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  1. I think someone did, maybe Markeb... Pregnancy and the immune system is a complicated topic, and well outside my bailiwick. But going way back and woefully overgeneralizing - pregnancy greatly diminishes the immune response - as you said, allows tolerance to the fetus. This is a form of immunosuppression, just a natural one. Pregnancy is a risk factor for flu, even today, an occasional pregnant woman will have all those bad things like cytokine storm, and respiratory failure from flu. I just saw in Brazil the health authorities were asking women t9 delay pregnancy because they weren’t doi
  2. Uh, not me unless I said at some point that clotting risk increases with pregnancy, that's been known for many years. Very sorry to hear about your friend's daughter. Nocl is right, at least for AZ, I haven't seen any of the similar study for Jand J, but the AZ researchers connected the anti-platelet antibodies to adenovirus as a putative mechanism. Let me clarify - some immune related thrombocytopenias cause bleeding and some cause clotting (just par for the course with coagulation, it is extremely complex and hard to parse out). Heparin-induced thrombocytopeni
  3. This is barely an educated speculation, but most of the people I know who had Covid, then both vaccine shots, had the worst reaction with the first shot - second shot (third exposure for them) was less severe. But it is very subjective anfvcomplicated by the fact people are looking hard for symptoms.
  4. The NEJM article was again concerning AZ, but the authors had some very esoteric research that I didn’t 100% follow, that linked this to the adenovirus vector (the patients are exhibiting an autoimmune form of HIT, very severe, which means platelets are activated through PF4, platelet factor 4). In terms of the incidence in women, again it is likely that there are other known or unknown risk factors producing the syndrome in women - one of the 9 patients had a known genetic condition that causes thrombosis, so who knows why she had clotting, could be a coincidence. Still, they will hav
  5. Red states and New York, I’ve read that it is one of the worst. I can only speak to my red state - through this whole pandemic, there are 3 groups - the careful, the careless, and the clueless. Many of us have shifted from one group to another at different times and for different situations. Speaking to vaccination, the “careful” would be better described as the “motivated” - those people pretty much have all gotten at least one shot. Now it is time for the heavy lifting. Public health in general is poorly funded, and ours is worse than most. To date, much of their pure manpowe
  6. Found an article in NEJM from April 9, concerning the AZ vaccine, but the findings likely apply to J and J as well. Compelling evidence that these rare events may be related to the vaccine. I still think the syndrome is rare enough to allow continued use, but maybe only older people or men? We will see.
  7. I will look. I’m trying to not blow out of proportion or understate, which is hard to express in a post. I’m very concerned with this situation that there is some connection to the vaccine. I am not sure that it will or should stop administration of the vaccine in the midst of a pandemic - that’s where changing who is eligible comes into play. Unfortunately, a large number of people who would otherwise be good candidates for J and J might not end up getting it. I will check out your link when I can
  8. Sorry had to work. Short answer, probably not dosage. This is not my area of expertise, but I suspect they will reinstate the vaccine with some limitations similar to what happened with the AZ in the UK - although I’m worried the real damage will be to confidence in vaccines and that’s out of the barn. I think the reason why the complication was in women is because thrombosis in younger people in general is more common in women. Blood clots in younger people are usually multifactorial, with one of the biggest risk factors being oral contraceptives. Pregnancy is a big risk factor, too
  9. I misread all this the first time. With the J and J, they are seeing cavernous sinus or central venous sinus thrombosis, coupled with thrombocytopenia (low platelets). If it was just blood clots, even blood clots with low platelets, I think there would be less concern, but this has the feel of a syndrome. 1/ million blood clots, maybe even small pulmonary emboli, I think are well within background, but venous sinus thrombosis is a little different - harder to diagnose, less common, causes strokes.
  10. Really? Bill contacted me last night, but, darn it, he still is cutting me out of his will. I wish I could find the link, his daughter is in med school, so she was vaccinated early as she is in clinical rotations. She tweeted some jabs at her dad and how busy he is getting the chips to be injected.
  11. All the cruise lines responses could be predicted by their pre-Covid business models. That a nice way of saying Celebrity thinks their best bet is to require vaccines and move to st Maarten because their clientele will follow them, while Carnival knows masking and vaccines may not play well with enough of their clientele to make the numbers work. Meanwhile Disney = crickets (of course they have a lot of other business to fall,back on).
  12. That is good news. That really read like an arbitrary number picked by someone who had never been on a gangway. I agree with another poster, someone who knows more than we do is speaking to CDC and getting traction - although I bet that was the port authorities, not cruiselines
  13. I have heard people make this argument, but it is specious. The CDC is not trying to stop bullhead... Americans from refusing vaccines and getting Covid - we have the right in the US to refuse. There are consequences for refusal, but we are free to weigh those consequences and make a personal decision for ourselves and our minor children. What the CDC is trying to do is prevent importation into the US of cases caught either at sea or abroad,. A side effect of this is trying to prevent shoreside hospitals from being overwhelmed. CDC and Coast Guard are also I think using this as an op
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