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  1. Given all the conflicting views, though mostly booze related, I am eager to see how our Scenic cruise goes. They have already informed us of a boat change - 3 weeks prior to leaving - though did not imply it was due to water levels. We were bummed as they had to downgrade our room moving from the Jasper to the Ruby since our room level was not available. Hopefully no other bummers in making this ship change. r
  2. I am reviewing the itinerary for our upcoming Rhine river cruise with Scenic and wondering if folks out there have done either or both of these city visits. Looks like we can only do 1 or the other. Insight greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Can I ask what Scenic ship you were on and where you went?
  4. Hi Diane, just wondering if you have heard anything. We are scheduled to be on the Jasper leaving Amsterdam on Oct 16th but they just emailed us we were being put on the Ruby instead. We are a little bummed because we had a better room on what seems to be a newer ship. They made no mention of water levels being the reason. Have you sailed the Ruby before?
  5. We are looking to book a last minute Jasper River Cruise on Scenic next month on the Rhine. Agent is offering a pretty good deal but when we went to Scenic's site to find the cruise it doesn't exist? Has anyone experienced that? There are still rooms available but we found it rather odd. It's from Amsterdam to Nuremberg. They offer the reverse direction on their site but not the North to South direction. Should we be concerned? Know very little about this company but people seem to praise it. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
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