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  1. Your pictures brought back memories of our ABC trip on Equinox 2017. Did you all get a sample of the salt? The little donkeys made me sad. They looked hungry. This must have been the same tour as we had. Glad they're still in business.
  2. Hope you get to the airport safely, have an enjoyable flight and then find yourselves enjoying the lounge on board. I hate being hemmed in by trucks.
  3. Er, ah......no picture? Or did you not have a wide angle lens?🤣🤣 Being bad, you don't have to answer this!
  4. How long does it take to show a vaccination card verifying two shots of Pfizer?
  5. I'm looking forward to your review also. We haven't sailed Edge class. I'm glad you have bus. class for those long flights.
  6. Zumba used to be free and they held it in the SkyLounge and there was a lot of participants. Then Canyon Ranch took over and I think the charge was $11 plus tip per class. You had to sign up. Sometimes a free class was held by the pool.
  7. Happy for you guys. We just want the land border open as we have a PO box down there that is so full we will need a truck to bring the stuff home!😂 When we are allowed to drive down there and empty the box, it will be like 10 Christmases!
  8. Which cabin did you book? We have been in three of them and we really like them and would book again. Most recently we were in #1140 on Summit. Usually when I'm reading a book, I hear nothing. Our stay in 1140 was the first time we had been in one of those cabins after they installed the movies up top. The noise was so loud I had to go inside the cabin eventually. I went up to the movie deck to see if anyone was there who could turn down the volume. Not a soul there. This was in the afternoon. other than that, these are wonderful cabins and they go fast. I'm so glad you snagged one. Enjoy your cruise.
  9. This may include Canadians. I surely hope so. We live very close to the US border and used to go down there weekly.
  10. We never got our $35 back as we didn't cruise for about 6 years and by that time they had forgotten who paid and who didn't.
  11. Don't waste your time. I am still looking for my 5 points for watching the Apex webinar. No reply to my query as to why I didn't receive them.
  12. Jim, in post #1547, when I posted a picture of the ship as you sailed away, I asked you were one of you wearing red. Perhaps you didn't see the question. It would be really neat to think we can sit here in Vancouver and actually see someone we had spoken to, on the ship. They did a close up just before I took the screen shot and you could see the people on their balconies quite plainly but not well enough to identify them. Your PS looks awesome. I would live in that hot tub on the balcony!
  13. Thank you so much for all this info about visiting Schengen countries. We will make sure our flight from Amsterdam next Aug flies directly to Vancouver and does not stop in the US if this rule still applies then.
  14. I agree with others that the land border will not open on Tuesday although I wish it would.
  15. I just cleared cookies again and it is fixed for now.
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