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  1. We have not made final payment for our Dec. sailing but due to FCC's most of our cruise is paid for. Does anyone see an advantage to PIF before the due date? Dan
  2. Here is the notice: Guest Names: Cruise: MARINA 19DEC2020 xxxxxxxx Group #: xxxxxxxx Invoice #: xxxxxxx Travel Agency: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Travel Agent: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION CONCERNING THE FINAL PAYMENT DATE EXTENSION FOR YOUR UPCOMING CRUISE Dear Valued Guests and Travel Advisors, On behalf of your entire Oceania Cruises family, I hope you are doing well and that you are looking forward to the upcoming voyage as much as we are. We know what a great deal of planning goes into a journey such as this one and we are also acutely aware that travelers have more concerns than they did in the past. To provide you with an added measure of flexibility and ultimate peace of mind, we are revising the Final Payment due date from 150 days prior to departure to 90 days prior to departure. This will provide you with an additional 60 days to finalize your travel plans without incurring any penalties. A revised invoice will be issued in the coming days reflecting your new Final Payment date. Should you have any questions regarding payment or any facet of your upcoming Oceania Cruises voyage, please do not hesitate to contact us. Warmest regards, Carlos E. Ortega Vice President of Guest Services
  3. We have another situation. Our April cruise was cancelled by Oceania. We accepted our 125% FCC and booked a December cruise. We also received refunds for a few items; taxes, shorex's, custom air fees and seating upgrades. On another post I brought up the insurance upcharge which states that our re-booked cruise is insured at 100% of the fare ( including the 125% FCC). My question is if the December cruise is cancelled will we have the same choice as before; cash refund or 125% FCC? Dan
  4. Last week I received a revised invoice for my December cruise which I booked using my 125% FCC. The additional amount was for insurance and resulted in a substancial increase in my fare. I called and no one could identify the reason other than it was a system update. Then I noticed that a substancial amount of money had been refunded to my credit card. I then received the following notice which explained the transactions. The end result was a difference of a few dollars but it is good to know that the full amount of the cruise is covered. It would have been nice to get the E-Mail before the revised invoice and credit card transaction took place. Dan Guest Names: Cruise: MARINA 19DEC2020 MR DANIEL DOWNARD Group #: MRS JUDY DOWNARD Invoice #: xxxxxxxxxxxxx Travel Agency: DANIEL DOWNARD Travel Agent: DANIEL DOWNARD IMPORTANT UPDATE CONCERNING YOUR OCEANIA CARE TRAVEL PROTECTION Dear Valued Guests and Travel Advisors, Recently an updated cruise reservation invoice was emailed to you which reflects an increase to your Oceania Care travel protection premium. The increase in premium cost is as a result of you now being able to insure the value of the future cruise credit(s) applied to this reservation as they are now insurable up to 100% of the future cruise credit(s) value. If you wish to accept the travel protection on your insurable future cruise credit(s), please contact our Guest Services department at the time of final payment date to process the payment. If you have already paid the final payment, please contact us by June 26, 2020 to process the additional travel protection payment. For guests who prefer to cancel their Oceania Care travel protection or if independent travel protection plans have been arranged with a different provider, please contact your travel advisor or our Guest Services department by June 26, 2020 to discontinue your travel protection insurance through Oceania Cruises. We look forward to providing you with a memorable cruise experience. Warmest regards, Carlos E. Ortega Vice President of Guest Services Oceania Cruises
  5. Even though I am on an "extended journey" I can't find any reference to that on my reservation. The 30 day, 20 day and 10 day segments all are advertised as bookable cruises. As a sidelight the 20 day and the 10 day segments were part of the latest Memorial Day sale, but the 30 day was not! Thanks for the info and tips. Dan
  6. We recently booked a 30 day Oceania cruise. The same cruise is available as a 20 day plus 10 day B2B. We selected the standard beverage package as Our O-Life choice. When searching for upgrading the standard to a premium package someone mentioned that it had to be done on board for each segment of the cruise. This will be our first Oceania cruise, although we have done B2B's and longer cruises several times before. My quesion is concerning your shipboard account and ID, etc. What should expect on turn-around day, or will there even be one? Dan
  7. Even though “The Ultimate Sale” was announced this week the actual price reductions were implemented a few weeks ago.
  8. Thanks for sharing. Most promotions seem to be rolled out on Mondays! Dan
  9. Back to the OP! We are booked in Dec on the Marina. I realize that embarkation is not a given but there seems to be an inordinate number of cabins available. When do you think the next round of price reductions is coming? Dan
  10. Thanks for your replies. Even though TA’s are protected they are going through tough times and probably deserve the refund.
  11. I guess I need to clarify. TA's receive a commission from Oceania for booking a cruise. Part of that commission may be used by the agency to send the customer a Bon Voyage gift, an onboard credit or even a rebate. The travel agency stated "Oceania does not compensate us for the cash rebate." That is not true. Whether the agency has to return the commission is my question. Dan
  12. Our April 4 sailing out of Buenos Aires on the Oceania Marina has been cancelled. We have never had this happen before. I originally booked the cruise with Oceania and transferred it to an on-line agency to get a rebate which I have already received. I E-Mailed the agency with a number of questions including We are assuming XXXXX has been compensated by Oceania for our cash rebate. Let us know if that is not the case. I received the following reply: Oceania does not compensate us for the cash rebate. We kindly ask that you return the rebate check, since you are no longer going on the trip. Or we can void the rebate sent to you. Please advise our Guest Relations Team how you would like us to proceed. I understand TA commissions and I know this is not true. My question is does anyone know if Oceania is protecting the TA commissions? If so I don't think I should have to return the rebate check. DJ Dan and Judy
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