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  1. In July, we booked a cruise for January, 2022. To me, it seemed very over-priced compared to similar cruise pre-pandemic. But since we were really getting "antsy" to start traveling again, we booked it. As always, I continued to monitor prices. This is now the second time since original booking that I have received a price drop. It is now down to about what I would think was comparable to pre-pandemic. I do not know if it will actually sail or if it will sail with restricted capacity (I hope so). I have not yet booked my air tickets and will wait until after final payments are due.
  2. Just wondering - if you have a "Cruise with Confidence" reservation, I believe it allows you to cancel up to 48 hours prior to departure and get a transfer of money to another cruise. But now you have to get a test within 2 days of departure. So what happens now if you test positive and you AND the others in your travel group wish to cancel? There could be several cabins of people traveling together, like a family cruise.
  3. We were scheduled on Jade for January sailing rt from Cape Town. This was our second attempt at a S Africa sailing. We followed all info from S Africa as closely as we could and decided to cancel in July. We received our deposit refund from NCL 8 days later. Good service on their part. Many people on our roll call are also cancelling. Considering the costly air fare, as many flights are not operating, it was too stressful for us to keep hoping it might happen. We are now booked to do a 10 night Celebrity cruise in the Caribbean in January, and just hoping to be able to get away from the Michigan winter for a couple of weeks.
  4. We were scheduled for Jade out of Capetown on January 14. We cancelled in July and received our deposit refunded to us 8 days later. Some cruise lines have already dropped their scheduled S Africa cruises for this coming winter. Besides the lack of vaccine, there has also been much political rioting the last few weeks. Too many issues to commit that much money. And rt business class air is ridiculous, as well as many flights being cancelled. Maybe we will try in 2023.
  5. I live in Michigan and have BC/BS Medicare Advantage Plan as part of my retirement system. I have been informed by them that they will cover me everywhere in the world except on a cruise ship. I do not know what your plan offers, but I followed your "story" and was somewhat surprised that BC/BS was not offering you anything. I was not surprised when they sent you the big check, as that is what I would expect. Of course, I would have to cover my deductibles and co-pays, just as I would in the USA. Had you covered yours?
  6. A few weeks ago we booked a Reflection cruise departing on January 19. A ten night out of FLL with 5 sea days. For us, a chance to get away from the cold northern winter and enjoy some warm weather. We don't really care about the islands, although it might be nice to spend one day on a beach. We are vaccinated and thought that much of this would be better by January. Now, I am sorry we booked it. When I see a tv interview with nurses who are given a list of FACTS showing numbers of people hospitalized and dying who are unvaccinated and numbers of people who are vaccinated with no serious side effects, and many other FACTS and DATA showing the efficacy of the vaccines, and then their response is "Are they really facts?", then I am totally doubting that things are going to improve.
  7. Just curious: I looked through the long list of suspended cruises. I see that Reflection is suspended for Caribbean dates in November, December, February. We are scheduled for 10 night Southern Caribbean on January 19. Do you think it will sail? Why would everything on that ship be cancelled except for the January cruises?
  8. A friend of mine had a cruise scheduled for March, 2020. He made the decision to cancel his cruise and took a FCC that must be used by a certain date. He is unable to use it. Celebrity told him that he could transfer it to someone else but had to do it by a certain date. He has offered it to me at a deep discount. He said that I am to make the booking and then he calls Celebrity and applies the FCC to my booking number. QUESTION: If he does that and I have to cancel my cruise, will I receive a new FCC for the total amount of my cruise, an FCC for only the non-refundable deposit, or no FCC at all? Do any of you have experience with this issue? I did the booking under the "Cruise with Confidence" plan. Very much appreciate any information you might offer.
  9. We went January, 2020 on HAL and had an amazing trip. They had 3 excellent presenters who gave many lectures on what we would be seeing during the cruise and they also did narrations from the bridge during some parts of the voyage. To me, the scenery was the big thing, not the shows. And definitely do Iguazu for 2 or 3 nights if you can. It is amazing. And get a falls view room at the Melia in the park. A once in a lifetime trip.
  10. We also chose to disembark on arrival day. No rush, Enjoy breakfast and walk off by ourselves with no crowds. We stayed the night at a hotel and caught the early flight to Iguazu. Also left our big luggage and only took our carry on to Iguazu. Stayed at the Melia 2 nights and wish I would have stayed 3. Had a falls view room. Beautiful and you are in the park and can get on the trails in the morning before all of the day trippers coming on the buses. We then flew back to our BA hotel and spent another 2 nights before flying home. IMHO there is much more to see and do on the Argentine side. If you are only going to be there once in your life, then do it right and enjoy the experience. Someone told me that after seeing Antarctica, Iguazu would be the cherry on the sundae. They were right. Buy your Iguazu air tickets when they first go on sale. Most flights do sell out.
  11. We were there in January, 2019. One of the most beautiful places we have seen. We flew from Buenos Aires on Aerolinas Argentinas. Easy to do but go on line and reserve them early as they do normally sell out. We spent 2 nights and I wish we would have spent three. If you can do it I suggest staying at the Melia Iguazu actually in the park and get a falls view room. Wonderful. Never were bothered by snakes, spiders, etc If you get a chance to go, then DO IT.
  12. I also just saw it on the internet news. I guess it may be time to cancel my January Africa cruise on the Jade and get my deposit back. No sense in making final payment on September 1 when there are just too many unknowns. And not investing thousands in rt airfare. Oh, well.
  13. Looking at a NCL offer (second person flies "free") for a flight to Cape Town, South Africa. People say that you can maybe pay the airline to "upgrade" your seats. I assume that NCL will book you into the lowest priced seat (middle seats in a row of 4) for a potential 26 hour flight with 2 stops. Anyway, since I have received very low priced seats, exactly how can the airline determine how much it cost me to upgrade? Is it the difference in price on the day I do it, or difference on the day NCL bought it? How likely is it I could actually upgrade to business class?
  14. As the last year has demonstrated, anything can change at anytime. We used to drive across the river to have dinner in Canada. We used to drive 4 hours to Toronto to save thousands of dollars on airfare to Europe. Not now. Or for the last year. Or for who knows how much longer.
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