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  1. Wow! That's some fancy rowboat you have there!
  2. I have a 28 day cruise booked on the Star. We are Platinum Level. If Star is denying entry to platinum members in the PES lounge, then I will likely cancel the booking and look for a similar itinerary on another line. I would encourage other platinum members to stop sailing on the Star or any other ship that is taking our lounge away. After all, it is a loyalty program and loyalty is a two way street. What satxdiver is reporting is clearly disloyalty to platinum members.
  3. I'm not questioning your statement but how do you know for sure that it was for elite only? (Are you platinum and were you refused entry?)
  4. I would usually address envelopes to the title or position and take the envelopes to Passenger Services and has always worked for me.
  5. I don't think so. That link has been on CC for years. The first time I set up a M&M I used that page as a resource and that's where I downloaded the templates for the name tags I've always used. I don't know if some posters are mixing in the procedures for other cruise lines. I have only done M&M's on Princess and the process has always been the same with one minor exception. The first time I set one up I called the Princess M&M rep for the ship (I don't recall which ship.) and the rep asked if I wanted ships officers to attend. She sent the invitations to the officers through their internal system. That was the only time that happened, every time after that I had to direct written invites to particular officers. Princess didn't need a list of attendees, they only wanted a headcount. For the sake of privacy, I never wanted cabin numbers or e-mail addresses - I didn't need them and I didn't want to put a condition that people sign up by doing anything other than saying "Yes" on the roll call. If people wanted to exchange e-mail addresses and cabin numbers on the roll call good for them but I didn't want or need that information for the M&M.
  6. I would normally invite Captain, Staff Captain, Cruise Director, Hotel Operations Officer, Maître' d, Head Chef. But ask on your roll call who they would like to hear from at the event. That's your best source of information. I would generally ask the Cruise Director to do all of the introductions and act as an MC. They're used to it and are very good. Good luck! Attached is a Word Document that is an invitation I made a couple of years ago. Feel Free to adapt it. Cruise Critic Invite March 2018 v2.docx
  7. Try looking here: https://www.google.com/search?q=princess+cruises+drink+menu+2019&newwindow=1&sxsrf=ACYBGNQBCdWITnFRwUDClOiUGl1EV_-Qdg:1574110515427&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj_te_Q0vTlAhXlUN8KHe_JBlkQ_AUIESgB&biw=1012&bih=444&dpr=1.35#spf=1574110637114
  8. is the CC level color shown on both sides of the medallion? Can you place it face in on the holder?
  9. Of course, that all depends on how many Elites and Princess Excursions show up to bump you. No guarantees when you will get off even if you are Elite. I've seen threads where posters were complaining that they were elite and they still had a wait because of all the other elites on that sailing. (I'm not referring to your particular itinerary, I don't know where the elites were or what sailing they were on.) Your question may be better presented to the Seaplane Tour Operator. I'm sure they will say that they will wait for you. It's probably not their first rodeo! Enjoy the trip, I'm envious!
  10. It may not make a big difference, but if you check the link in OP's post, you will see that these events are actually named "Meet & Mingle" not 'Meet & Greet.' That may be why an informal Meet & Greet got trumped by a Meet & Mingle. Usually a Meet & Greet is an event where you can shake hands with a celebrity, politician or author. On the Joe Kenda cruise, they have a Meet & Greet with Joe Kenda and the actor who portrays him listed as an official event. I don't know why, but many on these threads absolutely refuse to call these events by their proper name. Go figure...
  11. I was advised to specifically request that Princess keep the M&M out of the Patter. Non CC members have seen it in the Patter and showed up expecting free drinks and caused some disruption. I always told the roll call members it would not appear in the patter and to make a note of the date, time and location. (Usually 11AM first sea day.) The CC M&M is a private function.
  12. I didn't see where the link said that Princess will set it up if we don't. They said that it will be held on all sailings. I think that means if Cruise Critic members want to do a Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle and contact Princess to ask for one to be set up they will do it on all sailings. I have set up some Meet & Mingles and won't do it anymore. I did a lot of work at my expense printing up the CC name tags, designing and printing formal invitations for ship's officers, providing Sharpies for attendees to print their names on the tags only to have half the people who said they'd attend actually show. Once I was extremely embarrassed when we actually had more ships officers in attendance than CC attendees. ( It was on the Regal.) Nope, I won't do it anymore - I'm done.
  13. If one can bring a horse onboard, why does it's size matter if it provides comfort? We shouldn't discriminate against a horse just because of its size. Also we shouldn't forget to bring along the horses' emotional support donkey.
  14. To answer OP's question: As you can see, early access to cabins is a frequently discussed issue here on Cruise Critic. The simple answer to your question is no, early access to your cabin is not a perk given to any Captain’s Circle level. Those who state they get early access to their cabins are usually going to the cabins on their own and not as any benefit of their passage contract. You can certainly try once on board, but be prepared that you may either need to keep your carryon bags with you or check the bags in the baggage check (if there is one.) I hope this helps.
  15. Does this mean that airline passengers should be able to board early so they can drop their carry on luggage? Do you think they would slow down the cleaning and preparation of the aircraft? They'd just be there 'for a moment.'
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