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  1. I'm not sure they can prevent you from disembarking. They certainly can tell you that if you do an unauthorized disembarkation, you're not getting back on.
  2. Per the article: "Quantum of the Seas will start sailing from Singapore on December 1, at half capacity with only passengers who live in the country and on "Ocean Getaways", or cruises to nowhere." I wonder if ports will require negative Covid test results from a test taken within 72 hours before a passenger is permitted to disembark at that port of call. Could account for the increased port charges.
  3. I'm coming closer and closer to deciding that I will not cruise on any line that does not require proof of vaccination for everybody to board the ship - from crew to passengers to performers even to the pilots. I'll bet there are some cruise lines already planning for that.
  4. More likely they won't let you back on the ship if you do that. 😟
  5. I think you're partially correct. Having serious testing onboard won't show if you got infected in the past day or two. You can be mingling with a lot of other people during those two days. Then what happens if you test positive? Put you off in Skagway or Grand Turk, or Montevideo? If you test positive you aren't likely going to be permitted to fly home. No, I think the cruise lines are going to need to enforce a 'bubble' like some of the sports leagues have been doing. Just my two cents.
  6. It doesn't need to be ship sponsored excursions only. The Healthy Sail Panel recommendation #59 states "During the initial return to sailing, cruise operators should only allow guests debarking from a ship at a destination port to participate in cruise line-sponsored or verified excursions as a way of limiting potential exposures in the destinations they visit." The phrase or 'verified excursions' leaves the door open to non cruise line excursions. My question is who does the verifying - the cruise line or the local municipality? If enough customers pressure the cruise line to offer the verified non cruise line excursions as an option, they will need to accommodate the requests or lose many passenger bookings.
  7. I have a flip phone and I get texts on it just fine whether waiting for the Doctor or another type of appointment. 2 step verification texts come through without any problem. I just like the convenience of carrying the phone with me all the time as it fits very nicely in the pocket of anything I wear. I suppose I could live with the new Razr phone except I can't live with paying $1000.00+ for the other features which I most likely won't use anyway.
  8. Wasn't the current Director-General of the World Health Organization the Health Minister and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia? Hmmm... 😒
  9. I only took my Fire tablet with me when I was looking for the location of our travel partners onboard. Otherwise I just left it in the cabin. It was pretty neat to be able to find out where our relatives were and join them for a drink or cup of coffee.
  10. You made my day! That's the first time I heard a Virginian describe him/her self as a Yank. 😂 🥂
  11. Thank you for your informative post. I've read the plan and also looked at Florida's outline. Neither one addresses whether or not only in-state residents can get the vaccine from a particular state.
  12. The Amazon Fire worked just fine with the Medallion Class App whether onboard or ashore prior to boarding. The speed issues were only noticeable during the downloading process described in the above link. Once I had the Medallion Class App loaded onto my fire I never noticed any problems - speed or otherwise. I plan to use the Fire on any future Medallion Class cruises.
  13. I wonder how the vaccines will be distributed. I live in NY and 'snow bird' in FLA. My concern this year is how soon I can get vaccinated. I have two underlying conditions and am over 68 so I assume I'll be near the top of the list for eligibles. I did notice when travelling this past Summer, that various states were only offering free Covid tests to residents of that particular state. If the vaccine distribution is left entirely up to individual states will the various states only vaccinate their own residents as they did with the tests?
  14. The border between US & Canada remain closed. Both countries are working in concert and the closure keeps being extended month by month. I would expect that to continue until there is a vaccine and documentation that a traveler has been vaccinated. If the vaccine comes out in January or February and requires two doses one month apart, I suspect the border to remain closed until the Spring.
  15. I did just that! I used the Amazon Fire 7 on a medallion cruise in February of this year. It's not as easy to get the Medallion Class App on the Amazon Fire Tablet but it can be done, and it worked just fine. Keep in mind the processor in the Fire is very slow so it will take some time to get everything downloaded onto the tablet. First thing you need to do is get the Google Play Store app on the tablet. The Fire's operating system isn't fully compatible with android apps but it can be made compatible. I am attaching the link to a website that will give you step by step instructions on downloading updates to the tablet making it so you can get Google Play on the Fire and then you can download the Medallion Class App from Google Play. Keep in mind that you must follow the exact sequence of downloads in order for this to work. Also keep in mind as I mentioned earlier that the Fire's processor is very slow so it may seem as if it's not getting the downloads but it took me a few hours to get everything on my Fire. Once you have the Google Play Store on your fire you will look for the Princess Medallion Class App and download it onto your fire. (Once again it took a long time to download the Medallion) Here are the step by step instructions for downloading the Google Play Store onto your Amazon Fire Tablet: https://www.howtogeek.com/232726/how-to-install-the-google-play-store-on-your-amazon-fire-tablet/ It worked like a charm and was worth the effort.
  16. My TA checked with Princess and found out that I will be getting $100 bonus FCC on top of my $100 deposit. 100% return isn't too shabby. 🙂
  17. Speaking of thread drift... Spaldings were a dime.
  18. Thus the expression 'To drop a dime on someone..' 😳
  19. The Federal judge in Miami will probably hold Carnival responsible for what ever pollution came from the boat which was sinking. 😒
  20. Another newbie question for the experienced Oceania cruisers: We are considering sending bon voyage strawberries to friends who will be on the same sailing as us. On other cruise lines, instead of the actual gift, there would be a card in the cabin instructing the recipient to call room service to get the gift delivered. Does anybody know if the bon voyage strawberries would be in their cabin when they arrive or would they need to call to collect them?
  21. My dad worked for Ma Bell and he didn't get billed for telephone charges. When I was away and needed to call home, I would place a 'person to person' call to my parent's house and ask for my deceased grandmother. When my mom or dad would say she wasn't there they would call me right back. In this manner we avoided the long distance charges. 😏
  22. I knew a retired telephone operator from Gettysburg, PA. After President/General Eisenhower retired to Gettysburg, he didn't know how to dial the telephone so he would tap the switch hook until the local operator came on and would ask the operator to get 'so and so' by name only. The operators needed to keep a sheet with Ike's frequently called numbers because he never did learn how to dial a telephone.
  23. The very first time I ever entered the state of Arizona, it was on a Princess ship.
  24. I'm sorry, but irregardless, I don't understand where is a typo or grammar issue here?
  25. If they cannot use cotton sheets because of an allergy or other medical condition, try contacting Princess' Accessibility Office. Contact info is here: The Access Office can be reached at accessoffice@princesscruises.com or by fax at 661-284-4408.
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