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  1. I saw a corresponding meme: The rate of COVID-19 spread depends on two factors: 1) how dense the population is 2) how dense the population is
  2. not ALL consumption. BAR consumption due to Corona is suspended.
  3. actually, my little red head DS looks great in orange. Orange is one of my favorite colors. And I'd like to have an orange cat.
  4. I just called RCI and upgraded the 3 of us from interior to a balcony for $123 and my parents from interior to a balcony for $23.
  5. I contacted MSC after May 19th, because the refund wasn't there yet at 60+ days. I kept checking my credit card account and it wasn't there a couple more times. That's all I can say.
  6. woohoo, got my refund - both final payment and deposit. Applied for it on March 17, cruise would have been on April 5, but it got cancelled. Paper statement shows it as credited on May 19, but I know I have checked my account after that and it wasn't showing yet.
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