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  1. Thank you for posting this. I was not expecting so few sailings after they got permission and from a thread this past Spring for anticipation that they had alot of slots for most of their ships to go.
  2. Have searched for awhile to see if Royal will change the itinerary for Serenade for next August to go to Glacier Bay. So far I have not found anything on this topic, just Radiance and Ovation. Of course we have had Serenade booked for awhile. Any word yet?
  3. Thanks much and it would be a purchase and not a perk.
  4. A number of cruiselines have the policy where all adults in a cabin must buy the beverage package if one person buys. Does my sister have to buy a package if I want one on Celebrity?
  5. We are going on the Equinox 6/29/19 sailing. I have read conflicting reports about the casino. Does anyone know if the casino is getting new slot machines or not?
  6. Each cook/chef is different on each ship but we have never experienced any runny egg whites on any of HAL's ships but we have had hard poached egg yolks. Also we have never been asked how we would like the poached egg cooked. You can also get eggs benedict in the Lido Marketplace.
  7. From testing from 3 of us in a family (not same household) we have discovered its not the amount of money you spend in the casino...its the points that shows up on your card each time you play. We tried different levels of points which my sister hit the magic number and got free play immediately on the cruise as well as a casino offer for freeplay for next cruise booked within 30 days. This varied from $50 to $100 on the different ships. This number of points is not a secret and it is 1,000 points for this entry level into the discount cabins as well as freeplay offers. I was getting way l
  8. I am glad to read this as I truly believe its the knowledge or belief of the person you ask as we experienced on the last few ships Konsingdam, Zaandam, and Niew Statendam that some bartenders claimed we could only get "fountain sodas" and others had no problem giving us the cans. The cans cost more (2.59) with tip than the fountain drink (approximately 2.33) with tip, but we had to explain to those bartenders who claimed we could only have fountain drinks that we knew cans cost more and it is deducted each time from the soda card unlike the unlimited cards. Once they thought about that some
  9. Yes you can buy the soda card at the bar for $50. There are two offered before leaving, one is $50 for $50 and the one that the OP inquiried about is the one for $25 for $50 (the discounted one).
  10. We always take advantage of that offer of paying $25 for $50 worth and purchase it ahead of the cruise. Tried to buy another one at the bar and customer service and it was not offered for the discounted price.
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