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  1. Not only that, they were completely amazed at the efficiency of Celebrity's Lift and Shift!🤣
  2. I wouldn't bother about booking excursions on this cruise. We are booked on Sept 4, 2021 and we are hoping it's going to cancel, but if not, we'll do it ourselves. Too much uncertainty with the ports.
  3. I applied and got it on both legs, but I never got new documents showing it on the second leg. I am really very pleasantly surprised that it is $400/segment. That is very generous. I am in the same boat as you clojacks, I booked our first Azamara before the sale happened. On my account page, my Celebrity tier points are still showing as well as Discovery Plus.
  4. The Porch is on Reflection also.
  5. Sorry pickels (did you get a new profile picture?), you are getting responses from all the long sailors. We once did a 5 day and we had barely time to unpack before we had to debark. We don't even like 7 day ones unless they are B2B with another one. Our next is 40 days.
  6. Not here. Same thing as I said before on both Firefox and Chrome. So annoying. Maybe this is why I never get any emails from them.
  7. I can't remember if anyone has mentioned it, but travelling westbound, you get some 25 hour days. We have done the Honolulu to Vancouver 3 or 4 times and we love it except for the 23 hour days!!! We like to stay in our timeshare in Kauai and then sail home. This makes leaving Kauai easier! I really do wish Celebrity would come back to Kauai as it is truly beautiful. As for the amount of sea days, we have never been bored. Celebrity doesn't want a pile of bored passengers so they do a great job of providing things to do. Our record now, because of COVID, is 17 days at sea when no one
  8. I'm having trouble too. After I click on Log in, it says "Sorry, unrecognized username or password. Have you forgotten your password?" I just ignore that and click on "account" and I'm in. Doesn't make sense to me.
  9. I think your questions have been well answered. I would just like to tell you that you chose the right side of the ship as Vancouver is a lovely city to sail from...no bias here! September is usually a nice month here but you are near the end of it so you could get some rain, hopefully not. As Hskr Crsr pointed out, you can upgrade to A1 for the price of A2. In fact I just did that a few hours ago (not on your cruise) and saved $550 each. I don't know why it was so much but who am I to complain? One thing to keep in mind is that the A1 cabins are under the pool and there can be some
  10. Aww, Ellie such wonderful pictures. He's a very hugable baby. Just forget cruise Critic for now and enjoy little Thomas. Before you know it, he'll be getting his driver's licence!
  11. Thanks for the laugh, people. I guess Geography is not a prerequisite for website descriptions?
  12. I don't have any menus but I would highly recommend the Lawn Club Grill. it is fee based, I think $45/pp but you can sometimes get a discount if they are not well booked. Silhouette is my favourite Celebrity ship. Enjoy your cruise.
  13. Absolutely. Never want to have Noro again.
  14. We've all seen people licking their fingers and then handling the serving spoons on the next dish. I'm sure that is why Celebrity has decided to have servers behind glass serving the food. Good move.
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