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  1. We have enjoyed 1A on the slant too. just want to remind you that if you choose 1A, you can get it for the cost of 1B which will save you a few dollars. You have to ask when you book. You can also get B2B discount of $100 for a leg that is 10 days or more and $50 for less than 10. You also have to ask for this when booking. HTH.
  2. Is your deposit refundable? If so, I would cancel and rebook. If not, keep your eye on the fares every day. Sometimes they drop and you can certainly call and get the saving. Good luck with your decision.
  3. I'm happy for all those who had mixed vaccines. We got both doses of Pfizer and DH got a booster of Moderna. We were told Moderna was a better choice than a third of Pfizer.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. We just booked a cruise so too late for the offer. I will try to pay $500 on the account before the offer expires though. I wish Azamara was listed.
  5. Great to hear. I hope it stays that way till next July. People are moving "do not sit here signs"?
  6. Thanks for the heads up Fouremco. I hope you're right.
  7. Very disappointed with the Canadian regulations now that the US has opened the land border. Most of us spend a few hours down there to shop and collect mail. If we have to have a PCR to return home, this effectively keeps the border closed for day trippers.
  8. This was frustrating me so much I was nearly tearing my hair out. I was at the point where I was going to stop looking at Cruise Critic altogether. I also could not get into my cruise planner when they had that 20% off excursions. DH is a computer expert, so he decided it was time to get rid of Windows and resort to Linux. It is a steep learning curve for me but I have no more trouble posting. Yay.
  9. I was happy to receive 4 points today also. I think I will give up though, on trying to get them to give me my 5 points for watching the Apex webinar the second time they showed it. i will never reach zenith anyway, so what does it matter?
  10. We have an aft balcony booked for the Suez Canal cruise (not Celebrity) and I can't wait. It's the thought of sitting out there watching the wake and seeing both sides of the canal that is helping to get me through this horrible COVID that is affecting people in ways no one ever dreamed of.
  11. We like it better. The short ribs are outstanding. Also love the Lava cakes.
  12. I can see i'm going to have to diet before next July! The food looks awesome. Thank you for posting.
  13. Wow, I've never hear of anyone doing that. Of course, you're on the right side of the country for TA's Bon Voyage to you.
  14. Thank goodness for that. Thanks for posting. We are 76 and 77 presently.
  15. I noticed it too and was going to ask you if COVID was a thing of the past! Then I decided to crawl back into my box and not to be cheeky! As usual Jazzbeau is on the ball and corrected it. Thank you so much for your posts and pictures. This means a lot to an Azamara newbie.
  16. I agree, the price of this cruise is way up. I do hope it sails.
  17. Thanks for posting. So nice you enjoyed your trip. If we wanted to sail on Millennium, we'd have to fly to Seattle!!
  18. To answer your question, cruisintoddler, this site began maybe mid April. I remember when there were only 3 threads. It has really grown and there's a ton of good information on here especially in this confusing COVID era.
  19. I can't even get into my cruise planner on either Firefox or Chrome. Yay Celebrity. Good job! Why don't you just send us an email and tell us you don't want our business? Then we wouldn't be wasting our time on your useless site.
  20. I have written to them 3 times to get the PUP for watching the follow up showing of the Apex webinar. Nada. I have given up. i hope you have better luck Cruising Divers.
  21. No don't! Then you'll want another............😋
  22. I would choose Silhouette also because of the Lawn Club Grill. Wonder what was wrong when MarkWiltonM dined there.
  23. No need to be sorry for asking questions. That's what CC is for. Which ship are you looking at? Some don't have casinos, some have DIY laundry. We have found that generally the southern route is the smoothest, ie Florida to Lisbon/Rome etc. We have done 2 involving the northern route, Miami to Hamburg and Southampton to Boston. Both were a bit rough but this does not bother us. On the one to Boston, they had to tie the furniture down on our balconies and we were advised not to go out there. A good cruise to book an inside or O/V!! We love the westbound because of the 25 hour days. We book portside because it is sunnier. Of course that means starboard sailing eastbound. Also love the relaxed days with nowhere to be at any time. Love the trivia, lectures, cooking demos etc. I'm sure you will enjoy whatever you book.
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