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  1. As I recall, when Mr Kaepernick first began his silent protest, he simply sat on the bench rather than join the other players who were directed to stand along the sidelines. I think he sat there for 2 games before anyone even noticed it. BUT, a player on his team, who was a MILITARY VETERAN told Mr Kaepernick that it was disrespectful to veterans to sit during the anthem, but perhaps if he "took a knee" in support of other Americans who had been harmed by police mis-using their powers, it would be acceptable. So, that is what he did. The anthem does not necessarily honor military veterans. That is what Veterans Day does. The anthem honors our country and the ideals of our country.
  2. As I recall, a few years ago, some young men tried to bring attention to some policemen misusing their authority. They tried to get a national conversation started and maybe some improvement in police/community relations. They tried to do this by VERY calmly and quietly kneeling down. They were labeled as un-American and un-patriotic and some of them actually lost their jobs for a very calm protest. Even the President joined in criticizing them and saying you should "get those SOBs off the field". REMEMBER????
  3. Most people think wearing a mask will protect other people if you have the virus. I guess it bothers me that, knowing this, some people say they have a "right" not to wear one. With rights come responsibility to the community. I think when we see someone wearing a mask, it reminds us not to get too close to them. So, the mask is kind of a social distancing reminder. Here, in Michigan, I believe the vast majority of people are trying to be responsible and do what is asked of them. It is too bad that a few protesters with flags, signs, and guns get the press.
  4. If we are still asking "how are day was", ours was great. We went sailing on Lake St Clair, "The Little Great Lake". We had 85 degrees, blue skies, and a steady wind. It was a wonderful sail with very few boats out which makes it even better. We are glad we have kept our boat, as this may be the only cruising we do for the next year, or so.
  5. I just answered this question in my posting "Praise for our Insurance Company".
  6. We had a family cruise scheduled for April 5 which was canceled by RCCL. We requested a refund of our payments to RCCL, rather than take the FCC that was offered. We had also purchased 3 insurance policies through TravelSafe (Trip Insurance Store). When the cruise was canceled, we immediately contacted TravelSafe and asked for refunds of our policies. We received a request for confirmation of receiving the refund from RCCL. It took almost 4 weeks to receive the monies credited back to our credit cards, but when we received the refund, we forwarded the proof to the insurance company. We have now all received the refunds for our policies from TravelSafe.. Many times we criticize insurance companies, so I wanted to publicly say that we received great service and very prompt communications throughout the entire process. We will definitely use this insurance company in the future.
  7. We are finding it a little easier to "stay home" since it is usually too cool to golf, boat, plant, etc. Maybe that is why there is more push to "re-open" in places where it is significantly warmer. We might get up to 70 by next week.
  8. Yes, Sandy, we did get charged a cancellation fee. And a strange thing is that this is the second time we were charged one for the same itinerary. I originally booked it last November, but then decided not to go so we cancelled. I did not realize when I booked that there would be a cancellation charge, so we forfeited the money. Then in early February, I found a really much better price so I booked it again. I now have paid the fees twice and have never even been on Azamara. We also got back a credit for 4 rooms I had booked on RCCL for a family cruise this month. So I now have a large credit on my CC. Safe travels.
  9. I had 4 rooms booked on Adventure of the Seas, April 5, for a family cruise. The cruise was cancelled by RCCL and we were offered 125% FCC or full refund. I applied for the refund when the on-line form was available, maybe around 5 weeks ago. I just looked at my CC statement and the money was all refunded on April 19. I had never called RCCL since filling out the form. The only problem is the refunds are in about 10 different portions, so I am not sure which is for which reservation.
  10. Just thought I would let people know that we had a deposit on Azamara Journey for next February-South Africa. AS there is way too much uncertainty, and we are "vulnerable population", we canceled it. I have received the refund to my credit card. I canceled about 3 weeks ago. It would have been our first Azamara cruise. We have enjoyed many wonderful cruises, but do not know if we will ever cruise again.
  11. You can't cruise. There are no cruises. By the time cruises resume, there will be many changes from what we knew cruises to be. If my state "opens up", it will not be like it was. Everything will change, and we won't know what we are willing to do until we see what it is.
  12. Each state and city is so different. I live in the Metro Detroit area. Our government is getting a LOT of criticism. As of today, we have bodies in hospital morgues, refrigerated trucks, and they are exploring using some ice rinks, if needed. We are maybe third in the nation for cases and deaths. We were one of the first to shut down and still we are in this situation. When the "stay home" was first issued, you could go to groceries, gas stations, pharmacies, and places like Home Depot where you could buy things NECESSARY to repair your homes (plumbing, broken appliances, etc) Kind of common sense. BUT people just kind of started going there and walking around looking at things as there was nowhere else to go. And cases and deaths kept increasing. So, the governor extended the order to stop the purchase of some items in those stores. Now, she is severely criticized for trying to slow the infection and death rate. They say she is power hungry. I do not agree with all of her actions, but it is on her to decide. We can't plant our flowers, but let's get real - most people here don't plant things until mid-May, and much of these restrictions will end on May1. We hope.
  13. All phases appear to be based on tests being available everywhere, all the time, with extremely quick results. That way you can quickly identify new outbreaks and quarantine/isolate people to try and keep it from spreading. Regardless of what our leaders are telling us, after 2 1/2 months of knowing this was coming we have tested about 1% of our population. I believe I heard we would need to have accurate results on almost 20% to really know what is happening.
  14. I am D+ on RCCL but also cruise on HAL and much prefer their buffet set up. You are served and there is no more line than on RCCL. It is also MUCH neater as people are not dropping food on the buffet tables while they reach to get something. And there are no people taking dinner rolls with their hands and then deciding they don't want that one and then putting it back to get a different one. Also, I very seldom see people on HAL piling a lot of food on their plate and then trying a few bites, deciding they don't like it, and then just leaving it on the table to be thrown away, which I often see on RCCL.
  15. That is a paraphrase of a quote I have heard many times. I believe it originated in Hollywood and was said by William Goldman in his book "Adventures in the Screen Trade", a book about the making of movies. He was pointing out that many people tell you what will, and will not, work in a screenplay. The concept is that many writers come up with a "new" idea that they are sure will be successful, but most of the them are not. I have heard the phrase quoted by television commentators, especially in times like the current one, when so many people have "new" ideas that they are sure will work. Most of them will not. 😇🤔
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