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  1. Was there a discussion about mandatory masks on passageways and other public areas ?
  2. Western fire smoke is now in Boston. It blocks the sunrises and sunsets making the daylight shorter.
  3. I just Googled Oceania Connoisseurs Club and carefully looked at a number of TA sites to make sure they said they were admitted to the Club. You can also try using the following link, but that will produce a more limited list. https://www.oceaniacruises.com/find-agent/ BTW, the online TA I decided to use did not pop up on the Oceania link (above) so you may want to do both Google and the link. The online TA I used got me the booking at the published fares but threw in additional onboard credit and comp'd me the gratuities. It pays to check around even among the Connoisseurs Club agencies. Good luck with your search!
  4. Thanks, I didn't notice that in the post. I now know the upgrade will be worth it.
  5. Does anybody have a bar menu with prices that could be posted? It would help us decide if it would be worth paying an upgrade of $20/day or pay as you go. We already have the basic package booked.
  6. I have booked a PH1 on an Insignia Cruise in July. What does the butler do that the steward doesn't do on other lines?
  7. I hope you mentioned it to the excursion desk once back on the ship. No sense having people off the next cruise have to deal with that.
  8. A friend who took the same cruise to Bermuda last year says she thinks the bars are closed when the ship is in port. But she wasn't sure. Anybody know if they close the bars when in port in Bermuda? That would make a big difference whether or not we get the upgraded drink package as there is only 2 sea days with 5 days in port.
  9. FWIW, this is from the Princess website regarding excursions: Guaranteed Return to Ship Maximize your exploration time and minimize the hassle by booking your shore excursions through Princess Cruises. Guaranteed Return to Ship is our promise that the ship will wait if your tour runs late.
  10. I have read on the Princess threads on CC of situations where the ship left port and waited outside the port for a water taxi or a ship's tender to bring the guests out. Besides if I ever told this to DW, I'd never get her off any ship ever again!😉
  11. Thanks. DW gets nervous when there isn't a guarantee that the ship will wait. Even though some private tours guarantee 'return to ship', that could involve needing to meet the ship at the next port of call. We've taken private tours and DW keeps looking at her watch and becomes anxious if we hit traffic etc. She is always relaxed when she knows the ship won't sail without us.
  12. I was more looking to see if there was an advantage to using Oceania's excursions over using a less costly third party.
  13. I just booked my first Oceania cruise today and took the O Life beverage package. I was advised that once on board, I can upgrade at $20/PP per day. Do you need to purchase the upgrade for the entire cruise or can you just cover part of the cruise? Do both people in the cabin need to purchase the upgrade?
  14. Does Oceania guarantee the ship will wait if your Oceania excursion is late returning to the ship?
  15. It is a 7 day Bermuda cruise. We selected the drink option so the OBC is from the TA plus the gratuities. The PP fare is $3349 for the PH1. Let me know what you think...
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