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  1. Florida Governor just announced that they now have 181 supermarket pharmacies (Publix) in 15 counties distributing the vaccine with more to come.
  2. I have a friend who is in the hospital for a non-Covid condition. One of his nurses refused the vaccine. She has just tested positive and now my friend needs to stay in isolation in the hospital for 14 days and is worried that he will now develop the disease with his underlying serious condition. What is that they say..."First, do no harm..."
  3. There is a lot of concern about the anti vaxxers undermining the achievement of herd immunity. If the people who aren't vaccinated get sick and survive the illness then they too will have a certain level of immunity. (Maybe not as much as if they had taken the vaccine...) Maybe that way the anti vaxxers will contribute to achieving herd immunity. I find it interesting to see there are people who are waiting on getting the vaccine in order to see if there are any long term reactions in other people. In the mean time there are definitely many documented cases of long term consequ
  4. Thanks, that was my original point. I don't see them removing a mask requirement without instituting a vaccination requirement. JMHO
  5. That would go a long way toward controlling Noro on cruises. 🤢
  6. If everyone onboard a ship has been vaccinated against Covid, wouldn't that establish herd immunity for that population of PAX onboard?
  7. So what's the point of them pushing the vaccines in the first place if they don't believe it will work? “masks, distancing and hand-washing will probably turn out to be as or more effective than vaccines." Doesn't that also mean the vaccine is probably just as effective as masks, distancing and hand-washing? Are we to be needing to have vaccines, masks, distancing and hand-washing forever?
  8. If deadzone1003 was referring to an earlier post of mine, I think it's just not as complicated as being made out. If a person gets both doses of the Moderna vaccine and enough time passes for the body to build the immune response and they still get sick from Covid-19, then they fell into the 5.5%. That said, the research showed that the Covid illness wouldn't be as severe as if the person had not been vaccinated. One will never know whether the vaccine worked for them or whether or not they just never experienced an exposure. I didn't get the flu this year - was it because I was vaccinated
  9. I'm not looking to influence others who may want to go, no matter the conditions. I'm also not 'going on strike' in order to influence O's policies. I was expressing that I won't go on any vessel that doesn't require all souls onboard to be vaccinated. If everyone aboard have been vaccinated then it is my belief that it would be overkill to require additional onerous conditions on sailing. If others are comfortable with those conditions then "Bon Voyage."
  10. In that case they'll be taking precautions without me, DW and two other guests. They may have an empty ship. Who wants to be on a cruise where they'll need to wear a mask whenever they're out of their cabin?
  11. My point was that this was this article gave no reference point other than 'old and frail.' If you were to ask most college age people, they would probably define us as 'old and frail.' To quote the article, “If you are very frail, you should probably not be vaccinated,” Steinar Madsen at the Norwegian Medicines Agency said at a webinar on corona vaccine for journalists on Thursday." That wasn't the most scientific definition I've ever seen. A little more information would be helpful in making informed decisions impacting life and death...
  12. I am booked on a July 9 NYC-Bermuda-NYC 7 day cruise. I'm still wondering if that one will go off. Being an eternal optimist, I plan to make the final payment in April. However, I won't go on this cruise unless everybody is vaccinated and no mask requirement onboard. I wouldn't be comfortable wearing one of these d****d masks all day long for a week.
  13. Would somebody who is so old and frail that they wouldn't survive mild side effects from a vaccine be likely to sail on a cruise ship or be out in society? I'd be curious to know how the Norwegians defined 'old' and 'frail.'
  14. Moderna was the only vaccine to show that even if you were in the 5.5% where it wasn't effective in preventing the disease, the vaccine blocks the illness from becoming severe. Pfizer didn't look at that factor so it's an unknown at this point. If I have a choice, I'll go with Moderna.
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