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  1. Thanks, I was using the correct e-mail, just frustrated it takes a month to get a reply and another one to get another. Not a good standard... Thanks
  2. My typing mistake, should have been October 26th when they 1st replied and 27th is when I wrote back...
  3. Hi, Is there any customer service that really works for MSC? I contacted them on September 22nd after returning from the cruise and got an answer only a month later, October 6th, after that I replied back on October 27th until now, I didn't get any response even after keepn sending them e-mails. I heard they are not doing well on the "back office", but this seems to be pure lack of service. Is there any customer service manager or some function similar to approach or here on the forum? Thanks
  4. Thanks, Just got my e-tickets, cannot wait ) I see under orivilages, among other: "Unlimited beverage selection in MSC Yacht Club areas and in all bars and restaurants of the ship according to the drink selections available in the different venues." But this is what I see under purchased services: "600 - COMPLIMENTARY BOTTLED MINERAL WATER, AMERICAN COFFEE AND/OR TEA DURING LUNCH AND DINNER IN MAIN DINING ROOM. RESERVED ONLY FOR THE GUESTS WHO HAVE BOOKED THE CRUISE THROUGH MSC-USA. VALID FOR ALL NON-CARIBBEAN" So it seems a bit confusing at least to me as a 1st timer, I assume I shouldn't pay attention to this one, right? What is the 600 code mean? Do you know what was previously the Deluxe drink package before the change ( I booked it prior to it) and what appear on YC before? I would like to know so I could try and get the old one honoured, so my kids could get the Venchi ice cream and millshakes (or else, I would pay a lot:)). Thanks
  5. Hi, We are booked for YC in september on the Seaview ( 5 people total). I just looked on my account and saw that under the price breakdown I have mentioned OBS mineral water and coftee in dining room for each of us but under passenger details on other I see under my name mentioned all inclusive anytime dining at the private MSC YC restaurant. I don't see this mention in the other passenger, I see under my bookings page that it is mentioned as MSC Yacht club experience so I assume nothing to worry about, right? Thanks
  6. Nope, do you think it would help trying? What if I use the TA phone/address, would that be an issue?
  7. I did the same, without luck. The US branch told me that so I tried the local brsnch and they in turn, ignored this...
  8. Hello, Do you know which car rental has the closest office near the port? Do they have shuttles like Hertz had in Civitavecchia? Thanks
  9. Thanks, but still, I need to have the form filled and cannot do it online from some reason in the local website, so the problem os having the form from them. I will try once again. Thanks
  10. Thanks, the problem is that it is not done on the web but they need to send me a file (unlike the US website I saw) and they say it is only for those booked directly in Israel. I will not let that ruin my trip at all (especially since the YC fare I have is much cheaper then if I would book it directly with them). It is just strange about the MSC policy, this is wht I wanted to know if someone did manage to do so, to see if it is just the local branch decision.
  11. Hi, Did anyone booked a cruise on MSC from a different country of residence and managed to register the voyagers club and the status match? I booked via US TA and live in Israel but it seems impossible to register since the US office is telling me (and the TA) they can only handle US citizens and I should contact the local branch which told me they only help those who booked directly with them or local TA. I tried it on my own and the booking number is not identified in the the Israeli MSC website, only the US. It is strange to me, on an RC cruise last year I could log in via any country website domain and did order with the same TA. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks all, great news indeed... Looking forward to September:)
  13. Thanks, I saw the posts but also understand that MSC is all but consistent so wondering about it. I am also waiting to try the venchi drinks I read so much about here. My wife doesn't drink alcohol and off course my children aren't as well, but they will not say no to good ice cream and crepes:)
  14. Hi, We are 1st time cruisers on the MSC and picked the YC with our kids the coming September. We made the booking prior to the drink package changes and was told by our TA that the old one should be for us. Has anyone sailed and did get the deluxe package and mainly the venchi? My kids would love the ice cream (would buy it if not part of the package, but still...). This for sure will not ruin the cruise, just puzzled on how they can know who booked when. Thanks
  15. The question is why they are deciding on that policy, unlike other lines. With all the difficulties, at least for me it in the Symphony cruise it was more than $1,500 saving for 2 rooms, and for the coming MSC cruise it is over $1,000. I guess they too need to know the world is being global and there is no reason to have different prices for each country. I am sure cruises doesn't cost the Israeli office of MSC more so if theybwant to have more profit, customers doesn't need to fund them...
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