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  1. Don't stress about it. We were on Maasdam for Kings Day and they brought boxes of orange hats, wigs, beads, and other items . They passed them out to everyone that wanted them. They also had "orange colored" drinks to purchase in wild glasses. It was a lot of fun. Ours was the sail away party by the aft pool.
  2. Doubt it will be Charleston. The port is limited to 102 port calls per year. Carnival takes up 84 of those so the remainder are sought by the remaining cruise lines. That is why there are so few cruises that stop in Charleston.
  3. Had an aft cabin right under the aft deck and slept like a log. Only time we heard any noise was if we were out on our balcony, then we could hear chairs etc. being moved or people talking.
  4. We did not take our partial bottles out of the MDR but I think I read on here you can ask the bartender to get it for you, We did not know to tell the Wine Steward that we would be dining in the Cantaleo but we were able to have our bottles at our meal there. Also we had two unopened bottles left at the end of the cruise. the concierge in the lounge arranged for those bottles to appear in our room the last night. Still have one I am saving until just before our next cruise.
  5. We ordered our wine package from our wine steward in the MDR. Wife had her bottle and I had mine at dinner after that. I tried several until I found one I really liked. You order another bottle as you empty one. I would ask, when I buy the package, to have a bottle delivered to the room.
  6. We booked a cruise in May 2019 under the EBB. When the Explore 4 came out I was able to change our cruise to the Explore 4. We lost the SBP, not a big deal for us, but moved from a SY to SS, gained Internet, OBC, and had our price go down over $1000 so ours at least, was not an additional price.
  7. We did a Northbound on the Noordam. We had a starboard aft wrap around. We were able in May to sit out and enjoy that large deck without many layers of clothing. You do not have the wind from the motion of the ship hitting you. If we went up the side deck it was noticeably colder and we felt the wind more. You will have a view of both sides of the channel from your deck so it is not as critical as a side view Neptune. Yes there are three other aft facing suites on each level. I believe they are Vista Suites, so they probably go faster than the Neptunes.
  8. We also took the tour 2 years ago. Ours was the first week in June and our assigned time was after 2:00PM. Since we would be getting back later they held the Canyon Steak House open. Not sure if any other eating spots were open. It was after 10:00 when we were seated. We also boarded at the entrance to McKinley Lodge and drove straight to the park. We did not stop at the visitors center. We did not do it but I understand it is walkable either the afternoon before or the morning of your tour.
  9. The drink package does not cover the water available as you are leaving for an excursion.
  10. For us we have found that the price was the same from TA and on the HAL website. We have not booked a private sale. We use the TA for the OBC we are given. I specifically asked, this time, about upsales. I was told I needed to call the TA starting about 30 days prior to the cruise. This may end up being a hit or miss on an upsale.
  11. Thank You for your reply. We also are booked in a Signature with our Granddaughter and that was what I was hoping the result will be. Guess we will need to wait and see. Enjoy your cruise.
  12. Signature drink Package, Pinnacle Grill Dinner, and $200 OBC if booking a suite.
  13. If you would receive an upsell offer for $499 to a higher category cabin is that $499 also for the third person when the third is booked at a reduced or free rate? I presume that each of the first two people booked would be $499, but would the third also be $499?
  14. I am also interested. I called my big box store travel desk and asked. She told me that it was possible. If they get notice from HAL then they will notify you. Still would like to find out if this has happened.
  15. We did a 2017 cruise and two days in Denali. It was just my wife and I but we had King size bed everywhere except Denali. There we had a double bed and a single bed. The $79.00 special mattresses were worn out two years prior to 2017 so hopefully they have been replaced. The bedroom was so small we had to put the suitcase in the front room. Being in a SS will not affect your room assignment. They are upgrading the rooms so hopefully you will have better luck.
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