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  1. iamchrisstone

    Proposal Ideas on the Carnival Breeze

    That was kind of my point. If (IF IF IF) the cruise line would permit us to do it on the bridge, that is a really big deal, but HOW can i make it funny? its a long shot, either way. the comedy show sounds great. or get the comedian to help at the sail away party maybe
  2. iamchrisstone

    Proposal Ideas on the Carnival Breeze

    Very cool!!!!
  3. iamchrisstone

    Proposal Ideas on the Carnival Breeze

    I reached out to him a few weeks ago. He said he is getting bombarded with requests so to reach back out the week before we sail.
  4. iamchrisstone

    Proposal Ideas on the Carnival Breeze

    Dec 15 - 22
  5. iamchrisstone

    Carnival Breeze Internet

    Well, this is encouraging!!!
  6. iamchrisstone

    Proposal Ideas on the Carnival Breeze

    Thanks!!!! Yeah, CCL said that they emailed current CD and (Schwartz) and that he would fwd info to Donkey when he arrives in a couple weeks. But, I'm afraid my request will get lost in all of the shuffle, plus that limits my time down even more. I was really hoping to find a way to reach him to at least get the ball rolling. When we sailed with Lee, he was great! To this day he still communicates with everyone and I was at the same port as him this summer and commented on his IG and he said he remembered us and mentioned something that actually proved he did. How does someone do that meeting several thousand new people every week? hahaha thats a good CD right there! Anyway, if you happen to find out how to get their work email address, I'd appreciate it. I just don't want their personal or anything because that's probably inappropriate.
  7. iamchrisstone

    Proposal Ideas on the Carnival Breeze

    Chris "Donkey" Salazar. He has all of his social media shut down for private messages and I can't seem to find an email address for him. Thanks for all of the info!!!!
  8. iamchrisstone

    Carnival Breeze Internet

    well, that stinks but thank you for the info!
  9. iamchrisstone

    Carnival Breeze Internet

    I generally get the Internet package on all of my cruises. When I was on the NCL Getaway, I was BLOWN away by how good it was compared to all of my previous Carnival Cruises. I was told that the Breeze has a little better Internet service over the older ships such as the Sunshine, Victor, Valor, etc due to better technology. Does anyone know if this is true? On Carnival, I always get the full premium package and usually feel like it's not worth it. I tend to not learn my lesson LOL
  10. iamchrisstone

    Proposal Ideas on the Carnival Breeze

    I'm not saying that they will allow it, but I do know that it is possible as I have been on the bridge last year with the Faster To The Fun Tour. Therefore, under special circumstances I know that it's possible. I also know that they bend rules for proposals. SOOOOOOOO That being said, you may very well be right, but I don't think I'd go as far as "No way".... Just my opinion.
  11. iamchrisstone

    Just off the Breeze

    Did you get a chance to scan over the Funtimes? We are cruising her in December and CAN NOT wait!!!!
  12. iamchrisstone

    Proposing on a Carnival Cruise Vacation???

    i'm the same way, but she wants it in front of a lot of people that we dont know. i think that its because she likes to be in uncomfortable situations.
  13. I am thinking of proposing to my girlfriend. I know cruise lines and cruise directors go out of their way for proposals, weddings and and honeymoons. With that being said, I have 2 ideas. My g/f LOVES to laugh and I'd love to find a way to make it funny. She HATES traditional stuff. So a ring in her food or a glass of champagne or something isn't an option. So, both of my ideas clearly are only if the cruise director and team permit them. You guys have any other ideas or ideas on how to make one of them funny? Option 1: Get the ship to allow us to the Bridge with the Captain and first officers. Tell my girlfriend that her, the kids and I all won a free tour of the bridge. This is her first cruise so she won't understand how big of a deal this is at first, but eventually she will. Anyway, as they give us a tour of the bridge, I propose. The kids and I have done the Behind the Fun Tour, so we know how sensitive the bridge is. Option 2: During the Sail Away Party. This way the kids could even Facebook Live me proposing since we will still be on Verizon network for the first couple miles or so out. But, the CD and DJ would both have to be on board and with me previously being in the music industry, I know how sensitive a DJ can be about messing up his set as his job is to keep the party going. But if possible, I was hoping the CD could say something funny or we do it some how to make it a surprise and funny. I've had people tell me to have the CD call us up by the DJ booth to have us "win" a contest, but she'd read into that right away. Ok, please help!!!!
  14. Does anyone happen to have these that they could post? Thanks!
  15. iamchrisstone

    Carnival Breeze Funtimes

    anyone have these yet?