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  1. There is no problem getting the bonus from a purchase of $2000 cards. I bought $10,000 in. five 2K cards and got one $1,000 bonus card.
  2. February 2023 35 days on Zuiderdam: ◄ Jan 2023 February 2023 Mar 2023 ► Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2
  3. Under Florida law, if he does nothing, it still becomes law. He actually needs to state he is vetoing the bill. I don't think he will veto the law, because the Key West amendment got attached to a bill which has very wide support for other important issues.
  4. I guess it ain't over till the fat lady sings... "A day after citizens of Key West thought the legislation aimed at overturning their vote to limit cruise ship traffic appeared dead, Republican legislative leaders quickly reversed course Wednesday and powered it past Democrats to send it to the governor. Sen. Jim Boyd, the Bradenton Republican who sponsored the original bill that stalled earlier this week in the House, attached an amendment to an unrelated Senate transportation bill declaring that “any local ballot initiative or referendum may not restrict maritime comm
  5. DW & I have decided to postpone our cruising until 2023. Hopefully by then, this will all just be a bad memory and we won't need to worry about unvaccinated PAX ruining our cruise.
  6. I looks like the bill got killed in the Florida House. It might get resurrected but it looks like some 'poison pill' amendments were added to the House version which made it unpalatable. "A Florida bill that would overturn voters' decision to limit cruise ships in Key West was declared "dead" in Florida's House by one if its sponsors. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Rep. Spencer Roach, Republican of North Fort Myers, said he did not see "a path forward" for the bill, but did say that "anything can happen" between now and the end of the Legislature's 60-day session on Friday
  7. Here's the thinking of one "educated" anti-vaxxer who might be on your ship - but probably not: A private school in Florida told teachers and staff it will not employ anyone who receives the COVID-19 vaccine, and those who already took the vaccine would have to stay separate from students, the Associated Press reported. Leila Centner, the co-founder of the Centner Academy in Miami and a anti-vaccination activist, told employees in a letter last week that she made the policy decision with a "very heavy heart." She asked those who have not received a COVID-19 vaccine to wait unt
  8. According to that NCL page: " Mandatory Vaccinations Against Covid-19 on Initial Voyages "Cruises with embarkation dates through October 31, 2021:All guests sailing aboard cruises with embarkation dates through October 31, 2021, are required to be fully vaccinated, at least 2 weeks prior to departure, in order to board. Vaccines combined with multi-layered and robust preventative health and safety measures, including universal COVID-19 testing prior to embarkation, will help us provide a uniquely safe and healthy vacation environment that we believe exceeds all other vacation choic
  9. There is also inherent bias in the way a poll question is framed. In this case it is a dichotomous choice question being posited: "Sail or no sail." In this poll, respondents are being asked to decide will they get on a cruise ship or not? Another more accurate measure might be "which ship would you sail on?" (A) 100% vaccinated, (B) A mixture of vaccinated and unvaccinated, or (C) None at all. I think you would most likely get significantly different results if that is the way the question was framed.
  10. Ha Ha! You need to ask the CDC who are keeping secret what the requirements will be if they will even authorize test cruises in phase 2B. If you even get an answer, then let the rest of the world know.
  11. Wow! Get a grip. All I said was you were fortunate to get a refund so soon. Who mentioned anything about attorneys or CC charge backs? Have a cup of tea.
  12. No, they didn't give a time frame. This was the only reference O made to refunds in the cancellation e-mail. "All reservations under deposit or final payment with a credit card, check, or bank wire will automatically receive a full (100%) refund of all funds that have been applied to your reservation." There was no further info regarding refunds. I'm not complaining, I was just remarking that you were pretty fortunate to get such quick refunds. Not getting the refund right away isn't going to affect my ability to pay the rent or buy formula for the baby...😄
  13. None. It's only been 20 days since the cancellation. I'm in no big hurry.
  14. I guess you were pretty fortunate. My July cruise was cancelled on April 6. I'm still patiently waiting for the credit on my card. But as I said, I'm being patient. (US purchase through a TA, O billed my card directly.)
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