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  1. The Maya Chan website https://costamayabeachresort.com/ provides information on changes made to respond to the Covid threat. They have been working to ensure they passed the Q Roo Certification to allow the resort to accept guests. The site says they are "ready to welcome you home"! Why not email them about your plans for August and November?
  2. Tea Bag- I need to comment on your post about McD's wondering what happened to you etc. It follows right after Ellie's which has brought me to tears. Ellie just posted on the horrific events that took place on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. Need I repeat the horrible awful loss of life and limb that took place? You follow with your McD entry. I have difficulty understanding a post on Mc D's to follow a dramatic description of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I would expect more. Maybe you missed the tattered flag and statement on the resolve that these dead shall not have died in
  3. Ellie-My choice is one of your exotic leis, made from Fiji orchids. I plan to wear the lei while skating in my kitchen throwing pancakes in the air. I have your vacuum cleaner from the previous virtual and it is used frequently. I will also use it to swoop up the pancakes on the kitchen floor!
  4. This song was the theme song from Pippy Longstocking sang by Rachel Laderoute, among others. I liked one of the following verses: I could skate around the kitchen and throw pancakes in the air. Sounds like fun!
  5. We are ready to board and so looking forward to this cruise. First up is to have a lovely lunch and plan the rest of the boarding day. Maybe we will meet up at muster drill!
  6. I am sad to see what passengers are served on these long flights! The airlines seem to plan how to provide the cheapest slop to serve and people are on these planes for hours. Wow! So sorry you had to look forward to at least basic edibles and were served such inedible meals. No one should have to pay business or first class to have a decent, tasty meal. When we fly (granted not for this length of time), we bring food onboard to avoid what little is served. I wonder if they fed the captains of the planes this same fare, how long that would last 😝 Better yet, the airline Presidents!
  7. Ellie- So excited to find your new thread! I packed well; have hopefully not forgotten anything. We booked a mid ship suite and look forward to visiting the Concierge Lounge. Having never been to Hawaii, this will be a new adventure. I continue to be amazed at your incredible recall and that you can support your adventures with pictures. You must be incredibly organized! Looking forward to your posts with your excellent photos. It is also great to read the enthusiasm of other posters who look forward to this new adventure. So glad you decided to write this virtual!
  8. I am set! Bags packed, passport ready along with cruise documents. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii and cannot wait for our ship to sail. What port are we leaving from?
  9. How adorable! It looks like your special baby is enjoying Christmas with that Pinata.
  10. Ellie- I am a died in the wool animal lover. Used to have dogs and loved each. Life changes and I found my first stray kitten many years ago. She was the first of many loved kitties to share my life. One special kitten's name was Lou. I found him in a shelter and he was a sweetie. When I joined CC, I used his name "Loucat". I lost that little creature in 2008, 3 years after using Loucat as my handle. I often think I should change as it still hurts to remember him and what he gave as a young cat. Thank you for asking. You are the first person who ever asked about Loucat. Di
  11. Thank you Ellie for this wonderous journey! I look forward to your next virtual for sure.
  12. Ellie-We are all here and you are not talking to yourself! I find it amazing that you have such recall, organization and knowledge of the areas you detail. So interesting! Have you ever posted a "live from" during previous cruises as this journey is exceptional and so valuable to all of us.
  13. Ellie- I feel as though we have gotten to know you through your detailed and informative posts. I share the feelings of others who have read your virtual cruise who will miss seeing what comes up next. Great photos, depth of sharing your knowledge and opened my eyes to a new world with lots to experience. I am not sure what you have planned going forth, but we are all here ready for your next adventure. Thank you and safe travels.
  14. As a nurse, I agree with Purple Hays about using caution with early vaccines. There is a proven method for vaccine development and testing. Those scientific processess are critical to avoid complications that can be associated with vaccines. Rush development and avoid key steps in testing, and we could have a major problem. I have a relative who was given a Swine Flu vaccine innoculation years back. They became permanently paralyzed as it was discovered the batch of vaccines was contaminated. Follow the science and use caution as our national agencies have done over time.`
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