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  1. I wouldn't give up hope. We were offered an upgrade from PV to PS for $399 per person (15 day cruise) at about 10 days prior. Sometimes folks get free upgrades. I would recommend reviewing the ship deck plans to see where the next category of cabins are located. We did this and were prepared to specify which deck and which side of the ship we wanted for the PS. Good luck!
  2. I was on a TA in 2018 and a second in 2019. Both times the sushi/sashimi was excellent and they have all the accoutrements, including chopsticks. For 2019, they expanded the choices each night. At least 3-4 sashimi choices (always included tuna and salmon if I recall correctly). Typically at least 4 sushi roll choices and there was always a California roll (vegetarian) plus most nights they had spicy tuna rolls. I wouldn't be surprised if they would make you a special roll if you asked---but I was always pleased with what was on offer.
  3. I wear the robe provided in my cabin quite a bit--for having coffee on balcony before getting ready and after dinner when we are in for the evening. If I have to bring lounge clothes, I make sure they are multi-duty. Yoga pants and top I can wear for walking/exercise or a pool cover up that is like a dress and nice enough to wear for breakfast/lunch. For beachy vacations, I take a long sleeve rash shirt (have had skin cancer) for swimming, snorkeling or being in the sun. Plus a pair of Lands End nylon swim/board shorts. This can double as my exercise outfit. This is a good outfit if you are doing something like a sailing or snorkeling excursion. Covered up for sun protection yet look presentable. All quick dry fabric---no cotton that takes forever to dry since you will need to rinse after being in chlorine or salt water.
  4. I would call your CC company and tell them you need the card sent to you via overnight. We have had cards compromised in the past and gotten new cards within 1-2 days. 5 Days seems unreasonably long. Had one compromised 2 days before a trip and told the CC company we needed it next day and it was no issue.
  5. The deck is 1/4 mile. You will have difficulty jogging for several reasons as noted above. At the front of the ship there is a narrow (one person only) passage and it is a blind curve. It would be somewhat dangerous for you (and anyone you overtake or encounter) in this portion. Since almost everyone is walking on this deck you would probably just frustrate yourself with the amount of people you need to continually overtake (or wait for in the single file portion). Additionally, we found that every day we walked there were folks walking both clockwise and counterclockwise which would add to your people-dodging.
  6. Okay--if curling irons and straightening/flat irons are not allowed on Viking River cruises then I am out. Same for Viking Ocean. Deal killer for me.
  7. Yikes--have been on 2 VO cruises and used straightening iron and curling iron on both.
  8. The caveat I would add—what are your pre and post cruise plans? We are staying in Spain for a week post-cruise with plans to dine at some Michelin star restaurants. So DH is bringing his jacket. He also likes to wear it while traveling or during the day in Europe as opposed to a fleece jacket. He feels he blends in better and does not stick out as a tourist. His preference is to not be under dressed or look overly American (no baseball caps, no printed t-shirts, no athletic clothing or shorts in Europe). All personal preference and I completely understand leaving it behind as a space consideration.
  9. Interesting. Do you know if this person had Viking Air? I would happily let Viking pay me $2K to use my $5k for 12 months plus a free upgrade. 40% return is good for me. I would use the $2K to book another last-minute bargain vacation-either land o cruise. Bigger issue would be vacation time if you are employed, air arrangements, pre and post cruise plans. What is the cost for changing those plans if you self-booked?
  10. Our surnames are the same and we received two booklets, as we did last year. And I agree, there is no need for two identical booklets. They were exactly the same and did not include booked excursions, restaurant or spa bookings. So really 100 pages of extraneous paper we need to take with us and then throw away.
  11. I think you will be fine! The ship is lovely and I found the storage to be ample. But we are not evening gown and tux type people so the lack of full length closet storage did not impact us. The self-serve laundry is free and if you send out laundry or dry-cleaning it is really reasonable. So pack light. Maybe stuff bulky coats under the bed or on closet top shelf when you return from excursions?
  12. I can't compare to RCCL, but we did a 15 day cruise with weather ranging from Caribbean to 40's-50's in Spain. We each brought one 24" suitcase, which fit under the bed. We were in a DV so the same size that you have. Yes--drawer space is limited but there is a long shelf above the closet rod in the closet and we simply had stacks of pants and tops up there. Small things in the drawers. You could leave bulky items in the suitcases under the beds for easy access. There is plenty of storage. But if you want more than 270 square feet then you should consider moving up to a Penthouse Veranda. That has an extra dresser type unit opposite the bed.
  13. I agree---and if I had need of a paper copy of whatever excursion I booked, I would print it. I understand that some people prefer paper over electronic. My objection is to a 50 page document that we have to show to board the ship, when 1 page printed or emailed document would suffice. It's wasteful and the only thing I needed from the booklet was knowing at which dock we will board, and they could have simply included that on a one page emailed document. Or at the very least---offer us the choice of an emailed PDF vs. paper booklet. The 50 page booklet includes detail on every excursion in every port--which is useless as 2 weeks prior to leaving we have already booked our excursions. The booklet doesn't even tell me which excursions I have booked---rendering it even more useless. It also includes T&C so perhaps this is their way of ensuring everyone has had access to T&C? Again, that could be emailed and you can print it out if you choose.
  14. Exactly. And PLEASE do away with all the pages outlining shore excursions---we have already booked those by the time we get the booklet! A colossal waste of paper as all that info is available online.
  15. We received one booklet per person. We are boarding in Miami and I doubt we will need them but I will bring them both. Kind of annoying waste of space. And Viking should be advising folks to have them easily accessible in their carry-on. I know we also were surprised in San Juan and had to rummage in checked bag. Minor domestic dispute-lol. Thank God I brought them or I would have been in big trouble with DH who always brings every scrap of paper. I would prefer an emailed 'boarding pass' or a one page document rather than a paper booklet that I will throw away once onboard.
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