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  1. Itchy&Scratchy

    Kids and Main Dining Room dinner

    DS started cruising when he was 3, and we've never done coloring pages or crafts or anything like that during MDR dinner, because he has no interest in that. What holds his interest for 2+ hours is a tablet with cartoons. movies and games. He uses headphones, so he is not bothering anyone. DS has been called "the best behaved kid in MDR" many times by the table mates and neighbors.... We never cruise without his tablet because we want to enjoy dinners and table talk. DS doesn't do kid's club, so he spends the entire cruise with us. Plus, we get to supervise what he eats, so he is not just eating pizza 3 times a day... :)
  2. Itchy&Scratchy

    Cruising with an exchange student

    In addition, if the student is underage, you may have some additional hoops to jump through (cruise line requirements).
  3. Itchy&Scratchy

    Cruising with an exchange student

    if she has a J-1 visa, she will have a DS-2019 form. It usually needs to be signed by the school's International Student Advisor prior to the trip. And, of course, the student has to have a multiple-entry visa and a valid passport. Same goes for F-1 visa (form I-20). SEVIS record needs to be in order. The information above pertains only to their re-entrance to the US. The student/host parent should really check for the most current requirements with the student's International Student Advisor who is administering the program (F-1/J-1) and the sponsor (J-1). The J-1 program sponsor may have objections, you never know... grace periods are not for the visa, they are for the duration of status, which is indicated on their I-20 or DS-2019. Visa expiration has nothing to do with how long a student can STAY in the US while maintaining their status. They could have a 1 month single entry visa, but as long as they are maintaining their F-1 or J-1 status, they can stay in the US past the visa expiration date. Sometimes it's years.... Grace periods are applied to the program end date, and all F-1/J-1 students in good standing are entitled to them - it's time given to them to get their affairs in order before leaving the US after their program ends.
  4. Itchy&Scratchy

    Help! No passport, no birth certificate!

    by now she could have gotten a replacement with the original spelling. Surely, since she used her BC before, she was aware of the original spelling. But she doesn't want a BC with the original spelling, and that's why she started all this nonsense RIGHT BEFORE THE CRUISE. Some people create their own problems just so they could solve them.
  5. Itchy&Scratchy

    Help! No passport, no birth certificate!

    soooo, I guess mom doesn't want to use her original BC for this cruise, like PP said in post #153?
  6. Itchy&Scratchy

    String ray excursions

    same for us! but this time our 8 yo will be with us.
  7. Itchy&Scratchy

    Cruise Ship/Car Seat

    might be too wet. I wouldn't. I'd stick it under the desk if it's a smaller convertible and you don't have space for it in the closet, but we traveled with a huge Britax Frontier, so we stored it upright in the closet instead (inside cabins). Cosco Scenera NEXT is much smaller and could fit in tighter spaces.
  8. Itchy&Scratchy

    Trans Friendly Cruise Lines?

    we are rarely called by our names on a cruise. I don't remember a single time somebody actually addressed us by our names*.... They swipe a card and get your cabin number. We are just cabin numbers, actually, to think of it... Unless you befriend some bartenders and they address you by the name you give them. We are rather impersonal with cabin attendants, waiters, other staff, and nobody has attempted to call us Mr and Mrs Lastname. If she is dressed like a woman, she would be (hopefully) treated like one as well. *it does help to have unpronounceable names. If I actually want them to call me by my pronounceable name, I tell them "I go by X" and all is good. But if someone sees a woman in front of them and they look down at the screen and it says Mr Smith, they'll think it's a mistake and call her Miss Smith. As for the legal name and passport stuff - others already covered it.
  9. Itchy&Scratchy

    String ray excursions

    in Grand Cayman they are in the middle of the ocean on a sand bar. Nobody holds them captive, but they are used to humans and literally eat out of your hand.
  10. Itchy&Scratchy

    String ray excursions

    so did we (years ago) and we loved it. Grand Cayman had a wonderful stingray sand bar. In 2 weeks we'll be doing the Blue Lagoon Stingray excursion with our 8 year old. Looking forward to it!
  11. Itchy&Scratchy

    First time, Allure of the Seas

    you need to start checking before the 90 day mark. We are on the Allure in 2 weeks (March 31), and I was able to open the Cruise planner and start booking shows in October.
  12. as far as I understood, on Breakaway/Getaway Family Balcony was the same as the regular balcony room, but it was located on deck 12, close to kid's club. We did a guaranty balcony on the Getaway and they put us into a Family balcony room on deck 12, aft. We switched with my mom who had a regular balcony room on deck 9, forward. The cabin were identical, except for the location on the ship. Actually, a non-family balcony had beds for 4, and the Family balcony only had beds for 3 (a sofa, not a pullman).
  13. Itchy&Scratchy

    Shanghai on the Getaway

    yes, it was very stinky. Hence, we didn't even try to eat there, so I can't tell you how the food was. Every time we walked through the area, I held my breath.
  14. Itchy&Scratchy

    Most and Least pushiest ports you've been to

    my poor husband fell for it.
  15. Itchy&Scratchy

    Spring Break 2020

    oh, no, it's just been a long time and I worked through my spring breaks.... So, it really didn't matter when they happened.