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  1. I think Concierge class get invited often. Don't know why.
  2. We will be doing a coastal Mar 30 on Eclipse. I think in the spring, there can be rough seas. We have sailed Vancouver to Hawaii once and Honolulu to Vancouver 3 times with another booked. Loved them all, but we enjoy sea days. You don't say when you are cruising. The weather can get colder as you approach Vancouver if the sailing is in the Spring. I would choose Vancouver to Hawaii and then stay a few days in Hawaii.
  3. Yes, that's right. They are putting cabins in the space.
  4. Exactly and that is us too. By that time we are so full of cruise food we don't want it either!
  5. We never eat at those tables for that very reason. We were in 1140 on Summit looking down on this area from our balcony and it was amazing how many times we saw this kind of thing. So ignorant. No class.
  6. No reply here either. it's annoying.
  7. We are leaving in 6 days for BA. Going a few days early to see Iguazu Falls. The sailing is March 1, BA to Vancouver on Eclipse. You will love Silhouette. She is our favorite Celebrity ship.
  8. Hear, hear! Well said. Celebrity are you listening?
  9. First of all, give your husband a pat on the back for being such a nice guy. Even if you are still beyond final payment, you can upgrade to a better cabin. Whatever you decide, enjoy your cruise. The first time we ever went to Alaska, we were in an inside. You really do need to be up on the top deck no matter what kind of cabin you are in, to see the glaciers properly and get the sound effects of the calving.
  10. Perry Grant, the vegetables served in a potato basket (yes, I know, labor intensive, but so good), the swan floating in the chocolate lake. Now I know I'm dating myself.
  11. Right on, and the menu handed to you. I never thought of the cutlery! This is one of the reasons I never eat bread on a cruise. I always felt safer using the cutlery to put food in my mouth. Like others, I have thought of using a disposable glove at the buffet also.
  12. The pastries in Al Baccio are free even if you don't purchase coffee.
  13. Enjoy every minute of your cruise. I hope you like Blu as much as we do.
  14. After an excursion, the daily afternoon tea in the oceanview cafe is great.....sandwiches with various fillings, tarts and warm scones with jam and whipped or clotted cream. It is held from 4PM - 5PM.
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