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  1. As long as you are communicating through the roll call, try to set up a Meet & Mingle and let others who are interested meet at the M&M to make plans. I've seen Roll Calls where cruisers just used the roll call to organize a slot pull or a cabin crawl. No e-mails needed to be exchanged.
  2. I understand your point but I don't think AA spends the money creating first class cabins and the accompanying perks and staffing merely to reward coach frequent flyers. I understand rewarding loyal customers by filling unsold premium seats but I don't think AA guarantees a first class seat for frequent flyers.
  3. Flaunting elite status is all a part of it. Princess knows that calling certain customers 'special' helps them keep customers who find being called "elite" enhances their self image. Pre medallion, a person's status was posted at each door on the name cards. I couldn't help but notice how many 'elites' were in inside cabins. I didn't like that somebody was getting preferential treatment over me even though they are staying in the 'discount' cabins and paying a lot less than I paid for the cruise. In the past, I've seen people compare this to first class on aircraft, but the big difference is that I know the people flying first class paid 3 or 4 times what I paid for the same flight.
  4. The ROV ceremony will be scheduled for when time is available in the Captain's schedule. They will do their best to accommodate your request but running the ship is the Captain's first priority. I would make my plans based on not getting confirmation of the date and time of the ceremony until sometime on embarkation day. The way it worked for us 3 months ago was that there was an envelope waiting for us in our cabin on embarkation day asking us to meet at the customer service desk at 5PM to discuss arrangements with a ship's officer. Later that day, I got a telephone call in my cabin from that officer confirming the date and time of the ceremony. I'm betting that you will not know for sure until after the ship has sailed. That said, bring up your concerns about getting hair and makeup appointments when you meet with the ship's officer to discuss arrangements for the ceremony. The ship's officer may be able to help you with getting the appointments you need before the ceremony. Good Luck and enjoy your cruise!
  5. It costs a lot more to undo it. Much cheaper to do the ROV.
  6. If you show up in the afternoon, your cabin will most likely be ready for you when you board. If you follow the advice to show at 10:30 or 11, your cabin may not be ready but you can enjoy a nice relaxing lunch maybe pack some swimwear in your carry on and you get to start your cruise experience while others are in traffic coming to the ship. A nice cold beer or Bloody Mary always helps to jump start our cruise once we are on board.
  7. When we were on the Coral last April, Crooners Martini Bar had complimentary Olive Trays with about 6 or 8 good size martini olives stuffed with jalapeno, garlic, blue cheese, almond, pimento and other stuffing I can't remember. I didn't see where you indicated which ship you were sailing on so I can't check to see if there is a Crooners on your ship. The Olives were outstanding! I'm sure you could just stop by and request a tray or two during your voyage. By the way, apparently the Crooners Olive Trays are a well kept secret. Don't tell anyone else...
  8. As I said before, I believe this is all a moot point. Plus, I don't think the CCL board wants to hear angry shareholders voicing their displeasure at the annual stockholder's meeting. Remember, It's not just Princess cruisers, it's also Carnival, Holland America, Seabourn, P&O, Cunard, Costa and Aida cruisers. These are customers who use Carnival's products. If the institutional shareholders start hearing major dissatisfaction from shareholding customers at the annual meeting, certain directors may find themselves out of a job as well as more cautious investors may want out. Just my two cents...
  9. DW & I only took the photos that came with the package. You're right! It seemed like an attempted robbery on the high seas...
  10. Because the ROV package includes photos, champagne, flowers and chocolates, Princess is probably not going to do 4 people for the price of 2. This is just a guess on my part, but if each couple were to purchase the ROV package and when you meet with the ship's officer at the guest services desk, have all four of you present at the same time and let them know you want your ceremonies held at the same time, they will accommodate you. If you only purchase one ROV package, they will most likely only want to do one couple. I think the 'group' disclaimer in the package description is to let you know if there are so many couples purchasing ROV packages that it would take up an inordinate amount of the Captains time, Princess reserves the right to make your ROV ceremony a group ceremony. I'm thinking that if there are 200 couples purchasing ROV packages and they want it done on Valentine's Day, you are not going to get a private ceremony. I think your best bet is for each couple to purchase the ROV package and once onboard ask for the ceremonies to be combined. I can't see them turning down that request.
  11. When I did it in April, there was a letter waiting in our stateroom on embarkation day requesting that I appear at the guest services desk at 5PM to "discuss the date and time of the ceremony." I was asked my preferences and I got a call from a ship's officer later on confirming one of the dates and time I requested. It was well worth it. Coral Princess ROV.pdf
  12. Good catch! You are absolutely correct in those instances where the port of origin and the port of termination are the same. (Closed Loop Cruises) However in instances where a cruise originates in San Francisco and stops in Canada and terminates in Seattle, a passport or enhanced driver license is necessary to reenter the U.S. My last cruise originated in Los Angeles and terminated in Fort Lauderdale. There are a number of Princess cruises that run between Quebec and NYC or Fort Lauderdale. Interesting question - does a B2B NYC to Quebec to NYC count as a closed loop cruise or is it considered two separate cruises?
  13. South Carolina does not issue "Enhanced" driver licenses. The only states that currently issue "Enhanced" driver licenses are Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Vermont, and Washington. Enhanced driver's licenses are available to Canadian citizens residing in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and formerly Quebec. Check with your State, if your license has a star instead of a flag it is a "Real ID" See South Carolina DMV website which states "Beginning October 1, 2020, your South Carolina driver's license or identification card must have a gold star to show it's a REAL ID in order to use it as your identification to board a domestic, commercial flight, enter a secure federal building, or visit a military installation ….Regardless of whether you buy a REAL ID or not, you must still have an unexpired US Passport to travel internationally." See: http://www.scdmvonline.com/-/driver-services/drivers-license/real-id.
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