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  1. I used the public bathrooms for #1, never for #2. Just wondered why so many people didn't go back to their own cabins for #2. OR bring some poopouri along if they were going to use the public bathrooms for #2. Many times I did walk to back to our own cabin to use the bathroom, even for #1 because the smell was so bad in the pool & Windjammer bathrooms.
  2. Just got off Brillance Of The Seas. Beautiful ship. Yes it's small but it makes getting around very easy. We had a great time. But a question - Quite a few of the public restrooms smelled disgusting. I noticed it in the women's restrooms. Forgot to ask my Husband if he noticed it in the Men's restrooms. What is it with people not going to their own cabin to USE the restroom, if you get what I mean. The ship is small. It takes less then a few minutes to get to your cabin. The Solarium women's bathroom constantly smelled, the women's restroom in the Schooner Bar and the restroom outside the MDR also smelled horrible. Why doesn't RCL put air freshner's in the public restrooms? Also why can't people use their own cabin for that?
  3. I've seen posts about the dress code. I'm so confused. LOL Shorts are still not acceptable, correct? I see that for a short time Royal allowed shorts in MDR but then quickly changed that. What about jeans? Nice, dark jeans and button down shirt for men, jeans and a nice blouse and heels for women? Is that acceptable? Thanks.
  4. Thank you all for your suggestions and input.
  5. Haven't been on a cruise in about 12 years. Going on a 5 day, Brilliance Of The Seas, stopping at Grand Cayman & Cozumel. How much cash should we bring? We are going to Nachi Cocom while in Cozumel. In Grand Cayman we will be walking around hitting the shops and taking the Callypso Distillery tour. Thanks for all your input.
  6. Thank you everyone for your reviews and suggestions! Looks like we'll need to book a day there.
  7. Anyone been to Nachi-Cocom in Cozumel? They offer a all inclusive package for cruise ship passengers. $55 for the day, unlimited drinks - alcoholic and non alcoholic, a 4 course lunch and it's open from 8am-5pm. It's not offered on the Royal Caribbean site. This is a location one of our friends joining us on our cruise found. Also, any other suggestions for places to see & eat while in Cozumel? This will be our first visit there as we've only gone on Easter Caribbean cruises in the past.
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