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  1. This is the response I would give (minus the casino). I like not worrying about a bar tab at the end of the cruise. Having the drink package definitely makes it easy to try all sorts of alcoholic drinks, but, for me, it also meant lots of items from the coffee bar, including milk shakes and bottled teas & flavored waters. Our favorite beverage when returning from a port day was a cold Frappuccino of some kind. It’s not about getting drunk for me.
  2. I read through this thread last night, and woke up thinking about the many different theories shared. I do hope that cruising returns, and that my family will be on a ship at some point in summer 2021, but I hesitate to book anything right now. For us, the hesitation is the “not knowing” which ships will be where and what itineraries might be an option. We live within easy driving distance of the ports of New Orleans and Mobile, but we are willing to drive to the ports of Galveston or Tampa if it’s worth it. We rule out Mobile EVERY single time, because we are not interested in the Fantasy. (She was my first cruise experience back in the early ‘90s, and I prefer to leave those mental images intact. Besides, one of our adult kids went on Fantasy with friends and was not impressed.). If Fantasy is retired, what happens to Mobile as a cruise port? Are there any non-Fantasy class ships that are small enough for that particular port? To me, and I realize that my opinion is very skewed, New Orleans is a great port city. I wish CCL would change their ships more often in NOLA, and I wish that RCCL and NCL would provide more sailing choices from there. Will there be some serious ship shuffling, after all of this COVID mess plays out? Then there’s Galveston, which currently lists some Radiance sailings for summer 2021. Let’s be honest, Radiance won’t be ready for sailings by then. So does CCL move another ship there? Or do they just remove that sailing entirely? COVID canceled our 42-member multigenerational family cruise. Although some of those people may never agree to cruise again, the majority of us are ready to try again next summer. We aren’t even looking for “a bargain” (although, of course, that would be nice), but a ship and itinerary that matches up with the dates we have in mind. Keeping my fingers crossed that the cruise lines can determine their future plans, soon. Almost forgot . . . There are WAY too many cruise brands. Whoever posted that they imagine some consolidation happening is correct. There’s just too much duplication of high dollar salary positions.
  3. What is the game of Quest? Our canceled June cruise would have been our first time on RCCL.
  4. What else did you do on your virtual cruise? We would love some recommendations. We had 42 family members from ages 4 - 83 traveling together, so we are trying to come up with some virtual cruise ideas.
  5. Did you really type out “I don’t know what variety of circumstances you’re referring to”? Just a few reasons I thought of, quickly. - Death of a family member due to Covid-19 (or anything else) - A traveler with a new health diagnosis which now puts them at high risk - Loss of job - No vacation time available, after taking your days to stay at home during the pandemic - No available travel funds due to additional medical expenses, assisting laid off family members with expenses, and/or tanked stock market We had 42 family members who lined up their vacation times to cruise together. A significant number of them are health care workers or transportation (think air or ground freight) workers, who have no idea when they will be able to schedule vacation, again, since they are essential. There are just so many circumstances that have changed because of the pandemic.
  6. It's May 14th, and our June 13th cruise still has not been canceled. We all know it is going to be canceled. So what's the delay RCCL? And what will RCCL do in the future to convince this never sailed on RCCL family to give you a try? At this point, I'm not impressed with everything I'm reading about RCCL's slow refund process.
  7. I have been ready for our cash refund for months. Just sitting around waiting on the 06/13/20 cruise to be canceled. And now this "lift and shift" option pops up and I have to stop and wonder. We are booked on Majesty. An old ship with, as you can probably guess, a very low per person cost. If we were allowed to "lift and shift" to a newer ship for the same cost, I might just let RCCL keep my money for a year. RCCL, if you are "listening" out there . . . Give us lots and lots of detail on "lift and shift." When you think you have given us all enough detail, you haven't. We have more questions. We all have lots of "what ifs."
  8. I have mixed feelings. I live in an area that has been under “Safer At Home” orders for two weeks, and people are still out and about doing all sorts of stuff. (I am NOT talking about the essential workers and the essential outings.). The overall belief is “you can’t tell me what to do.” These are the same type of people who would get on their cruise when they are sick, not stay in their cabin if they were ill, and spread illnesses all over a ship. I think the cruise ships can do everything in their power to keep the ship clean, but it’s the travelers that are the problem.
  9. Our travel rep recommended that we “keep an eye on” the Covid-19 crisis in New Orleans, because the cruise port there might be required to remain closed for longer. Has anyone out there heard any rumors or (better) truths on limits to travel in/out of New Orleans at this time? We are fully expecting our June 2020 cruise to wind up canceled, but sure would like to know sooner than later.
  10. It’s on the RCCL website. (The link looks wrong, but it’s the correct page.) https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates
  11. A big thanks for the tips! I just booked online directly with Generali, after entirely too many hours researching.
  12. I’m currently leaning toward a Nationwide cruise insurance policy for our family due to the pre-existing condition waiver. We have always purchased travel insurance when we cruise, but as my husband and I have gotten older, we are finding all of the “extra” coverage options to be really important for us.
  13. How long is your next cruise? I think you could easily ORDER 70 drinks on a 5 night or longer cruise. You don’t have to empty each drink, or you could . . . We aren’t judging. 🙂
  14. I JUST had a cucumber martini with my dinner at a local steak place. It was DELICIOUS! I will need to remember to order it on our summer cruise.
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