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  1. Refund. Hey all just a short note to tell you that CMV refunded our trip. For those of you wondering time lines it was shy of 50 days from the time they cancelled the voyage. We also disputed the claim here in the states with our credit card. Wife and I will not be pointing our browsers anywhere near the CMV website in the future. Wishing you all the health and wonder in any future travel you might take and hope to see some of you out there once this thing clears up.
  2. Hope they cancel us. Just got saw that Singapore is now closed to cruise ships and they wont even let you fly into the city through certain countries. Singapore is where we are to start our cruise. Here is hoping they do the right thing. Good luck to all.
  3. Have to agree with Lizzyanne. We do a lot of cruises and will never cruise on CMV either
  4. Cruiser man: Wow did not see that about Malaysia. That means out of the 7 countries we were supposed to visit 2 have banned cruise ships and India will not allow anyone to visit who has been to Korea or Japan after 1 Feb 2020 (which I believe Columbus is heading to) so that will be 3 countries banned out of 7. Wonder what CMV will do with the Columbus?
  5. Seasprout: thanks for the reply. I hope you got a refund or a FCC. As of today still no new information despite emails to our TA and the company. I see that two different cruise ships were denied access to Malta and Grand Turk Bahamas. Crystal, HAL and Princess have set forth new cancellation procedures to at least be able to get a FCC. Still three weeks to go. Enjoy your weekend.
  6. Wife and I are due to board the CMV Columbus World Cruise on April 3rd 2020 in Singapore for its final leg to the UK. Our cruise is 32 days long and we have no idea what is going on. The Columbus has been barred from several countries now with the Corona virus going around. Talked to our TA here in the States, emailed corporate HQ but to no avail. According to CMV posts “Columbus will now be taking a more southerly equatorial course heading directly towards South-East Asia via northern Australia to Indonesia, Borneo in Malaysia and on to Vietnam." and "While this news may be met with disappointment, we must follow the advice of the varying Governments and Health Organisations. Following these developments, we are pleased to advise that we will now be replacing the six cancelled calls with eight new calls."" Some of the countries we were to visit Sri Lanka and Israel are prohibiting cruise ships (Israel is stopping any who have been through Singapore for 14 days, which is where we pick up the ship and do not visit 21 days later). We understand that the situation is in flux, changes daily and this is a small thing with everything going on but it would be nice to at least get an update from CMV about which countries we might visit or is our timetable staying the same? We have heard nothing. Getting visas, planning tours all comes to mind. Anyone on the Columbus or out there that might a clue on the updated itinerary? Good luck to all!
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