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  1. That's what you claim, your opinion, based on your experience but you've never tried, have you? I'm not arguing or yelling with anyone. Just mentioning that some CruiseCritic users will try to push folks to push and test the limits. I wear pants. So I don't know why you're so upset. I'm just saying, I'd be much happier in shorts. That's a fact. I just shouldn't feel the need to wear shorts to make you happy! Others say jeans are not allowed. We know that's not true. They don't yell or argue. They even have torn ripped jeans. So sad that you feel the need to argue and yell to
  2. For our formal evenings, we would reccomend guests would dress smartly such as black tie/dinner jackets, or alternatively, jacket with shirt/tie would also be suitable. However, we would like to point that MSC Cruises does not enforce dress codes onboard. For the remainder of the cruise, the general dress code is smart casual Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further assistance Regards MSC Cruises You mentioned that MSC Cruises does not enforce dress codes onboard, does that include dining at Le Palmeraie on MSC Preziosa?
  3. MSC have confirmed by email in the past that dress codes are only a suggestion and not enforced. I wear shorts 360+ days a year. I have a couple of pairs of pants that come out in the middle of our Brazilian winter. I hate being told what to wear and am 100% sure that if I wanted I could dine in the YC in a pair of shorts. In 2019 a cruisecritic user argued so much that it was impossible that I almost wore my shorts to dinner to prove him wrong! But so far I have put my pants on for dinner in YC for our three cruises. I do feel that someone should test this one day!!!
  4. Fortunately the afternoon tea scones got bigger and better! I should add that I don't have huge hands!
  5. hamrag, I can see why you won't repeat the experience. After our first MSC cruise I would have done the same but discovered that by politely bringing our disappointment to their attention something gets done about it. It'll never be like afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason, Savoy, Ritz or wherever but they do try their best. Most Butlers have never experienced afternoon tea in another place and so are doing their best given the training they have been given.
  6. Rather unpredictable. We asked on the Presioza and the Butler asked "Do you (sigh and eye roll) want the gloves and table cloth?". Afternoon tea is something we love so we said yes! On the Seaview the Butlers had decided to cancel all afternoon teas without telling the YC director! Cold tea and baby stones (I joke not) were almost thrown on our table when we said we had come for afternoon tea. We left and had a chat with YC Director who promptly reinstated the daily afternoon tea. Our Butler was then given the task of overseeing afternoon tea for the rest of our cruise including a almost dai
  7. I agree. On the Seaview we asked the Champagne bar if a glass of champagne was still included for YC guests as so every cruise is different on MSC. They said yes! So every night we passed by and had a glass of champagne. (just one!) We drink very little. On our last night we noticed the champagne had been charged to our account. We questioned concierge who said it definitely wasn't included and we would be charged. They didn't even ask for the charge to be signed for. I think that now they have a $ value for drinks to be included it will make it simpler for YC guests.
  8. Yes, there is a chidrens menu in the YC. I`ve ordered from it in the past. I too don`t eat any seafood so often order from always available or kids menu.
  9. On some ships the signs says "reserved for Yacht Club guests" so we're happy to use them and never feel that we are hijacking an elevator!
  10. We spoke to Concierge who asked us to select a time for the MDR. We had asked at MDR earlier in the day and they were so helpful. They said to come along at any time but confirm via concierge. Concierge were not so happy for it to be any time dining in MDR. So we selected a time. We were so lucky, our butler escorted us to the MDR to make sure everything was ok! Our server was so good and ensured it was a Christmas dinner never to forget!
  11. yep! lots of changes. I do hope the YC keeps their children's menu!
  12. If you don't like the options... they have the always available options... or the bambini menu. I've tried both alternative options. Yes, I found the YC kids menu! Even managed to get a pizza one gala night!!! I'm sure there must be a way of getting food sent up from main dining room to YC. Intend to try this in December. Has anyone tried this?
  13. not gonna be my birthday during our cruise... but have ordered a birthday cake anyway!
  14. same here... i only see a birthday cake.
  15. Just checked the MSC site over here in Brazil and it mentions a new $15 drink limit for the winter 21/22 season for the Yacht Club. Also the internet package has been upgraded from 4GB to unlimited for 2 devices. I know a few friends on cruisecritic predicted this would happen... it's just great to see it rolling out. Any updates in other countries yet?
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