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  1. Holland America gives us double cruise days for staying in a suite, but Carnival doesn't.
  2. DH and I eat regularly at the Steakhouse if our ship has one, or we order Steakhouse Selections in the MDR if there isn't a Steakhouse. We have also done the Chef's Table and loved it. I would do the chef's Table because it is very special and a great small group experience. Even if it's on elegant night you won't miss the tiny lobster tail in the MDR as you would have a wonderful culinary experience doing the Chef's Table.
  3. I recently contacted my Holland agent about upgrading and she responded that since she didn't book it for us (I booked it online myself), I should just call the HAL 800#. In the past when I have had casino discounted fares I had to contact the casino dept. for upgrades, my HAL agent and the 800# agents couldn't do it for me.
  4. Go for it! Great price plus you get twice the sailing number of days with a suite.
  5. A sign of the casual times now. DH used to order his tuxes from them for cruises and stopped about 10 years ago. He bought his own tuxedo shirts, cummerbunds and matching bow ties, and shoes. He had a double breasted black suit and all the tux stuff looked really good with that suit. He doesn't do that anymore either and we live in FL and drive to the ports, so no extra luggage worries in airplanes. He now wears silk tropical shirts and good slacks.
  6. We used to go to Cable Beach to go to a casino, but it was a few years ago and before the new Baha Mar casino and hotel. It was always hard to find a taxi to take us because they all seemed to want to go to Atlantis. We finally started taking the #10 Jitney (small bus) at the end of downtown Bay St. and it was really cheap. We would take the Jitney there and then take a taxi back to the port - used to be only $10 or so. Looks like it's gotten pretty expensive now to taxi around Nassau. We used to also go to Lucaya in Freeport to go to the casino there. We would take a van taxi from the Freeport pier and back again. The casino was located in a hotel and across the street were shops and restaurants. Total used to be about $20 for both of us. I suppose that price has risen a lot, too.
  7. We had one of those aft Neptune Suites on the Oosterdam in Feb. and hated it for all the negative reasons Dave gave. It was a guarantee so we had no choice and have always selected a NS close to the Neptune Lounge, but had to take a guarantee with a deeply discounted casino offer. Never again! Too far from everything and a smaller room with too much furniture.
  8. We were just in Freeport last week and Senor Frogs and Fat Tuesday restaurants were closed due to severe damage from the last hurricane and there didn't seem to be any work being done. There were lots of little stores open at the pier selling the usual junk. We didn't go any further. Used to go downtown to Lucaya and go to the casino, but didn't go this time.
  9. We were just in Nassau and Freeport last week and the casino was not open until after sail away and the ship was in international waters.
  10. We sailed on Monday and the elegant night was on Tuesday. At Tampa, if you need a wheelchair to get through security have someone in your party go up the escalator or the elevator and tell one of the ground crew outside the terminal your need. DH works part-time for the cruise lines at Tampa and this is what he said to do. I can walk with a rollator to get through security at Tampa to get to the wheelchairs for embarkation and debark.
  11. There is a huge thread on this currently on Carnival. I dislike Pepsi and am saddened to find out the switch to Pepsi from Coke on Carnival. We'll continue to bring our Cokes onboard with us. Rum and Pepsi? Long Island Iced Tea with Pepsi? Yuck!
  12. We have sailed on Carnival 37 times, 5 on NCL, 1 on Royal Caribbean. Our next favorite line is Holland America. We have taken 8 cruises and have 3 booked for 2020. We find the Holland ships very elegant while Carnival ships are glitzy and not elegant. The food is superior on Holland and we fit their demographic and very few kids are ever onboard while Carnival can be overrun with kids. Having said that, Carnival is fun and I receive constant casino offers for deeply discounted fares with onboard casino cash. We live close to Tampa and sail mostly on Carnival from there so it's very convenient and we are close to becoming Diamonds. I also receive lots of casino offers from Holland and have been fortunate to sail in their exclusive Neptune Suites at very discounted prices the last 5 Holland cruises. Holland is returning to Tampa in 2020 and will save us from having to always drive to Ft. Lauderdale to sail on it. NCL was great as our first cruises, but NCL and Royal Caribbean have gotten just too expensive and we like to sail 4+ times a year. We also prefer medium size ships and would never sail on the huge Royal and NCL ships, also too many kids.
  13. I would definitely call your TA. We just cruised on the Liberty last week and our OBC was always listed with the payment details right from when we made the reservation.
  14. I hate Pepsi - smells like a cleanser. So much for ordering a Rum and Coke. Rum and Pepsi? Yuck! What about all the other cocktails that call for Coke, not just a cola? We'll keep bringing our cans of coke on board with us. DH will have to order a shot of Rum and bring his own Coke to mix with it.
  15. $300 to add an extra cruise day and we are still bewildered how we accrued 4 cruise days on our Feb. Oosterdam cruise. We didn't spend anywhere near $1200 while on the cruise even when we added up the allowable items. Our final bill was only $400. Still scratching our heads on that one. Istrong - you can see the number of extra cruise days on each cruise in your HAL account on their website. Select Already Booked, then My Account, then My Mariner Status, then Cruise History. You will see each cruise with the number of actual cruise days, Suite Bonus and Extra Cruise Days.
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