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  1. We book AQ almost all the time. I have told people on here how good the breakfast in Blu is. However, on Eclipse in April, our breakfast (omelets) came out cold and the cheese in mine was not even melted. Yuck! Asked for the Maitre'D and the hostess was sent because the Maitre'D was busy busing tables! I think they were short staffed. We never went back for breakfast electing to have waffles and bacon from the buffet. At dinner, we got one of the best waiters in Blu. Great service. We were very surprised to see him in the buffet area for breakfast. They really needed him in Blu.
  2. I'm loving your review, Norris. Silhouette is our favorite ship also. we love the Lawn Club Grill. I was wishing in the revolutionization they would have added that restaurant to a few more ships. Maybe it's too expensive to put in as a refit. We have Norway on our bucket list also. Spent a week in Oslo once and we loved it but thought it was the most expensive place we have ever been.
  3. Love the picture of the Statue of Liberty and I would agree that sailing out of New York never gets old.
  4. A few days can go by before they notice pictures on the seapass card! In April the guy who checked us in mixed up the pictures! Mine on DH's card and vice versa! We were off the ship a few times before someone caught it. I was appalled at how we were treated by the security guard who was working at the boarding area. We were at the front of the line of passengers coming off the tender and she was shouting at us, "STAND OVER THERE"! it was like, "sit, stay, roll over! You'd think we had mixed the pictures up or were trying to scam our way onto the ship.😒 We had no idea what was wrong and she wouldn't tell us. Kudos to her for noticing, but she needs to take a course in people skills. We're not animals.
  5. How far out is the cruise? Is it beyond final payment? We had #1138 booked for 30 days and had to cancel a month before our cruise....sob! So keep an eye out, you might just be lucky. Enjoy your cruise. BTW, when we were in #1136, I was sick with a bad bronchitis that was going around the ship, so I was in the room all day and didn't really hear the door slam that much. Someone put a sign on it to close it quietly. You could do that too.
  6. This is a very old thread so the poster may not see your question. We have been in 1136 which is the mirror image of this cabin. People do let the door slam sometimes, but generally it is not a problem. The advantage is that the door is very close to the steps up to Oceanview. It is really handy to get something to eat, carry it down and enjoy on your balcony for lunch since Blu is not open at lunch time.
  7. I think this new idea of putting the room key by the door of the room is beyond stupid for the very reasons you have posted.
  8. We got dinner on embarkation day for 50% off. Chose two of each thing and only paid for one. Place was just about empty.
  9. So good of you to get back to us and tell us how you made out. i hope your cruise was awesome.
  10. Nice to see that Celebrity listened to their passengers.
  11. I would delete the first n and replace it with an i!
  12. I have had some terrible colds which resulted in Bronchitis and a trip to the ship's Dr. I think it is what you breathe and no amount of hand sanitizing can protect you from the droplets in the air. Yes, I think you can get infected on planes but my colds have started well into the cruise proving I caught it on the cruise. You never know when you step into an elevator who has sneezed etc while on there before you. I have taken garlic pills in the past and found they helped some. I'm sorry you get so many colds as it really does affect your enjoyment of the cruise. Maybe ask your Dr for something to strengthen your immune system.
  13. PS. The stack of free movies will be on top of the footstools. We always found the free in-room movies not worth watching. We spend a lot of time in our cabin and out on the balcony. If there is nowhere comfortable to sit, then I guess we will join the numbers who are looking for better cabins on other ships or we may just resort to using our various timeshares which we have been gifting for the past several years. Stop the cutting Celebrity while you raise the prices. There is nothing left for the loyal cruiser!
  14. Thank you for another great read. This makes me want to go back to London again. Love that city. We also want to do the Norwegian fjords.
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