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  1. Can i just add that some of the balcony cabins on deck 8 are even worst than you've read. The standard balconies at port and starboard towards the front, roughly 10 or so each side, have a single track prom deck in front which slopes upwards, meaning that as you move forward the balcony rail gets lower so that most of them allow anyone passing to look down directly onto the balcony. But that's not all. Most, if not all, of these cabins are directly over the theatre and are susceptible to noise up to 11.30 at night. I feel that within a year or two, when word about these cabins has spread enough, they will have to recategorize them. I think calling them balcony cabins is wrong, they are more like an obstructed outside.
  2. I'm reading things differently to what you are. The PCR test that P&O are providing onboard is for passengers who need to have this test, where required, to get off at foreign ports. As to the one time code via text for the PLF I thought that was only to enable you to access the online details you completed before departure, and then only if you chose to do so. I'm of the opinion that the PLF does not need to be accessed until 2 days before arrival back in the UK with no need to do anything with it before departure. I have no idea if I am right with any of this, it's just the way that I have read the information coming out and I fully accept that I may be wrong.
  3. Yes we're on the Spain/Portugal trip. In the email that P&O sent there is no mention of having to do a PLF for them---maybe P&O deal with it onboard?.
  4. I would hope and expect they will---but you never know. If not then, if you have a mobile package, the 4 g signal starts to appear on the night before you dock, so a lot of filling in to be done then and on arrival morning.
  5. I'm on a September cruise that requires me to input this completed Government form from 2 days before I'm due to arrive back in the UK. I realise that I have to book the 2 day PCR test before I board the ship so that I have the reference number required for the PLF form. What I'm unsure of is, do I have to do anything with the PLF form before I get on the cruise or can I wait and do everything 2 days before I arrive back. I've looked at the form and it does seem to me that I don't need to do anything until 2 days before I'm back in the UK, but I'm also mindful that if I get this wrong I'm a bit stuck.
  6. How did you manage to get 50% off?. We were on this cruise and there was no mention in Horizon of 50% off the first night---in fact I phoned Epicurean and asked if there was a 50% discount on the first night and I was told no?.
  7. No there wasn't. The only 'special' night was the Celebration(Formal) night. There were people around the ship in tropical shirts on other nights though.
  8. Thanks for that---I'd given up looking and assumed they were reverting back to book on board. Booked the 2 shows and comedian and, as you say, that's all there is.
  9. I'm on this cruise and cannot book anything. I've seen some suggestions that P&O are changing it back to book on board but, having just received the email from P&O telling me to go ahead and book the entertainment, I have no idea what is correct.
  10. Just had my email to check in on Iona 3 weeks today.
  11. Presume the prices are the cheapest insides. I wonder how much a balcony will be.
  12. Having looked at the new protocols am I right in thinking that you MUST have a mobile phone, not a tablet, to be able to receive the text result of the covid test they give you in the terminal before you are allowed to board?.
  13. I'm with the Co-Op Bank and have Axa travel insurance via their pay monthly Privilege account. Has anyone been able to get any confirmation of cover for them---nothing mentioned on the Banks website.
  14. Interesting. Reported in the news this morning that a health authority in France is recommending that anyone who has had covid should only be given one jab, based on the fact that hey already have anti-bodies and the one jab will act as a booster. COVID-19: Previously-infected people only need one vaccine shot, say French experts | World News | Sky News
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