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  1. We are leaving in a couple of weeks. Any experiences with insects on excursions or in any of the popular port calls?
  2. Good to know. I had been told that if the ship is sailing into the wind it's like riding a motorcycle. I should have phrased my comment better. I meant to say it wasn't practical to use the balcony when under way rather than implying there was some rule. It sounds like it's more a function of wind direction and speed.
  3. No, one large screen in front of the bed - easily viewable from the couch.
  4. I don't think you can use the forward facing balconies when under way.
  5. Photo of the balconies under the Sea Walk and Sea View Bar taken from the Sea Walk.
  6. DW & I usually book mini suites when we sail. In addition to the postage stamp sized balcony on Regal's minisuites you may find the redesign of the minisuite on the Regal to be a disappointment. The "hourglass" design of the minis on older ships gave a feel of two separate rooms and we really enjoy the couch and coffee table. Now, the minis have straight walls and a curtain separating the sitting area from the sleeping area. The biggest disappointment was the very small balcony. It felt cramped. The problem we had with the minis with the larger balconies on the bump outs was that they lack privacy. They are under the glass bottom Sea Walk and people can (and do) look straight down into the balconies below. We found an alternative to the minisuite if you are interested: the Deluxe Balcony Cabin. The main difference between the minisuite and the deluxe balcony is that the mini has a full bathtub where the deluxe has a shower stall instead. There is a 2 person couch in the deluxe rather than a 3 person couch in the mini. The drawback is the meager balcony size. (Same size as the minisuite.) What makes the deluxe a better fit for us is that the deluxe has everything we wanted in a cabin but it is less costly than the minisuite which again, is a disappointment to us anyway. That's my two cents - I hope it gives you an alternative.
  7. DW likes Absolut on the rocks. Sometimes when we are out, if she asks for that the waiter comes back with one shot of Absolut in a glass with ice. It's more a glass of ice with 1/4 inch of liquid on the bottom. When you ordered your doubles, did each drink count as one or two against your daily max? Thanks.
  8. Yes there is - it's called being honest with the other readers. I think you missed the point of my post. I don't see anything wrong with showing up early. I do find it strange for people to show up earlier than requested and then have a problem that the ship isn't ready for them. I quoted the policy to show that all of us are warned in advance and in writing that if you show up early "your cabin will not be ready." As long as I don't mind enjoying myself on Lido while I am waiting for my cabin to be ready I am fine with early boarding. I just won't come on here and complain that the cabin wasn't ready when I was given advance notice that the cabin wouldn't be. Again, I'm not against boarding early - Princess allows it. My whole point is just accept the conditions that come with an early boarding.
  9. I am sailing on Coral in April. According to the MedallionNet (Princess' updated high speed internet) web page, MedallionNet is rolling out on Coral April 5. I don't know what Ocean Ready means in total but it sounds like an app that replaces the Cruise Personalizer for the Medallion Class ships. Coral getting MedallionNet only means the ship will have improved WiFi - not the Medallion Class cruising.
  10. Princess has a Progressive Check in Policy. The check in instructions on your itinerary states: " Please do not arrive prior to the start of cruise check-in as your cabin will not be ready. Once onboard, enjoy a meal at Horizon Court which remains open throughout the day to serve you. 1:00 PM - Baja & Caribe Decks: Cabins on these decks begin with B & C 1:30 PM - Dolphin Deck: Cabins on this deck begin with D 1:45 PM - Emerald Deck: Cabins on this deck begin with E 2:30 PM – Aloha Deck: Cabins on this deck begin with A 2:45 PM - Plaza & Fiesta Decks: Cabins on these decks begin with P & F " Please take note that the instructions start the check in process at 1PM. Gee, isn't 1 PM that same time the cabins are usually ready? Princess isn't going to deny you boarding if you show up earlier than instructed but you've got to love all these people who disregard the instructions, show up at 10:30/11AM and then go on here to whine about their cabin not being ready! If Princess made PAX strictly adhere to the Progressive Check In Policy and you showed up at the pier two or three hours early, you would still be lugging around your carry-ons on the pier... Full disclosure: DW and I will show up early to check in. We don't try to sneak around to get to our cabin and we don't whine that the cabin wasn't ready. Also note that their posted policy doesn't offer lunch in the MDR either - they only offer Horizon Court. So why are people perturbed when they are denied entry to the MDR or it closes at an early time?
  11. Misery? I'll know now to stay off Royal Caribbean. It has been my experience on pretty much every Princess cruise that they will only operate a couple of elevators to take you up to the Pool/Horizon Court Deck until the cabins are released for occupancy. I really don't understand folks who say the went to their cabin by bypassing fire doors. On my cruises, the crew member operating the elevator wouldn't stop on any deck that had cabins. Plaza Deck to Lido Deck nonstop (meaning they won't stop in between.) The only explanation I have is if they are staying on Lido in the first place, otherwise they wouldn't even stop at my deck. My big complaint on embarkation day it Princess cramming everybody through the only two elevators they are operating. No self service...
  12. We may be able to thank the lawyers. I know some jurisdictions have outlawed BOGO Happy Hours because they encourage excess drinking. 1/2 price Happy Hours are allowed in NY where I live - but not BOGO. They don't mind you paying less for your drinks during happy hour, they don't want you getting loaded up on drinks instead. ( I know... !/2 price means I can get 2 for the price of one, but they feel that some people will have one cheap drink and go home instead of staying for more.) So back to the cruise ships - there has been a trend for lawyers to jump on cruise lines for encouraging excessive alcohol consumption and blaming the stupidity of their clients on the cruise ship for encouraging binge drinking. Once one cruise line gets hit with a huge award, the other lines lawyers listen. It's probably only a matter of time before the PBP lowers its maximum per day. They have already taken away the unlimited package - thank the lawyers.
  13. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to know what formula they use to decide who gets offers and who doesn't. I realize it starts with what types of cabins they need. I'm probably wrong here, but I think upsells and move overs get offered mostly to inside cabins. We almost always get a mini or a deluxe balcony so, I'm not expecting any offers anytime soon.
  14. With so many complaints in threads, it's always nice to hear a happy ending.
  15. Typically, what type of cabin gets you the move over offers?
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