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  1. gerelmx - I answered this question for you in post #54. The info hasn't changed.
  2. On the Coral, it is now the newer faster internet called MedallionNet although your personalizer may still be showing the older PrincessConnect.
  3. My bad. I just noticed that whenever I passed our laundry room it was always open. I was usually in my cabin by 10 PM. Thanks for the correction.
  4. DW and I are active seniors. I didn't know we were required to eat dinner at a particular time. We generally eat dinner when it fits into our active lifestyle. What time are we supposed to eat dinner?
  5. We did a five day on Princess in the middle of spring break. No kids on board at all but when we docked at a port with a Carnival ship, there was no end to the partying ashore! We just returned to our balcony and had a great time there.
  6. If you are talking about 'do it yourself' laundry, the laundry rooms are open 24/7. They do get busy on sea days.
  7. They will need to understand you are the paying customer, thus a dignitary yourself...
  8. As I am reading this thread, it looks like the escort policy is in effect from ship to ship as opposed to port to port or fleetwide. This would be a good question at a Meet & Mingle (Meet & Greet if you prefer) when the Hotel General Manager is present.
  9. Understood. My question for you is : "Is there any organization that will compensate you for financial loss due to illness without documentation of the illness?" My point was that it was unexpected that Princess handled our losses so efficiently. I make no other claim about other peoples experiences. Princess treated us very well.
  10. These are all stories we should hear. Please keep them coming!
  11. We had the Princess travel insurance. I read the policy and they will cover the medical expenses after submitting first to my regular health insurance. I have already submitted the claim to my health insurer. It looks like they will cover a percentage of the charges as an 'out of network' provider. Then I can bill the balance to the Princess travel insurance.
  12. There is often so much negativity on these threads (including mine,,,) that it is only fair to give Princess Kudos when deserved. We just got off a 15 day Panama Canal cruise and on the second day of the cruise, DW came down with a sore throat. It eventually turned out to be strep throat and the ship's doctor prescribed medication. DW wasn't up to taking three of the excursions we had purchased so we just didn't show up for each of the three. The ship's medical office stamped her three excursion vouchers and mine as well. We took them to the shore excursion desk (after we failed to show for each ) and the cost of each missed excursion was refunded - no questions asked. Obviously, this wouldn't have happened with an outside vendor and it is another reason why we think it is prudent to go with Princess' excursions. At any rate, kudos to Princess for doing the right thing as a regular course of business! Does anybody else have positive experiences with Princess that they would like to share?
  13. According to Princess' website Crown is due to have MedallionNet operational "by July 12." When do you cruise?
  14. This is the pricing sheet for MedallionNet which I got at the Internet Café on the Coral on embarkation day, April 5. This sheet also has information about the additional discount or free minutes for platinum/elite PAX. When you look at the pricing it is very confusing. I think they could have done better making it more clear.MedallionNet Price Sheet.pdf
  15. I wonder if Princess purchases different bandwidth for each ship. CB and Regal are both larger with 3150 PAX and 3560 PAX compared to 2000 for Coral. Maybe they under bought bandwidth for Coral. It was the first cruise on Coral with MedallionNet - possibly it's growing pains. The speed was even slowed down sometimes just checking e-mail. I have a suggestion for you. Hop on a cruise to Alaska on Coral and then let us know how it compares to your experience on CB and Regal!
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