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  1. In one of the countries we are visiting, I have a lot of relatives we will want to spend time with. So, if we can't get off the ship unless we are in a bus of 50 people, we will be cancelling also.
  2. What a gorgeous ship. I would be happy going nowhere on that ship. Love the blue decor in the staterooms. Bon Voyage!
  3. We were on that one thinking we were in a safe little bubble. Not so. However, Celebrity looked after us very well, gave us a free cruise (no ports, of course) and our money back as well.
  4. My dream is to fly Singapore Air in first class. Yep, I know that's all it will ever be. Your dinner looked like a first class dinner on many airlines! I would so love to meet you Ellie and if our Southampton cruise on Silhouette goes in Aug and the second one in Sept, we should arrange to do that. If you ever cruise from Vancouver we would love to show you around. You have made a lot of people very happy reading your cruise blog and pretending to be on there with you as we sit at home in this terrible COVID famine. Do you have any plans for future cruises or are you too wise to book now when you don't know if the sailing will materialize? Anyway, thank you, thank you., thank you for entertaining me with all your lovely pictures and delightful descriptions. BTW. I wish you had taken the Night Safari in Singapore. It is delightful. I do so love Singapore and I thought I had booked us one way tickets with points to join the Pacific Princess when I got an email saying one of the flights was not cooperating. So we sit. I haven't bothered with anything else as I'm a little skeptical that the sailing will even happen.
  5. Hi Jennie Have you looked at the Azamara Journey sailing for May 2022? I think it's Singapore to Athens. We had just about booked the one for 2021 when they cancelled all the itineraries in favor of shorter Greek sailings. bah. So we booked the Pacific Princess instead. We just have to see Petra before we're too old to know we're on a cruise LOL. I wonder if it will sail or even if we will be on it having had our vaccine. Both big ifs! We would be on the Journey except we have the Eclipse booked Honolulu to Vancouver May 4 2022. However, we will be going nowhere if we don't have the vaccine
  6. I agree with the others that you should have gone on ahead on your scheduled flight, hoping your bag would follow.
  7. We were also on this cruise Mar 23 2021 and you were the roll call starter). I'm interested that you have your deposit back already. No sign of ours and I;m not impressed as it was Princess' iniative to cancel this cruise to use the ship elsewhere. The $15 OBD they gave us is an insult. Funny, we have booked the same itinerary (Singapore to Rome) on Pacific Princess but ours is 27 days so I guess we're not on the same sailing. We don't have FCC's as we have not sailed with Princess for 20 years. We paid $1080 CDN deposit for the Pacific.
  8. Loracpin, what a lovely post. It's always wonderful to be grateful for what we have instead of complaining. We too, are sad this week because we're not on Eclipse right now. But hey, we'd have been getting off tomorrow and looking longingly at all the folks arriving to sail to Honolulu! Yes, Jelaine you would have been one of the passengers making us jealous! BTW, it rained today in Vancouver like it wanted to wash away the city! We will all sail again one day and won't that first cruise be a treat! Hopefully the vaccine will be available soon. Till then, we wait and we enjoy the cruise videos on here, pretending we're on the ship.
  9. We are on that Norway cruise also and I do hope it goes. If there is no vaccine by then we will not be able to cruise. We also have one booked for June 2021 and we're worried about that one. It's our third attempt to see Petra.
  10. Thank you, I saw it too. It's the exact itinerary they had on Pursuit for May 2021 and we were all set to book it (Singapore to Athens) when they pulled the itinerary and changed it all to Greek ports. May 2022 does not work for us.
  11. I would go for the 7 day also although I have never been on E class.
  12. So, OP, what did you end up doing? We were in a similar position and cancelled our cruise a day before FP as we knew it was not going to sail. Celebrity cancelled 3 days later. We did receive half of our deposit back in cash.
  13. We were on a B2B2B on Eclipse in South America when it all fell apart with docking denied in San Antonio, Chile. We should be on Eclipse again right now but alas we are at home and missing Celebrity. I am hoping our plans for Aug and Sept on Silhouette go ahead but some days I have my doubts. We enjoy looking at cruise videos these days and pretending we are aboard.
  14. Definitely not interested and yes, it would result in cancellation of the cruise for us. We like small private excursions.
  15. I feel your sadness, especially today. It is a spectacular day in Vancouver, like we have not seen for at least a week with the smoke from the Oregon fires, and we were supposed to be boarding Eclipse. Sob. May planning your 2021 cruises keep you upbeat.
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