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  1. We are considering our first AZ cruise next year, simply because they have an itinerary that we want to try and cannot find any other line that is doing it. On a per day cost, the cruise seems to be much more costly than our many other cruises. We are D+ on RCCL and Elite on Celebrity, so I do not know if that transfers to AZ and offers any perks. We have generally been satisfied with the wines and drinks offered on the other lines' happy hours, so I guess the drinks offered on AZ are comparable to those. I am choosing based on itinerary, so the on ship experience would really have to be noticeably better to pay the large extra cost again for another cruise.
  2. We also are getting "older" and have decided that our many years of being somewhat "conservative" with expenditures are over. We figure we only have so many long trips left in us. So for anything outside of the US we are flying business. Any trip longer than 3 hours in the US is probably going to be first class. We have used the cruise lines air programs so far and have had good luck. I know the potential "problems" with using them, but so far it has been a good experience and less costly than booking air on our own. My DW was always reluctant to spend the extra money, but after our first business class flight to Europe she said we are not going back to coach. And then ordered another glass of chardonnay.😉😉😉
  3. RCCL, Celebrity, and HAL all allow 2 bottles per stateroom to be brought aboard.
  4. We are considering a 21 night cruise on the NCL Dawn, from Dubai to Cape Town. We have done many cruises on different lines, but never on NCL. I realize that reviews are very subjective, and can depend on itinerary, length of cruise, weather, etc., but the recent reviews on this ship are pretty bad. Can any of you offer advice, especially on how this ship compares to other cruise lines? All information/advice is welcome. Thank you.
  5. I agree!!! Thank you for all that you do.
  6. Our ship is staying overnight, but we are disembarking on arrival day. I "assume" we will take our own luggage on to the shuttle bus. Is that correct from those of you who may have done this previously? (HAL Zaandam)
  7. In Puerto Madryn, Argentina you may want to Google "El Pedral". Several of us are touring with them in January. Everything in the Falklands book up way ahead of time.
  8. We have D+ status on RCCL. We are usually offered a complimentary bridge tour. We have done a couple of them.
  9. Celebrity and RCCL give it to you for no extra charge. HAL charges. Ship water works okay. I use CPAP and use distilled water at home, unless I run out. Then I just use home tap water until I buy more distilled. I am not sure why we use distilled water, unless it is because some places the tap water has a lot of minerals in it that may leave residue in the water chamber. I also do a nasal rinse each morning for sever allergies. I ALWAYS use distilled water for that.
  10. I have made arrangements for a transfer from port to our hotel with Defrantour. They were very responsive to my emails and the price was fair. We may also use them for some touring in BA. Thank you for the advice.
  11. I spoke with an agent who transferred me to the Web Site Support staff. It took them about 10 minutes to take care of the problem. Advice to all-do not use auto-fill feature (on Chrome) do do an airline reservation.
  12. We have a reservation on American Airlines to S America on Jan 5. I went into "Passenger Information" to enter our passport information and Global Entry numbers. My information, but not my wife's, showed that I have a Redress Number. I do not. The number shown is my son's phone number which I entered under Emergency Contact. I think it must have happened when I used Auto Fill to put in some information (BAD IDEA). So, I deleted it and said "save changes". I went back into the profile the next day, and the redress number is still there, but my passport information is missing. My wife's information is still there. Should I try and contact AA to deal with this? If so, who would I contact? I believe a real redress number has 7 digits and the phone number has 10 digits. Should I just leave it alone, since I don't really have a number? Have any of you had this happen to you?
  13. We will arrive via HAL Zaandam in BA on a Thursday. Our ship will stay there overnight, but we are leaving the ship on Thursday afternoon to go to our hotel, as we have an early morning flight on Friday to Iguazu. What is the best way for us, and our luggage, to get from the port to our hotel in the Recoleta area? Also, do our passports get stamped at the port, or do we get some type of "paper" that we present to our hotels in order to avoid the VAT taxes on our rooms? Any information/advice is welcome. Thank you.
  14. We are using FlightEase for our flight to S America next month. I booked the tickets the first day they were available. Since then, we re-booked twice, changing airlines and eventually mixing a main cabin with a business class and lowering the price by almost $1,000 each.
  15. We have 8 people sharing a Stamp's Tour transfer/tour from our hotels to San Antonio on Jan 9. Fun way to begin our cruise, with a winery tour and stop for lunch. Maybe get others on your Roll Call to join you.
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