overnight and late departure options.
  6. The shuttle buses drop you off at ideal locations. Stockholm, along Stromgatan opposite the entrance to the old town and in Copenhagen they drop you off in the centre at Kings Sguare. They run very frequently and we had no problems.
  7. Yes, as per the above post they were open during our Aurora northern lights cruise. Also the hot tubs, enjoy
  8. Just to add to the above post. The practicalities of being charged or not (Saver or Select) is taken care of because your cruise card is scanned as you board the shuttle bus.
  9. I agree. I also share your concerns and agree with your conclusions.
  10. Yes that's true and there are other ports with similar situations. I think you will find that some are annoyed/disappointed because there has been a change to the docking location re Amsterdam after they have booked. However after the dust has settled people booking future cruises will just except the situation.
  11. Regarding 'sharing of ideas to seek compensation' could this not be achieved via your Travel insurance.
  12. As your cruise starts on the 4th May the discretionary daily amount of £7 should have ended, so you should not be charged. Of course as its discretionary you could have it removed but that should not be necessary after May. Probably the Holiday information sent to you in the post has not been amended to reflect the change. You could possibly consider contacting your TA or P&O direct for confirmation if you wish.
  13. P-L-B


    Thanks for the link. O dear that doesn’t look good. We have just returned from an enjoyable dancing weekend in Pontins Sand Bay, Western Super Mare. Thankfully with no major incidents.
  14. Sorry should have explained. As per docco's link above it is a magazine sent out to peninsular club members. They have interesting articles and contain useful information including the Schedule of Senior Officers on board all of P&O fleet of ships. I believe issue 8 is the latest issue.
  15. According to Moments 8, Chris Bourne 15th Dec - 11 March Unfortunately no information for future dates.
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