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  1. Sounds like NCL should stick to one ship at a time if there is only one docking area. I would also not like the wait to tender and then lack of adequate space for that many pax to eat. I would rather stay on the ship. Given the amount of time in planning this new venture, did NCL give any thought to the number of their ships that use Harvest Caye over Belize City port and the likelyhood of overcrowding? I do remember reading the concerns over environmental concerns as this was a pristine area. I wonder if that was a factor in only docking one ship at a time. If they alternated ships between Belize City and Harvest Caye, that might help. I have had no interest in Harvest Caye having read posts from cc members who sailed there. Would jump on a sailing that included Belize City but that is my opinion having been there 10+ times.
  2. Aside from the scalping of the cost for the ride to EWR, taking a ride in an unmarked car is a risk.Who even knows who was driving? I wonder why the person directing pax to taxis allowed this vehicle in the line? Good information for others debarking at Cape Liberty (Bayonne). Taxi rates on the Internet from this port to EWR are quoted from $25 (low traffic) to $40 ( high traffic volume). These rates do not come near what you were told at the port. It is a 9.9 mile drive! As another poster advised, it would be good to let others know about your experience on another Board.
  3. Thank you for sharing your perspectives on your sailing. I still rate this thread as Hell Yeah! My dream is to explore Ireland and it is #1 on my bucket list. I do agree Celebrity needs more awareness in the world of ethnicity and culture from your experiences. Your posts reflect you had a good sailing. It seemed to pass so quickly. I feel like I just read your opening post! Safe travels and keep that great sense of humor!
  4. Hoping for more great posts today. How many days until you reach your first port? Loved your thread counting research projects
  5. Looking forward to your posts and how to manage all of your sea days. Have a great cruise!
  6. So far, I find your Live post just Hell Yeah!! Interesting perspectives and I will be following you on your journey. Have a wonderful cruise and wish we were there.
  7. Go into a search engine and enter for "taxi fare Newark Liberty International to Cape Liberty". There are taxi fare finder sites; alternates to taking a taxi and the rates are current. It is about a 9 mile drive (depends too on traffic) that should take 20 minutes. Does your cruise line offer ground transfer options?
  8. C-leg5- A new feature is they have added a dolphin swim adjacent to the ocean front. That might have been the renovations you saw. The port owner misses no opportunity to make money! The renovations are complete and the dolphin swim is open. This port continues to grow with so many shops, restaurants and people. The pool becomes wall to wall people during the day. It is not my idea of anyplace I want to be. It is too crowded for me. Walking around the shops and checking out restaurants sounds like fun but I would rather return to the ship and use their pool. Just my opinion. Hundreds differ on that every day there are ships in port
  9. I vote for Wet Lizard! We have been there multiple times and always came away having eaten tasty food. Wet Lizard has an upstairs restaurant, so if you keep your eye on the upper level, you cannot miss it. There is not too much on the second level of most of the port stores. There is also another on the pier level right across from the upstairs restaurant. We like to walk upstairs and get a table overlooking the crowds. Love their conch or shrimp ceviche! Anything else on their menu is also good. Service is always friendly.
  10. Reply to noah120-Your best bet is to do a search on shopping at the Port of Tampa. I know there are lots of restaurants and a new open air complex "Sparkman Wharf". Many ethnic places all housed in old freight cars. There is mention of two drugstores and a convenience store all within a 15 minute drive from the Channelside area where the port is located. If you have a car, you should easily find them. Without a car, you would need to judge the distance. In our sailings out of Tampa, we get there before 11 AM on weekends and so many places are closed as the local businesses are closed for the weekend.
  11. Looking forward to following your cruise! We are on Equinox in December and hope to learn more about the ship. I hope you have a wonderful cruise and enjoy your aft stateroom.
  12. NCL Pearl uses Terminal 2. We sailed on Pearl recently (January) when the ships were fogged in on Saturday and could not depart. Our Pearl was due to sail on Sunday at 3 and we left at 2:30 AM. I know Terminal 2 and the surrounding area so well having spent hours waiting to sail-but it was worth it. There will be two other ships in port that day. The Rotterdam and a Carnival ship. They are at terminals 6 and 3 so you have Terminal 2 for embarkation. If your flight is on time, once you reach the terminal, porters are there to take your luggage. It does take time to go through the seemingly never ending lines to actually get to the check in desks. Maybe we were more complex as the whole ship of pax waited to board at the same time. You wlll not have the same experience (luckily). The staff are very efficient and helpful. They work to keep the crowd moving. You should be able to check in without significant delays. Happy Sailing! I hope you enjoy Pearl as much as we did.
  13. Amazing abilities of the responders! Hope the passenger made out OK. I think if I was on that stretcher I would have a heart attack before I reached the helicopter!!
  14. I am glad to read about your MDR experiences! I do not read good posts from others sailing other lines (including myself). We are booked on Reflection February 2020 so your live report was very informative. Sorry your cruise is about to end! Great job on your part and thank you
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