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  1. Princess Issued an Updated on Refunds regarding Processing Time -- March 20, 2020 Given the volume of refund requests and the care being dedicated to ensure each guest’s request is processed accurately and in a coordinated manner, please allow for approximately 60 days for refunds to be processed. All refunds will be processed in due course, but delays should be anticipated. Please allow sufficient time for us to manage this process.
  2. I know this is slightly off topic but I've been noticing that there is a LOT of cruise ship traffic coming and going from Port Everglades. Today there are three ships, yesterday I think there were four other ships and the day before looked like five or six different ships. Anybody know what is going on? Are they disembarking crews or taking on supplies? I don't think they're sailing with guests....😕
  3. I never said the pitch was to get rescue funds. I said it was to get assistance. There's more to assistance than money although money can help. At this point, I'm unaware of any assistance the cruise industry has received from any governments including the U.S., Canada, Japan and the U.K. They have left the industry and its passengers out to dry. How many internment camps is the government running for anybody other than cruise passengers?
  4. I think the numbers from the CLIA may be very skewed. If you look at their list of member companies, you will see many of the smaller companies with smaller ships that do a lot of short hops as ferries in the Med and river trips. In order to have a more accurate figure, CLIA should break down their stats by category of types of services. Plus, this pitch is old and was made to present to the US Government in order to get assistance. If the US Government is to turn its back on the cruise industry then there's no reason for CLIA to voluntarily restrict its passengers.
  5. The main advantage to cruising especially for seniors is that you travel to various locations in your hotel room eliminating the need to constantly pack, unpack and more importantly drag your luggage through train stations or to or from a bus each day. If the cruise industry were to block passengers over 70 YOA it would be the death knell of the industry. It is the retirees that have the cash and time to take these cruises, not the 20 somethings.
  6. The Carnival announcement is from Carnival Cruise Line, not Carnival Corporation. When Princess suspended sailings for 60 days, Carnival Cruise Line took no action until the cruise industry voluntarily suspended cruises for 30 days. I don't think Carnival Cruise Line and Princess are as tied at the hip as one might think.
  7. I could see that in the future, proof of vaccinations could be required documentation in order to even book a cruise. Who knows - there may even end up being a new industry of pre-cruise medical examinations and certifications springing up. Those stand alone urgent care places would welcome the new income opportunity. It could become a marketing point of certain cruise lines that they would require proof of such certifications as part of the check-in documentation. I can also foresee a drastic reduction in the number of ports of call for cruise ships as cruise ship passenger phobia will probably take more time to disappear than the actual virus itself. Some type of assistance to the cruise lines will probably happen unless the government is willing to let the cruise travel related jobs wither on the vine. Port cities already subsidize cruise ship terminals in order to bring in the local jobs that the ships produce. No congressman wants to see massive losses of jobs and empty terminals in their districts. There would also be the opportunity for the bureaucrats to get their fingers into the industry with additional social engineering and environmental regulations.
  8. You're certainly entitled to your opinion. Since you didn't articulate any reasons for why you think I misspoke, I can only assume you have none. Only time will tell if Carnival gets excluded from the assistance, certainly not me and not you...
  9. People will always want to look for a villain when something tragic occurs. Are we really interested in villainizing people who were scared for their lives and just wanted to get off the Grand? Given that the virus was more prevalent on cruise ships sailing the Pacific Ocean, why is it that the North American epicenter is New York City - a city on the Atlantic Ocean? It's not likely that the untested people from the Grand all traveled to the five boroughs of NYC right after getting off the Grand. The media has made it look as if the virus originated on cruise ships and that those passengers are the villains responsible for spreading the disease. By the way, there are no quarantine internment camps on the East Coast. Why does the West coast have mandatory interment camps for cruise ship passengers? How many passengers were required to be tested when they landed at LAX, SFO or Sea-Tac?
  10. According to the article above, "a company must be “created or organized in the United States or under the laws of the United States”" Carnival was created as a subsidiary of Boston-based American International Travel Service (AITS). Thus it was created in the United States. Additionally, Carnival Corporation is "under the laws of the United States" otherwise the US Department of Justice wouldn't have standing to prosecute Carnival in US District Court for the Southern District of Florida for offenses which were alleged to occurred on the other side of the world. This article wouldn't be the first time NBC published false or misleading information in order to further NPC's own interests.
  11. I think it's more a public relations move. I don't have any statistics to back this up but I'd be willing to bet all my valuable CCL stock that Sea-Tac airport brings in and sends off many, many more travelers than the cruise port. Closing the port to cruise ships when they're not sailing anyway isn't doing a thing. If it were a real public safety move, they would shut down ALL ports - cruise port and airport, but they aren't doing that.
  12. I'm not predicting this, but I can see where the US could suspend the requirement to stop at a foreign port and allow cruises to nowhere or even cruises up and down each coast as a boost to the cruise industry. They're supposed to be cutting all kinds of red tape for other industries.
  13. Absolutely correct - Princess and Costa are already beyond the 30 day suspension of service.
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