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  1. I'd recommend 11 am and later. When we were on the Caribbean Princess, there was a problem with customs and immigration, and we didn't even get off the ship until after noon. Thankfully, our flight was at 5 pm.
  2. there is nothing wrong with eating purees. :) Mine ate purees till about 18 months... He liked the texture. Hated stuff mashed with a fork.
  3. Allure had regular ice cream at the buffet in the evening, with a total spread of sprinkles, chocolate chips, syrups, etc. No charge. Can't say about lunch because we never got lunch at WJ. Norwegian Getaway also had regular ice cream (about 6-8 flavors) at the buffet every day. No charge.
  4. My DH and DS are huge fans of soft serve and fans of ice cream, whereas I find most soft serve to be sub par (watery) and love real ice cream. Oh, NCL's Jade also had amazing crepes for FREE at dinner. Getaway's crepes were also available for free at the buffet at dinner, however, they were overdone and too dried out. We finally asked to fry them for half the time, and they became a lot better.
  5. Getaway had ice cream, but Jade didn't. However, Jade's soft serve was superb, whereas Getaway's soft serve was garbage.
  6. we had a balcony twice, OV twice, and most of our cruises were in the inside cabin, even after balcony and OV. No biggie. :)
  7. you can find some photos of a regular balcony cabin on Norwegian Getaway. While the bathroom was actually large enough to accommodate 2 people at the same time, there was no private space, so I changed in the bathroom. PP was right about the private space for changing on Princess ships (Regal and Caribbean princesses included). When you exit a bathroom, you remain behind a wall, so you can change in private. I changed many times when my kid was in the room and he didn't even know it.
  8. yes. It's best to tell them which cruise you are going on, and if they want to join you, they are welcome to make their own arrangements to match yours.
  9. as far as inside and regular balcony cabins are concerned, we were pleasantly surprised by the Norwegian Getaway bathroom (regular balcony room). It was spacious and had a lot of shelf space. Norwegian Jade's OV bathroom layout didn't accommodate a 5'6 person sitting on toilet without hitting the wall with your knees. It was bad. Mom's inside cabin on Jade had the toilet facing towards the open bathroom space, so she didn't have this problem. Allure of the Seas inside cabin was ok in terms of size, but had barely any shelf space. Princess (Regal and Caribbean) were very average in terms of general space, and the shower curtain instead of a glass door is a turn off.
  10. that is completely untrue. It is mandatory for the US airlines to let you use your car seats on the plane for all children under 18 years of age. Most US car seats are FAA certified. As a matter of fact, I don't know of a single US car seat that is NOT FAA certified. You cannot use a booster on the plane, because boosters work with shoulder-lap belts, and planes only have a lap belt. The seat must have internal harness to be used on the plane. Airlines also allow you to gate check the car seat for free, but the only way to ensure its safety is to use it on the plane. Airlines also allow you to check the car seats as luggage, but if you do check, do the gate check instead. The way the airlines handle the luggage could damage the car seat. Please do not spread false information.
  11. no, one should never-ever rent a car seat. It's a life saving device, and improper cleaning or handling will compromise the car seat. You wouldn't know whether the car seat has ever been in a car accident, and the company never bothered to replaced it. It could have been pooped, peed or puked on, and someone may not know the proper cleaning procedure and simply use harsh chemicals to disinfect the seat. They may submerge the harness straps which is a big no-no and will ruin them. So, when you rent a car seat, your kid becomes a crash test dummy. To OP: store them in the closet or under the beds if they fit. I cruised with a Britax Frontier and stored it in the closet, upright. Do not store in the shower, please - too humid. Also, check out Family Cruising board for more tips and tricks. And Traveling with Children board on babycenter.com - https://community.babycenter.com/groups/a10635/traveling-with-children - it has a ton of useful info, especially, about flying with car seats. What seats are you bringing? how tall and heavy are the kids? is 5 yo big and mature enough for a no back booster?
  12. Do read through this board for more tips and tricks. It's all been done before. :)
  13. You can always baby wear. My ErgoBaby was a life saver (I got it for $57 at zulily.com).
  14. we also avoid cabins above or below the theater, 2 decks in each direction. Or around the main dining rooms.
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