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  1. I believe we will be able to get the vaccine at the terminal before we board and, of course, we will charge it to our SeaPass card. 😇😎
  2. I don't really remember. I do remember putting down deposits and then having at least 2 price drops before final payments were due. I also remember pointing it out on the roll calls and getting some "thank you" drinks from others who took advantage of the drops when I made mention of them.
  3. Best prices I ever received for cruises were in 2008-2009. Remember those financial times? We were also getting very large Michigan resident discounts as the car companies were facing bankruptcy. And there were no mega ships then, just "normal" sized ships.
  4. For those who say "let each person decide what risk to take, whether a cruise, going to the store, or to a rally", the problem appears to be that IF the person should become ill, it may be up to other people to deal with it, whether it is his family members or medical personnel. If everyone who became ill simply isolated themselves somewhere and did not call for help from anyone for any reason, then they would bare the responsibility for their own decisions. But that is not how it usually goes. A person's illness normally affects others. I love cruising, but am nowhere near going again at this time.
  5. We have 2 non-refundable regular coach RT tickets on Delta. We originally booked these in early February before all of the Covid changes hit the country. Some of our flights have been changed twice, non over a 90 minutes difference. BUT our original flight numbers have disappeared and we have been change to different flight numbers. It would seem that the original flights have been canceled, and we have been moved to "consolidated" flights. I have canceled our flights and was told that I can only have e-credits because non of the flight changes are more than 90 minutes. But when I looked at most recent FAA rules it says that if your original flight is canceled, then you are entitled to a full refund. So, which is it? A refund or an e-credit. The e-credit is through Sept, 2022, but the way things are currently, I need the refund. I am asking some of you very knowledgeable people what I should do? Any information is most welcome. Thank you.
  6. We have cruised from Seattle several times and visited the city for a vacation a couple of times. My biggest concern with Seattle is the exorbitant prices for a quality hotel room. There do often seem to be some type of protests going on somewhere in the city over some topic. But I believe the same thing happens often in Rome, Barcelona, Paris, Washington DC, etc. So just avoid those few areas in the city and all is well. If I was planning to visit Seattle this summer, I would go.
  7. If we are still asking "how are day was", ours was great. We went sailing on Lake St Clair, "The Little Great Lake". We had 85 degrees, blue skies, and a steady wind. It was a wonderful sail with very few boats out which makes it even better. We are glad we have kept our boat, as this may be the only cruising we do for the next year, or so.
  8. I just answered this question in my posting "Praise for our Insurance Company".
  9. We had a family cruise scheduled for April 5 which was canceled by RCCL. We requested a refund of our payments to RCCL, rather than take the FCC that was offered. We had also purchased 3 insurance policies through TravelSafe (Trip Insurance Store). When the cruise was canceled, we immediately contacted TravelSafe and asked for refunds of our policies. We received a request for confirmation of receiving the refund from RCCL. It took almost 4 weeks to receive the monies credited back to our credit cards, but when we received the refund, we forwarded the proof to the insurance company. We have now all received the refunds for our policies from TravelSafe.. Many times we criticize insurance companies, so I wanted to publicly say that we received great service and very prompt communications throughout the entire process. We will definitely use this insurance company in the future.
  10. We are finding it a little easier to "stay home" since it is usually too cool to golf, boat, plant, etc. Maybe that is why there is more push to "re-open" in places where it is significantly warmer. We might get up to 70 by next week.
  11. Yes, Sandy, we did get charged a cancellation fee. And a strange thing is that this is the second time we were charged one for the same itinerary. I originally booked it last November, but then decided not to go so we cancelled. I did not realize when I booked that there would be a cancellation charge, so we forfeited the money. Then in early February, I found a really much better price so I booked it again. I now have paid the fees twice and have never even been on Azamara. We also got back a credit for 4 rooms I had booked on RCCL for a family cruise this month. So I now have a large credit on my CC. Safe travels.
  12. I had 4 rooms booked on Adventure of the Seas, April 5, for a family cruise. The cruise was cancelled by RCCL and we were offered 125% FCC or full refund. I applied for the refund when the on-line form was available, maybe around 5 weeks ago. I just looked at my CC statement and the money was all refunded on April 19. I had never called RCCL since filling out the form. The only problem is the refunds are in about 10 different portions, so I am not sure which is for which reservation.
  13. Just thought I would let people know that we had a deposit on Azamara Journey for next February-South Africa. AS there is way too much uncertainty, and we are "vulnerable population", we canceled it. I have received the refund to my credit card. I canceled about 3 weeks ago. It would have been our first Azamara cruise. We have enjoyed many wonderful cruises, but do not know if we will ever cruise again.
  14. You can't cruise. There are no cruises. By the time cruises resume, there will be many changes from what we knew cruises to be. If my state "opens up", it will not be like it was. Everything will change, and we won't know what we are willing to do until we see what it is.
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