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  1. In case you ever consider Aurora. This is from one of Aurora’s daily Horizon magazines. 11.15 pm – Late. Club Class. ‘Enjoy drinks and dancing in Aurora’s adult only late night lounge.’ Masquerade (Deck 7) Midship.
  2. Hopefully someone can confirm the current situation. The last time we were on board Azura in April 2017 they used The Manhattan bar as a late night club. This is from Azura's daily Horizon. 11.15pm till late - Late Night Manhatton. (Deck 7) Aft. 'Azura's nightclub opens its doors to all the late night party people with DJ Glen.' So unless something has changed relatively recently you may be in luck.
  3. Thanks for reporting back. Glad to hear you had a great cruise. 👍 At least you tried the PAYG option but from what you describe it sounds like the drinks package may well have worked for you. Like you say it's not for everyone and I am glad it's optional but I guess you will go for it next time. 🍺😀
  4. 👍 enjoy 💃💃🕺🕺😀
  5. I am sure it will all work out fine for you all. Have a fabulous time.🥂
  6. Yes, I am aware of the DFA knob.😂😂 The Who, a classic band, I dare anyone to ask them to turn their music down at one of their gigs.
  7. Hi Sarah, your suggestion for the OP to contact their TA or P&O direct is good but only regarding changing their booking from Saver to Select but it's probably worth a try.
  8. That's correct, we have been to Gibraltar several times with P&O and a shuttle bus is not provided because as you say it's walkable. (Casement Square)
  9. I agree. Although we enjoy cruising with P&O for many other reasons Ballroom Dancing does play a major part in our overall enjoyment. Also, probably slightly controversial to my fellow ballroom dancers, provision is normally made to cater for Ballroom, Latin and also Sequence dancers and I personally have no problem with that. It's all about Dancing being an enjoyable experience for us all.😀
  10. Tablelamp. That's interesting, they usually offer a shuttle bus service if not a walkable distance to the town. E.g. Barcelona but not if the ship docks close to town. E.g. Oslo. Which ports did not offer you a shuttle bus service.?
  11. Yes correct, and thanks for pointing that out but the dance floors in the Azura, Ventura and Oceana lounges tend not to be used for Ballroom Dancing in the evening. However they do occasionally use the lounges for dance lessons on sea days.
  12. No I am afraid Azura, Ventura and indeed Oceana use the Atrium for Ballroom Dancing. Although that's better than nothing.😀
  13. We have had very enjoyable P&O overnight stays in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, St Petersburg and Alta.
  14. We recently visited Santorini but Oceana left late afternoon. We would have loved an overnight stop there to experience the sunset etc.
  15. I have just checked and for 14 nights it appears that P4C charge £109 for their basic parking package and £115 for their standard package. As regards to the CPS 10% cancellation fee i don't think that is applicable if you had the choice of the CPS or OBC options at time of booking.(Select Fare) If you contact your TA or P&O direct they will be able to amend your choice.
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