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  1. Although we can always hope.
  2. Agreed, Graham. 🍻 BTW, I noticed your well positioned Old Speckled Hen.
  3. No problem waiting, I will just have to order a couple more Old Speckled Hen’s.👍
  4. You are not alone, thanks for speaking up for all of us that prefer dining at a table for two. We normally cruise with a couple of friends so always ask for a table for four but when it’s just the two of us we always ask for a table for two for the reasons you have pointed out. There is obviously a demand so they should provide tables for couples that prefer to dine together.
  5. I understand your dislike for Sequence Dancing Jean but for us Dancing is all about the enjoyment and the social side that comes with the dance clubs and venues that we attend. Most of the dance venues that we attend are 50/50 Ballroom/Latin, Sequence which is fine by us as we enjoy both. Regarding dancing on the ships we have found that on occasions that sequence dancing can be more popular than Latin and Ballroom. For example we have witnessed the floor virtually empty for Ballroom/Latin only to fill for sequence.
  6. That's unfortunate, we have been on board Aurora several times and in December last year the main dancing as per our previous cruises was in Carmens and it started around 10.00pm every night. Although Carmens was very often used for other entertainment it always finished around 10.00pm to enable the dancing to start and it carried on until around midnight. As said earlier they usually use Masquerades for early evening dancing but that only lasts for around 1 hour and usually starts around 7.30pm
  7. There is no denying that Britannia’s Crystal room decor is very nice but for Dancing IMO the floor is no bigger or better than Aurora. The Crystal Room is more rectangular in shape and Carmen’s is more circular. For dancing we prefer Aurora’s dance floor for its shape and size but Britannia’s Crystal room is also very good and both are miles better than the Atrium that some of the other ships in the fleet use.
  8. On sea days there are usually Dance Lessons in the morning (around 10.00am) and afternoon (around 1.15pm). There are no Dance Lessons on port days. There is usually an early evening short Dance Session in Masquerades (around 7.45 -8.30pm) but the main and better Dance Session is later (around 10.00 till late) in Carmens. In my opinion Carmens on Aurora is one of the better dance floors in the fleet.
  9. Unfortunately Graham it looks like they have recently increased the price of Old Speckled Hen. I was paying £4.30 (£3.93 with my discount) per 500ml can on board Oceana in June. Having said that, its only 0.30p.🍻
  10. That’s very strange, we are booked on the previous cruise G009 and are due to disembark on 4th July, the start of your G010 cruise. However, as you say for some reason G010 is missing. Hopefully someone will enlighten us as to what’s going on.
  11. What a fabulous description of how your cruise went. I am so pleased that you all had a great time. Here’s to your next cruise. 🥂
  12. I will definitely give it a try, but why wait until our next cruise before trying. 🍺 BTW, don't let anyone till you that us dancers only drink water. 😉😀
  13. I do like an occasional lager and normally prefer Kronenbourg 1664 but I will definitely try a pint or two of draught Peroni on our next cruise.
  14. Very good point. I asked for a pint of draught Old Speckled Hen on a previous P&O cruise (can't remember which ship) and it didn't taste right so I ended up having cans.
  15. Not a dumb question at all and it sounds like a good idea. Perhaps Andy who is a resident of Southampton can enlighten you/us regarding the logistics of getting from Dover to Southampton. Sorry, I didn't see the previous replies before I pressed the send. 😊
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