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  1. We will arrive via HAL Zaandam in BA on a Thursday. Our ship will stay there overnight, but we are leaving the ship on Thursday afternoon to go to our hotel, as we have an early morning flight on Friday to Iguazu. What is the best way for us, and our luggage, to get from the port to our hotel in the Recoleta area? Also, do our passports get stamped at the port, or do we get some type of "paper" that we present to our hotels in order to avoid the VAT taxes on our rooms? Any information/advice is welcome. Thank you.
  2. We are using FlightEase for our flight to S America next month. I booked the tickets the first day they were available. Since then, we re-booked twice, changing airlines and eventually mixing a main cabin with a business class and lowering the price by almost $1,000 each.
  3. We have 8 people sharing a Stamp's Tour transfer/tour from our hotels to San Antonio on Jan 9. Fun way to begin our cruise, with a winery tour and stop for lunch. Maybe get others on your Roll Call to join you.
  4. I just did a "dummy" air booking for the Feb 2020 cruise and it wasn't TOO bad-business class rt. I guess I can wait until the 120 day mark and then look at both cruise price and air price. I also found a rather interesting 20 day itinerary from Dubai to Cape Town on a larger line. Maybe not as "special" as Azamara, but it did include a drinks package. So many choices🤔🤔😁
  5. The "same" Azamara cruise in Feb 2020 is currently priced about 25-30% less than the one I booked on the "special" double upgrade for Jan 2021. The prices on the 2020 are what I said above: inside and balcony are same price and lower than price of an oceanview. I don't get the pricing of different rooms on the same cruise ship. It is usually inside, oceanview, and then balcony. I think I will probably just cancel and then look at the various choices as we get closer to sail date. I do not mind paying what I think is a "fair" price, but I definitely do not want to pay more than is necessary.
  6. We have done many cruises on several lines and enjoyed most of them. We want to do an African cruise and booked one on the Azamara Journey, our first time on Azamara. In doing the booking, they were having a "double upgrade sale". So, we got a great deal-booking a verandah for the price of an inside. I understand that cruise line "deals" are not always what they appear to be. However, in looking at several Azamara cruises, the verandahs are many times the same price as an inside and the oceanview rooms are priced slightly higher. I don't believe I have ever seen this on the larger cruise lines. Can any of you Azamara regulars explain this pricing schedule? Also, based on a per night cost, what do you feel is a good deal on Azamara? Of course, this is very subjective. Any information is welcome.
  7. Would be interested in your arrangements for the extras at the end of your cruise, if you would be willing to share it. We will be traveling from Detroit. If possible, you can email me at perrydg2@hotmail.com Thank you.
  8. We are in our mid 70s and enjoy cruising for the itineraries. We have never been to Africa (we did do Egypt and Morocco) and are considering a 12 night cruise round trip out of Cape Town that visits Namibia and then around to Mozambique, with most of the cruise stopping at various ports in South Africa. We would spend a few extra days in the Cape Town area. I am wondering if this would kind of be a decent Africa "experience". I realize there are so many things to do in the African continent, but I could not really find too many cruises offered for this region. Considering the distance, and cost, to fly there from the USA, this will probably be our only visit. Just wondering if any of you have done this type of cruise and what your feelings are. Any information/advice is always welcome. Thank you and safe travels.
  9. If it is ONLY based on the airport, I would choose DTW. It is our home airport and we have returned there from international flights often. Immigration and customs usually go very quickly, especially if you have Global Entry. But, the aircraft is also important for a long flight.
  10. We select a cruise based on the itinerary. We find that HAL seems to offer some of the more interesting voyages. We have done many cruises on several different lines and do not find the entertainment that much different. There are only so many types of things that can be done on a ship. I sometimes feel the lines cater more to the newer passengers as they are the ones "in awe" of the entire experience, and more inclined to buy the photos, take shore excursions, etc.
  11. We did 17 nights on the Zuiderdam this summer, Rotterdam to Boston, with stops in Greenland, Iceland, and several other ports we had not previously visited. To me, one of the highlights, were the "port" talks given by one of the staff, not the CD. She was informative and entertaining, but that was just her personality. Her talks were packed with passengers. I am sad to hear that her position may be filled by a CD. People cruise for many different reasons. We were on the Koningsdam and loved the Music Walk each evening, but I know hundreds of people probably avoided the area because it was too loud. You can only see so many production shows, ventriloquists, comedians, etc. before they are all "the same". Entertainment is simply to "fill time" between meals and port stops. You can't satisfy everyone. But we will be on the Zaandam 22 night S. America/Antarctica cruise in January, and there will be a LOT of time to fill. For US, we hope the ship will show the NFL play-offs, but other people could not care less.
  12. We flew coach class from Istanbul to Boston. Seemed to me about like Delta as far as service and aircraft. They are supposed to have a very good international business class.
  13. Follow this situation on TripAdviser-Santiago. Much information updated daily by those who are actually living and touring there.
  14. My friend got a "great" package deal with his travel agent and ended up stuck in the middle of a 4 seat row on Delta for 8 hours. Know what you are buying. Maybe you agent is simply including the lowest cost air ticket available through the cruise line air program.
  15. Watch for what class of ticket (economy vs main cabin). A $350 trans Atlantic seems a very good price. But if it is an economy ticket you may not be allowed to select a seat and will be "stuck" in the middle of a 4 seat arrangement. Also, check your cruise lines web site for airfares.
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