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  1. Anyone have luck with cancelled excursions? I have cancelled back in March but didn't cancel cruise till April that had final payment due in June.
  2. When did you cancel? I cancelled some excursions early March and have received nothing. I take it they are out of cash to refund us based on others not receiving refunds. I have a refundable deposit I will be requesting soon but guessing chances are remote of recovering
  3. I have one for Europe in September and will be cancelling. There is no way things will be back to normal by then and not guaranteed all the ports. Hopefully towards later portion of year things will be back up running.
  4. If Canada does not open border then have issue. Guessing till recovery starts can't announce much. Where I live they have ordered no gatherings more than ten people and all nonessential services to close. Next two weeks are critical to getting back to more normal sooner. However travel outside country can not see that being advised for months.
  5. Has anyone cancelled excursions recently and how long to receive credit about
  6. Can't see all physicians wanting to sign a letter like that. Smells like legal mess if someone becomes ill
  7. Singles get hosed for all inclusive trips as well. I have been looking a cruise and land vacation and both gouge. Really makes me mad some days trying to understand the pricing. In some cases I think they could do better for some single pricing versus double.
  8. I'm curious if this delays folks from booking and will be a long term effect.
  9. This one is a free upgrade I received notification late yesterday. So today either calling back to say no or keeping. Only issue was tub and how forward the cabin is. Never had a mini suite before.
  10. I'm thinking more of person who has had a knee replacement if an issue for getting into shower. Good mobility but certain movements or lifting leg over tub can be a challenge depending on tub style.
  11. Does anyone have pictures of a mini suite on Island they can share? I am wanting to see what the main area of the cabin and the shower looks like. Upgrade fairy came and like to know if should take a mini suite
  12. I just got a no charge upgrade to mini from a balcony. Guessing can resell the balcony better than the suite
  13. Anyone book under 3F before flights came available? Ie before 335 days before trip. I can't tell if credit was applied to flights or if I need to ask for further credit off trip balance. I agree on Europe flight costs I got a price secured before prices have gone up. I keep checking if any adjustments but never goes lower
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