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  1. We have been on NCL ships in forward facing suites and never had an issue with wind. Yes, closing curtain at nights and no lights to impact the bridge could be an issue. We loved seeing where we were heading to, rather than where we left. Loved the views sailing forward. Loved seeing the prep work as staff came up to prepare for docking. So, having been in both forward and aft, we would do both tomorrow if we could. Our last NCL aft suite was on Pearl. Our attendant said be careful of food dropping into your balcony. Sure enough, we returned to find a big ice cream cone splat on the floor, having flown down from the outdoor eating area. Glad we were not there when it happened 🙄 Also found forward balconies larger but I am sure that is dependent on the ship and stateroom. Enjoy wherever you are. They have the best suite amenities of the lines we have sailed.
  2. CoW mAn- Interesting you say that. I agree once you walk outside the terminal, so many taxi drivers are looking for fares. What we have tried is not to go the beach, Atlantis and their typical runs. We asked for a tour of the island. That took time and finally one driver offered a tour. He was great and I wish more drivers were open to drive pax around the island. Once you leave the terminal, you also have some trying to sell items. We try to quickly exit this area onto the main streets and that ends. There are some nice shops depending on what pax are looking for. There are also many selling tourist items and those I do not need!
  3. I checked again to see about room tax. A room for one night in October (lowest rate listed on the hotel site) was $251. Taxes and fees=$90.09 for a total of $341.19. As someone previously posted, if you split this by 4 people, it makes a difference. If you were only two in a group, the $175 Atlantis fee would be $350.
  4. I have had a different experience in the Little Switzerland shops in St. Thomas, Key West and St. Martin. I friend and I purchased two on sale Movado watches in St. Thomas for great sale prices. They are the real thing and are beautiful. I also have purchased from Little Switzerland in Key West and St Maarten and had good experiences. I wonder about the shop in Nassau and sorry you had this happen. No shop, either in ports or in the US are without issues. We need to research and be sure what we are buying is real and at a good price. Jewelry is risky as if the buyer is not a jeweler, you are taking the word of employees who may know little about what they sell. I purchased earrings in Belize at a shop recommended by the ship. They took the earrings in the back to "wrap them". They were sterling silver when purchased. When I opened the box after leaving the port, they were junk.
  5. Blondie511- The idea of booking at the Comfort Suites sounded so good I went on their website to see what they offered. Prices for a one day rental were all about $245-$251. They say check in is 3 PM, so how did you work that out if you arrived in the AM? Nice place! If on a land tour, you do get access to Atlantis and nice rooms. I did not check out room rates at Atlantis.
  6. Loucat


    Tigers2425-Where is the dock you refer to that is used to refurbish/drydock ships? I have not seen any reports on a dock used for that purpose but knowing the location of this dock would help.
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    What is not true CruisinCrow??
  8. Loucat


    Not sure why so many hate Nassau but that is not your question. IMHO having been to Nassau 15 times and walked miles of their streets; never had any incident where I felt there was any safety issue. Actually, we walked on most of our visits to the shopping areas (Bay Street), Queens staircase and other areas. I do question (just speculation) what impact will be visible in Nassau with the many Bahamians now in shelters as they are homeless. Much information on this will be available before your visit. Stay tuned in cc and you will have many posts on recent visits to Nassau.
  9. Hard to reply as where were you planning to snorkel? Nassau is fine along with many of the surrounding islands. Doubt (due to distance) your tours would be in the Abaco or Grand Bahama Island areas. Try booking a tour but ask the tour agent first if their snorkel areas were impacted by the storm. You can also look for the site Storm Caribe for posts by Bahamians asking all of us to travel to their islands that were not impacted by the storm. Hope you find a great place for snorkeling!
  10. Have been to Nassau like other posters 15 or so times. Never felt unsafe. Things to do from the port include the main shopping street; straw market (hot and humid and watch their pricing); Fish Fry area is also walkable and we enjoyed that alot! We did our own walking tour (find information on the Internet with paths) and really enjoyed that. Again, never felt unsafe. Crowds will depend on the number of ships in port. Before Dorian, every day there were 5 ships docked which reflects thousands of pax. I have seen the more recent port dockings and there are 3 ships there. Not sure why. I know the island is asking for visitors to sustain their economy in those areas not impacted by Dorian.
  11. We walked to the Fish Fry area. There are so many choices of places to eat. I would not go there at night as it is a hike and uneven pavement. If interested, use a search engine and try to choose a great place to eat. We have been to Nassau 15 times; we have done our own walking tours; talked a taxi driver to do an island tour (they seem to want to do short runs); been to Atlantis and the casino (short taxi drive); shopped on the main street (rinse and repeat); visited the straw market ( no need to go there). I would try a hotel with a beach such as the British Colonial and explore the Nassau website to see if you could get transportation to another closeby island. I know you can take a bus to lovely beaches but that is not something we do. We live in Florida so interested in anything not sun and water focused
  12. Kim-I am a nurse with years of ED, ICU and nursing experience. I looked at the pics of your leg and read the last two pages of your thread about the PA who is providing your care. I have also been a CNO for years and know the healthcare scene. What can I do to help? I am concerned looking at your leg pics as I know you are. If I could talk with you, that would help. I prefer not to post my own thoughts. I am not as tech savvy as you are :) Is there some link you can provide or tell me how to provide a link to me and let's talk by phone or email?. If you provide a link, I will give you my name and you can look me up on the Internet. I am real and a nurse colleague who cares and wants to see you getting better. I extend my offer to help; you have given so much to all of us (and your family) and I cannot think of you being in this situation without reaching out to you. PS When you are better I know you will be focused on this ridiculous bus service that your beautiful Sakari is dealing with!
  13. Can someone describe the updates to staterooms and public areas? So good to hear about the renovations. We have been on this ship twice but realized it needed a facelift.
  14. Thank you for your replies. I am surprised that "everything will be open". For some reason, posts on our sailing thread indicate not much would be open.
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