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  1. https://cancellation.royalcaribbean.com/?brand=R&_ga=2.249747904.797154906.1595341209-1148717279.1453498073 somebody gave me this link in my thread a couple of months ago
  2. that must be a very young grandma. My mom is a grandma and they didn't even have a TV when she was young. I am far from being a grandma (my kid is in elementary school), but I had to walk to the TV to change channels when I was younger. This is also me:
  3. this actually happened to me in real life. I was at the cardiologist's office for a stress test (!) and they forgot about me for 2 hours. I was hoping to get the visit done during my lunch break, but noooooo... By the time I "exploded" in their waiting room, my BP was 145/90, and I was under 30 years of age, and my regular BP never went over 110/70. Let's just say my stress test didn't go so well. toll:
  4. do I need to do that with every meme I have collected over the years? Like - a link to where I got it from?
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