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  1. I don't think OP was booking a cruise on Diamond, the quarantined vessel. More likely since OP stated the sailing was in March from Singapore it was either the Majestic or Sapphire which would have sailed from Singapore. Those ships were not quarantined but they were running out of ports that would permit entry. Princess was trying to set up alternative itineraries but they weren't going to work out so, Sapphire has discontinued all Asia sailings and will now concentrate on sailings from Australia. It probably wasn't an easy decision to cancel more than 25 separate sailings for Sapphire and it must have taken some time to work out the details before they started cancelling. Hopefully this will work out for most people but there will be some for whom nothing will suffice. We just have to wait and see. If this doesn't convince people to purchase all encompassing travel insurance then nothing will.
  2. I think this discussion may be comparing apples to oranges. I see where people have been notified of the compensation being offered to PAX whose cruise was cancelled by Princess while the PAX were still booked on that sailing. The OP voluntarily cancelled before Princess cancelled the sailing so the compensation package may end up being different (or it may be the same...) I just wouldn't presume to be getting the same compensation deal from Princess as others just yet.
  3. We bought about 5 of these Clorox Bleachless Disinfecting wipes packages. We brought them on our last cruise and wiped down the surfaces in our stateroom and brought one with us each time we went to the buffet for our table top. Each wipe cost us about 10 cents apiece.
  4. I'm glad that works well for you. It would work well for me with one exception: DW. The times we took 3rd party excursions (even though they had return to ship guarantees) DW kept looking at her watch and didn't enjoy the excursions because she was afraid we'd miss the ship and it would become a fiasco getting to the next port. For us, the comfort of knowing the ship will wait is worth the extra money as DW can relax knowing she'll be on the ship before it sails.
  5. More than 2,200 human beings have been killed by this virus; many leaving no one to support their families. You are complaining that you may only get back 50 cents on the dollar due to a lost vacation. Where is YOUR heart? Put matters into perspective and you'll see how truly fortunate you really are.
  6. Yeah, but you need to buy up to 3000 tickets a day...
  7. Keep a running headcount on your rollcall - Princess needs to know how many. Arrange the M&G through the M&G contact person for Ruby. (You can find that on another thread.) When arranging the M&G with the Princess contact, avoid referring to yourself as the 'host' unless you are going to pick up the bar tab at the event. Tell the Princess rep that you want a 'no host bar' - this way it will be pay as you go for the attendees. Most Princess ships require sending written invitations to any ships officers or staff you want to attend. It helps to ask on your roll call what ship's staff would be of interest. Invite the Cruise Director, they're accustomed to speaking at M&Gs and usually do a good job of making the M&G interesting. Most importantly, just have fun.
  8. The Progressive Boarding times Princess will suggest are just that - suggestions. Arrive at the terminal when it is convenient for you, but I would suggest between 10:30 AM and 1PM. No need to rush to get to the ship - you won't be the first to board anyway and you're already on vacation. Might as well start 'island time' before boarding. Enjoy your cruise!
  9. To answer your question, no - I did not say that someone sneezing or coughing on food isn't a problem. It's just not the way Noro is spread. I never said coughing or sneezing never gets on food. CDC reports that infected food service workers are responsible for 70% of Norovirus transmissions. Putting the food behind glass won't significantly block the spread of Noro since the food service workers will still be behind the glass with your food. The best way of diminishing the chances of contracting Noro is to wash your own hands frequently and consistent application of well established infection control procedures. Here is a chart from the CDC about contracting Noro
  10. Most health departments emphasize that one does not get Norovirus from someone coughing or sneezing. Noro is contracted by touching a contaminated surface with your hands and then placing your now contaminated hands in your mouth. One of the best preventative techniques in addition to the other very good precautions (frequent hand washing, avoiding contact with handrails, door handles, elevator buttons etc...) is to be conscious all the time about placing your fingers in your mouth. Norovirus is consumed orally by the victim.
  11. DW thinks she saw that option too. I just don't remember seeing it. I guess I'd better jump on the next Medallion Class cruise to make sure...
  12. As I understand the issue, the claim is that one can place a medallion on the reader of one of the large screen monitors and find out which cabin it belongs to. I just don't recall seeing that.
  13. As I said earlier, I really didn't play with those large screens very much. I just don't recall seeing that option the few times I did use them.
  14. Some of these 'hits' really don't affect the PAX. A number of repetitive hits are for minor discrepancies in report logs that the CDC wants to get. I'd like to see what the 'true' score would be if one were to remove the points for purely administrative reports violations.
  15. Odd, I got off Regal the week before you and my experience was completely different. Every time we left our stateroom, the door locked immediately. I remember this very clearly because I remember seeing that the screen by the door would show a red lock and the words "Door Locked." I clearly remember a few times stepping out of the room and then realizing we left something in the room and it was a bit of a pain because when that red lock was showing, the only way I could get back in was to take the medallion clipped on my belt and physically touching the screen with the medallion to unlock the door. I don't recall that there was any option to put the medallion on the large display by the elevators in order to find out where my room was, but then I didn't fiddle around with those screens much. Maybe someone else who had more experience with those screens could clarify this. I only remember being able to get directions to some public venue onboard, not any cabins.
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