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  1. We did a land/cruise tour last year similar to the 1RC. We flew from SC into Seattle. They transferred by bus to Vancouver. (3-4hours) We boarded the ship and headed for Alaska. (7 days) We got on a bus in Seward and traveled to Denali. (6-7 hour bus ride) Might be a long day for young ones, but we did see many moose and other wildlife. It was late afternoon when we arrived in Denali, and we were on our own for that evening. We had been assigned a time slot for the long wilderness tour into Denali. You could be assigned a mid afternoon time slot for your tour. That would put you getting back 8:00 or 10:00PM. Might be past bed time but you still need to eat dinner. I think it was 11:30 PM when we walked out from dinner. The next morning we boarded the train for the trip back to Anchorage. We were given our room assignments for the night in Anchorage. The next morning transferred by bus to the airport and flew back to Seattle. Transferred to a hotel for the evening and then transferred to airport for trip back to SC the next morning. We had two nights in Denali where yours has three. If I was to do it again I would do the land first then the relaxing cruise. Even though we enjoyed the entire trip the land portion was very tiring. Hope this answers some of your questions.
  2. Our cruise ended 12 May 2018. There was still a daily Taco Bar on that cruise.
  3. Trapper44

    Maasdam Transpacific

    We were on the same cruise as Joekerstef. Did not notice and plumbing problems nor did we hear of any. We were in the tropics and had a problem with the A/C in the Suites area. The main cause was several suites that left their balcony doors open 24 hours a day. This overloaded the A/C for all others in the area. Yes I had several brag to me they were enjoying the sea air! This should not be a problem on your proposed cruise. We did experience the vibration mentioned in several threads. This bothered the wife more than me. Not sure of the cause as it also occurred when we were in port and worse in specific areas. My guess would be one of the engines. The crew was fantastic and made this a very enjoyable cruise. That does look like a very interesting cruise and I cannot think of a ship I would rather do it on!!. .
  4. Trapper44

    Beverage package and water

    The other side of the argument. The SBP for our last cruise was over $1200 each. We decided to get a wine package (one to three glasses) for dinner. We also purchased $350 worth of beverage cards. We had decided that if we wanted a cocktail or a drink we would order it. We both love coffee but not the "specialty" type just plain coffee. Our waiter kept us full of coffee, water, and V8 juice at breakfast. We did enjoy pre dinner drinks and after dinner drinks when ever we desired. We did bring a few bottles of water onboard for our room and purchase a couple of the 2 liter bottles onboard. So for an investment of 600 to 700 dollars we had all the drinks we wanted rather than spend $2400 to $2500 for the SBP. Short version is YOU need to decide if you want the SBP. It was included on our Alaska cruise and I will agree my wife did enjoy looking at the list of drinks and saying "I have never had one of those. Wonder what it tastes like." It caused a lot of alcohol to be wasted!
  5. Trapper44

    Seattle Airport to Vancouver transportation via HAL

    We were told to look for someone wearing a RED vest. Spotted one and asked him where to go. He grabbed our bags and made sure we got on the bus. We did the double Denali and enjoyed the park tour very much.
  6. We sailed to Alaska on the Noordam last May/June. Thought I would add our enjoyment of the Canaletto. We enjoyed it so much my wife wants to eat there for her birthday on our upcoming cruise. We had read about the Gnocchi and it did not disappoint!!. We enjoyed all dining choices that we made. One thing I enjoyed on our land portion was rain deer sausage. I had it for breakfast and we had it on a pizza in Anchorage. The rain deer burger was also good. You are smart in doing the land first with the cruise to "rest" up and relax.
  7. Thank You!! We will look for It.
  8. Where was the sip and savor? that sounds nice pre dinner.
  9. OP asked à simple question. Yes there are times when getting off the ship is not a simple easy quick event We had problems due to gangway being moved and ships crew drill. Everyone was cutting into line when it did start to leave ship. Short version we missed the bus. As it was booked thru ship money was refunded and we were given a list for comp. excursions. Would have been nice to have had priority.
  10. Trapper44

    first timer questions...

    We also use a third party insurance. Last year we used HAL cancel for any reason for a 13 day Land Sea to Alaska. This time researching insurance requirements for our 20 day Panama Canal cruise I found a website that had many suggestions/recommendations. One of which was to get primary medical insurance vice the secondary insurance that most medical insurance is. Found a policy, with many higher limits, for not much more than we paid for the Alaska trip. A cancel for any reason rider could be purchased for less than $250. It is also door to door and covers us for the entire time we are gone.
  11. Trapper44

    Denalli with Hal.

    We also stopped for make your own sandwiches, salad bar, and cookies. Our stop at the war memorial was cut short due to a Memorial Day program. We arrived at McKinley Lodge and were able to book the dinner show that night. I hope your room is like the one in the pictures link. Ours was not.. Ours was very much more "rustic" and much smaller. The bedroom had a double bed and a single bed. Each were next to the wall on opposite sides. There was 24 to 36 inches between them. There was not enough room for the suitcase so it went back out to the sitting room on the couch. The excursion through Denali, the next day, was fantastic! You will be assigned a time for you to meet your bus for the tour. You will see many animals and the bus driver will use a high powered camera to project the camera view onto small screens that drop down so everyone can see. Those near a window will be able to lower the window so there is no glare from the glass. You will be able to purchase a DVD made from the camera on your bus. If you are lucky you will get to see the entire Mt. Denali. Even with the "rustic" room I would go back again.
  12. Our first trip on HAL was on Noordam, to Alaska, with an aft wrap around. Even with it being the end of May we were able to sit out on the balcony as we were protected from the wind most days. We did spend much time out there just watching every thing go by. Eating breakfast at the Pinnacle Grill was one of the highlights. It just seemed like a much more laid back experience than the Lido or MDR. We are sailing on MS Maasdam in April but she unfortunately she doesn't have them. Tell your parents to go for it and enjoy!
  13. Trapper44

    Carry on wine question

    Thank You That makes sense but I was hoping.
  14. Trapper44

    Carry on wine question

    Is it just one bottle corkage free per cruise or can you bring a bottle at each port?
  15. Trapper44

    Premium Beverage Package vs Classic

    If he enjoys Jack Daniels ask him to try Buffalo Trace. Was very surprised to find it on Noordam but was told that HAL had just started carrying it. It is very difficult to find outside the state of Kentucky. It is on the Signiture drink package. It has not been listed on any of the drink package drinks.