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  1. Re: lobster in Luminae. Menus show the the preparations in Luminae and Blu for lobster are different. I’ve only ever had MDR lobster. Can anyone compare the lobster in Luminae to the preparation in Blu? Is one better than the other? Blu’s version SOUNDs like I would like it more but is the quality in Luminae that much better to choose going there over Blu? All based on availability of seating in Blu, of course.
  2. Agreed! I am always a little nervous about booking private tours but I always make sure to book with a reputable company and that they take full responsibility if they fail to get you back to the ship in time. And I always confirm time and again WHEN we want to be back so that there is absolutely no question. We're going on a private tour next week from St. Maarten and I made sure to arrange arrival back to the marina that is within walking distance from the dock at least one hour before all aboard.
  3. I've sailed both lines. Even when I was 17 on a RCI ship I always found myself wishing we were going Celebrity instead. Since S class came out we haven't booked a RCI ship. Good to be reminded of the differences, and why I stick with Celebrity. If the music is decent, that's enough for me. We don't go to the shows or require over the top entertainment. I know Celebrity is trying with Eden on Edge, but it may be why we avoid that venue if we find we don't like it. I go to relax. I go for serenity. I go for peace. I love being on a ship in places it's quiet, especially to hear the waves, so our open air balcony will be important for me. I like to dress up. Where I live it's casual all the time, so it's nice to put on something that sparkles and shines. I always found the food to be better on Celebrity and just all around more relaxing. More tasteful décor and friendly staff. Things have changed over the years, but some have not. I still take notice of things like embarkation champagne, and I make sure to enjoy them.
  4. VT, what other nights did you dine in Luminae? Menus any good? I’ve been comparing with Blu to see if we would like to try there dependent on availability. So far it seems like the options on Blu’s menus better... 2 nights in specialty planned at the moment, unless one blows us away and we decide to go back. The other nights will be based on menu selections.
  5. I agree, I would have checked out any type of grab and go spot. but I think it’s only $20pp per lunch at le grand bistro. Planning to try it because there’s 3-4 things alone on that menu I want! Lol.
  6. hmm. Seems makeshift until they figure something else out. Is it just too back-in-the-corner that no one thought to go there or just passed by it? I just think it may have been a little soon for them to shut GP Café down. I mean, they really only gave it a month?
  7. So not exactly Puerto Rican cuisine, but years ago my husband and I went to Old San Juan on a cruise and happened upon a spot and got some drinks and chips and salsa and it was a perfect spot and a nice day. I doubt that place is even there anymore, I have no idea where it was, but since we get into port late in the day I'd like to do the same thing. I'm not looking for Senor Frogs, where our friends wanted to go the last time, but something with more character close by the port. Tacos would also be a welcome inclusion. Not looking to get full, but just something to snack on. Just looking around online I happened upon Greengo's, but maybe the San Juan experts can weigh in. Just want to be able to walk there. Also thought about going to Senor Paleta to get a popsicle. Suggestions welcome 🙂
  8. Any talk of making this into anything else? I know people said it wasn't utilized but I still planned to check it out. Would be interested to see what they turn it into.
  9. I think lobster is usually served night 6 in Luminae and Blu, and in the MDRs, someone correct me if I am wrong.
  10. We are already doing FC one night. I'm considering Normandie on Edge, a MDR, as well. Not a specialty. I just like to consider all my options. Most interested in their signature dishes to try one night, if nothing else in the other main restaurants catch my attention. Not planning to spend extra $ every night.
  11. Thank you... I wasn't referring to a specialty restaurant Normandie, I was referring to the MDR Normandie...I may be in a suite but if the menu looks good and people like the food I would look at going to one of the main dining rooms...
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