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  1. We had 7 cabins on March 14th Valor. Grandparents of the group canceled 2 of the cabins on the night of the 12th (never received confirmation email of cancellation) after receiving the no one over 70 email. No refunds on those yet. I canceled 3 excursions the evening of the 12th and got an email telling me I'd receive credit in 5-7 days. No refunds on those yet. The other 5 cabins were canceled for 100% refund when we all got our emails the night before we were supposed to cruise. No one got confirmation emails and no one was received any credit for those rooms or any FTTF or any Fun Sho
  2. I canceled an excursion for myself and 3 family members on March 11th for our March 14th cruise. I got the email saying I'd be refunded in 5-7 days. They canceled our cruise on the 13th. I have not been refunded for anything regarding that cruise. Not excursions I canceled before hand or FTTF or items from Fun Shops or anything.
  3. I know they said 90 days. But 2 days before my cruise that never happened, I cancelled shore excursions. We had decided that we would not split up as a family in Progreso and would do something together for a short time and get back on the ship. I cancelled an excursion for 3 of us. Any other time I've cancelled something with Carnival that I booked online, it was refunded the following day. I still don't have the refund for those excursions and that was done 2 days before they cancelled our cruise on us. I don't have a refund for any of the stuff I bought to have in our room. Nothing f
  4. Our cruise leaves Saturday. We have 14 people going and we drive down on Friday. If they do this, then 4-5 people in our party would be barred from the ship. How on earth do we handle that when it hasn't been put out there yet but could affect us?
  5. Same thing has happened to us...over and over again the last few months.
  6. Cruising with RCL when I took my 17 year old son and his 17 year old friend, I had to have statement signed by both of his friend's parents and notarized and I was asked for it at the port. But that was RCL. I never traveled with a minor on Carnival.
  7. I have been on Liberty and didn't care for it. I much more enjoyed the Serenade, which is like the Jewel. But that's a personal opinion from someone traveling as a couple with no kids. Serenade was much more suited to us because we don't care about the kid's venues and all the bells and whistles. We like the relaxation and the sea views, which are everywhere on the Serenade. It's why we chose Jewel for a New Years cruise 2021-22. We've just never found anything else we enjoyed as much as that class of ships and how they give you the views and truly make you feel like you are on the ocean
  8. Thank you for the map! We will be in San Juan in less than 2 weeks and have no excursion booked so I'm excited to have this.
  9. The process is slow and frustrating for sure. I'm taking my free bingo cruise this month, won it last year on the Vision. I would say spell out clearly from the beginning what you want. Going back and forth and trying to make changes can be very time consuming and frustrating because it's all by email and takes days to a week between responses. Just my experience.
  10. I'm gong to be there in January as well, could I get a share please? morningstarcattle at gmail dot com. Thanks so much in advance!
  11. It gets credited back to your card as credit, not back as points.
  12. No, we are on January 18th. I WISH I had caught some of that stuff on the Royal mistake! I got my dining package last year the Tuesday after Cyber Monday for the BOGO 50% off for my January Vision cruise and I was happy I had it. I'd do that any day. But it's not important enough to me to pay $400 for us to have it. At that price I would feel like I have to eat the specialty dining every single night to make the cost worth it....and some nights I just don't feel like doing a big dinner.
  13. Last year the dining package went down on Cyber Monday. If they do that again I'll buy it for my January cruise on Adventure. If not I probably won't spend the money. Right now for my sailing it's $176, which is what it was 2 weeks ago. It fluctuates between $192 and $176. Unless they do the BOGO 50% off sale like last Cyber Monday, I'll probably skip it.
  14. We are cruising Adventure in January so your review was great to see. I've never sailed Adventure and am looking forward to it.
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