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  1. I started it the first week in May. They gave a temp credit within a day. During the wait time they sent two letters asking what I expected and why even though I stated both in my original complaint. These need a response by mail not email. Explained I had no communication from Princess at all and that I wanted cash .. had no use for credits of any kind including gift cards. I received the credits on June 6th and 8th. Be sure to respond to any letters. Good luck!
  2. We had a June Alaskan cruise and a Sept. Alaskan cruise. I cancelled the June cruise the first of March and the Sept cruise in May. There was 2k using gift cards and 1k cash. Did not hear a word from Princess. With the lack of communication I disputed the charges on Citi. I received notice from Citi Friday for two of the charges disputed and Saturday for the other two. All four were found in my favor resulting in complete permanent credits to my credit card. Yes I did get the 2k (two gift cards 1k each) refunded in full.
  3. didn't realize after the credit was made to the price of the cruise I would need the pin and card.
  4. Seems if they are not using the agents to book a whole lot of cruises right now they would have time to refund them knowing and I do realize it is more cumbersome to refund than charge. We are on the 43rd day. The cruise was round trip seattle to alaska on june 6th. Used the Princess gift card promo for payment so I am hoping we get cash not gift cards. We were well before the 60 day cut.
  5. We are on our 43rd day of waiting patiently. We canceled a June 6 cruise Seattle to Alaska round trip on the Ruby. We canceled well within the new 60 day limit for cash back since the cruise was fully paid for. Did purchase gift cards from Princess to pay and am hoping they don't refund in gift cards since it was their card but whatever will be will be.
  6. I have a June 6th sailing for Alaska. This is the information on Princess booked passenger site What if I have already made final payment on a June sailing? That’s OK, you won’t be on the hook for cancellation fees until 60 days from sailing. That would make final payment date What if I have already made final payment on a June sailing? That’s OK, you won’t be on the hook for cancellation fees until 60 days from sailing. So final payment date is in first part of April.
  7. It had her name and signature
  8. Jan S. read the reviews regarding a credit for non cancellation of a cruise up to May 31. She read many passengers that stated it was a gift because they would have not cancelled anyway. She stated if she had known she would not have given the money away! Now for those who are booked in June are allowed to cancel 48 hours from departure date but there will be no added bonus for non cancellation. Seems the post may have had an adverse effect.
  9. have done the last to Alaska three times...all of them great. Prices in the shops are a bonus..last year last cruise brought $35 sweatshirts for $8. The weather is always uncertain no matter what time of year. The greatest draw back for me would be the lack of salmon in the rivers and streams so seeing bears or many eagles is probably not going to happen.
  10. so if you buy gift cards for a $1000 and get $50 card bonus and you have a problem and end up using Princess insurance to cancel the cruise you get the $1000 back on a gift card only? Not worried about what would happen with the $50 but getting several thousand back on a gift card is unsettling.
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